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The demon wolf was anxious, her host was in a pinch and she didn't know how to help. 'Damn, if they put a lot of pressure, it will trigger more changes. Kami, you're a bitch, and I can't even tell if it's going to be a good thing in this situation.' She decided to interfere only if her vessel lost control.

For a few moments everything stood still after the stranger had grabbed Akamaru and tossed him to the other side of the clearing. Kiba wasn't the coward type, but he knew that if anyone took the wrong step, nobody would get out unscathed, but the wolf was so damn familiar, as well the eyes and smell, and the stranger had an aura of wisdom and respect, making him feel like he should kneel in front of him. But a certain jackass HAD to wreck the silence stalemate. "Hey you, are you the dumb fox?" Inwardly Kiba was pulling his hair off, cursing the idiocy of his blond comrade. 'Damnit! He had to go and mess up!' The man just stood in front of the wolf in a defensive stance, then Akamaru pounced, evading the man and getting closer to the wolf. This act triggered something that made all them freeze in shock. "Go away Akamaru!" These words didn't come from any of the humans, they came from the wolf. To make things worse, they knew the voice, the entire team shouted at the same time. "Hinata?!"

Kurama wasn't amused, first he and his mate were found out; secondly, the mutt had the balls to get infatuated by his partner, then Naruto insulted his pride, making him get a raging murderous intent. "Kit, you just signed your own death certificate." He stepped forward, but Hinata dashed until she was behind him and tugged at his clothes. She was worse, she met her ex-comrades in an awkward situation and the dog was creeping her out by leaking a smell that she identified as pheromones, and this same dog made her reveal herself. "Between a rock and a hard place, right?" The situation was bad and they didn't want to fight, but they doubted that their chasers would let them go without answers. "Hinata, if you don't want to face them, you can change places with me." 'No, I want to know why they are here.' The wolf just nodded in agreement. "I understand." Kurama was tense, ready for a fight if things went south.

There was a thousand thoughts streaming inside the mind of Shikamaru. Was Hinata under a jutsu? What made her get so hostile? Was it a trick from the demon fox? What the hell was going on? There was only one way to know, but they had to tread carefully or they would be left unanswered. He gestured for his teammates to get closer. "What's the matter?" "I want to make a request, can you do it? I don't want to have to tie you guys up, mainly Naruto." "Eh? Why to tie me up?" Shikamaru looked at Naruto. "I don't want them getting away before answering me." Neji crossed his arms. "What do we have to do?" "Leave it to me, just stay behind me." "But-" "Naruto, don't you want answers?" "Yeah but-" "Then leave it to me." Shikamaru stepped forward, with his hands raised to show that he meant no harm. "Can we talk?"

Hinata was still wary of them, but decided to give them a chance, so she went back to her human form, wearing the kimono given by Kurama and showing her wolf ears and tail that were exactly like her demon form. "Okay, what do you want to know?" The opposing party was taken aback at the sight of her new features. "I knew it! You really did something to Hinata-chan!" "Shut up Naruto, you're worsening our situation!" She got angry at Naruto's words, no... Not angry, she was utterly enraged. He ignored her for years and took her for granted, disregarded her heartfelt confession, didn't even spare a glance for her unless they went in missions together, and now, just because she was in 'danger' that he paid attention on her.

"Don't dare to use 'chan' with me..." She murmured with gritted teeth. "What?" Naruto got confused, didn't she like him? "I told you to not use chan with me you bastard! You treated me like I was invisible, so you don't have this right!" She began breathing slowly. "But Hina-" She interrupted him. "Stop right there, I didn't finish. I did never treat you like scum, I despised the villagers because they never tried to know you and considered an outcast, every time that I got the courage to get closer to you, you would refuse, thinking that I was like them. As the years went on, I tried again and again, just for you look away and focus on anyone but me." "Hina-"

Her body was shaking with anger. "Shut up, I'm not finished. Remember when we went to get that tracking bug? That girl that you saw at the waterfall was me, but you crossed out from your mind the fact that I was the ONLY GIRL there of course, as you were so enchanted by your precious Sakura-chan. And you're trying to smooth talk with me?!" Her body stopped shaking, as her hair turned white and closed her eyes. Then she raised her head and spoke in a different voice, all while revealing purple slitted eyes. "My, my, you should be proud of yourself, as you managed to make my host snap." Sakura pointed at her with a shaky finger. "Who... who are you?" 'Hinata' gave a mock salute. "I'm merely a demon, and didn't your mother tell you that it's rude to point at people? Hah, my name is Hikari, but some know me as the Juubi or Ten-tails, whatever you prefer." "J-Juubi?! But there are only nine demons!" Hikari just waved in annoyance and turned to Shikamaru. "I see that you're the smartest. Can you figure what really happened to me?"

'To figure what really happened? If the demon wasn't split in the Bijuu, then... no way...' Shikamaru was sweating in fear, terrified of the possibilities. "You... you wasn't divided in the Bijuu, you just waited for an ideal host, right?" It was strange to see a creepy smile on Hinata's face. "Wow, so the pineapple boy really has brains. But she isn't 'just' a host, she is my heiress." "Heiress? What do you mean?" "Exactly what I said, my host is the next Juubi, as the blond boy would be the next Kyuubi if the seal hadn't break down. Well, let me explain, if a demon gets sealed in a human, after a certain period of time they will merge, the vessel gets all the power as the demon's soul is freed."

Hikari stretched her arms. "It seems that she is calmer right now. By the way, I have a question Kurama." "What do you want?" She smirked. "Why didn't you two get down to business yet?" Kurama went still, not daring to look at her. "Good luck with her..." She closed her eyes as her hair darkened until it was midnight blue again, wobbling a little and falling on Kurama's arms, only a few seconds had passed when she woke up and opened her eyes, showing lavender orbs with purple slits.

Naruto didn't want to accept that Hinata had already moved on, as it would mean that his worries were for naught. "Oi, furball." Kurama growled at the nickname. "What do you want?" Naruto had decided that he wouldn't go down without a fight. "Fight with me, if you win we leave you alone, but if I win you have to come to Konoha." Kurama just gave out a low chuckle. "I accept."

They were facing each other, at the center of a grassland, waiting for a chance to attack. Naruto made his signature handsign, creating around fifty clones and assaulting Kurama with them. When they almost got him, they heard a snicker followed by a red flash as the clones were instantly destroyed. "I thought that you had a plan kit." Kurama appeared right behind the real Naruto, punching him and sending him flying a few feet. "Gack! What did you do?!" Naruto got up painfully, getting ready to enter in Sage mode. "Time to get serious." Kurama took the chance to unleash three tails worth of power. 'If the fox isn't inside me anymore maybe I can use the Amphibian Technique.' With this thought in mind, Naruto summoned Fukasaku and Shima. The two toads appeared on his shoulders. "Why did you summon us Naruto-chan?" "I need help to fight with him. Can you do it?" Fukasaku looked at the red haired man eyes, feeling a chill going down his spine. "He is the Kyuubi, right? Please tell me that I am wrong." "What are you taking about Pa? The Kyuubi is sealed inside Naruto-chan." "Not anymore, you're right Fukasaku."

Kurama was waiting for his opponent to get ready, his three tails waving lazily behind him. 'I want a good fight kit, don't disappoint me.' His ear twitched as he blocked a first about to hit his temple. They separated and put a great distance in between. "I'm not in the mood for a long battle kit, so... What about we finish this in one blow?" "Don't regret this later fox!" Kurama used one of his jutsu. 'Hell's Fist.' Blue fire sprouted from the ground around Kurama, climbing up his body and gathering around his right arm. In the meanwhile Naruto had made two clones to aid him with his Rasenshuriken. They charged at each other, making their attacks collide, creating a cloud of dust that covered the entire clearing. When the dirt cleared, it revealed the winner as Kurama, while Naruto was covered in burns and soot.

"I won, now you have to keep your word. You were lucky because I held back." He turned his back to Naruto, just to grab his arm when he tried to sucker punch him and rendered him immobile. "Don't be a sore loser." The Uzumaki tried to hold his tears. "Damn, why? Why my precious people go away? First it was Sasuke, then Pervy Sage, now it's Hinata!" Kurama released his hold on Naruto. "Such self-pity is laughable, sometimes you have to let it go or you're going to suffer." Kurama went to Hinata and led her away from them.

When they were out of the hearing range of the Konoha ninja, Hinata popped up a question. "What should we do now? I'm sure that they're going to report this to the Hokage." "Calm down, if we manage to get out of the country, they won't be able to move so easily, trust me." "I really trust you, but I'm worried."

When Orochimaru got the news from his spy, he got insanely angry, his carefully laid plans concerning the ex-heiress only failed, the first one was the kidnapping when she was three years old, then he began bribing the village guards to loosen the defenses, that culminated in the attack on the village. He managed to finish his other objectives, but the Hyuuga always slipped out from his clutches.
The reason for such interest in the girl was a prophecy given by the snake sage, and the little Hyuuga was the only one that fitted in the criteria. "Fuck this shit! How does she manage to bail out every time?!" He smashed bottles of failed experiments to quell his rage. "Hmm... Hyuuga Hinata... The second host to the Ten-tails, she would be a key part in my plans." Orochimaru ignored the presence of the Uchiha avenger that was listening intently to his rant. The Uchiha got out from the room unnoticed, soaking in the info. 'He considers that failure more deserving of his attention than me?! But if I got the power of a being greater than a Bijuu...' Orochimaru received a separate report on the Uzumaki brat. "Hmm? So the Kyuubi escaped from the seal, it's certainly unexpected." He got a serpentine smirk. "Kukuku, maybe it's the season for a fox hunt."
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