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The retrieval team returned to Konoha in shame, as they couldn't carry on their mission, also being humiliated by their target. So when they briefed to Tsunade the entire tower shook to its foundations as a scream of outrage echoed through the village. The office was utterly thrashed, desk smashed, windows were cracked and in the middle of that mess was a panting Hokage and the Rookies. "So the mission really failed after all, and you said that you met Hyuuga Hinata with that demon... Not only she accompanied it willingly but she also turned in a jinchuuriki as well? For the Juubi none the less? Damn it all!" With this she destroyed one of the walls. "And you Naruto... I honestly thought that you had already learned when to keep your mouth shut, it seems that I was wrong. Shit, if I hadn't exiled her we wouldn't be in such a situation. Sensei was right, this job is really stressing... Haah... Dismissed." She waved in the direction of an nonexistent door as she say in her chair (that miraculously survived unscathed).

Neji got out from the tower with his comrades, yet to get over his depression and shock, when he saw the person that he least wanted to meet. "Hello Hanabi-sama." The girl was the younger sister of Hinata, almost an exact copy of her, but she was more confident and with brown hair. She still held a grudge against him for hurting Hinata in the past, but it had lessened with the years. "Neji-nii-san, where is Onee-san?" He cringed visibly as his cousin approached his group, this motion didn't go unnoticed by Hanabi. She looked behind Neji, seeing that the others had the same expression, then she glared at two people: Sakura and Naruto. "We couldn't convince her to return with us..." He had a mournful tone. "Che, that bitch doesn't deserve such attention."

Hanabi locked on the one that had offended his sister. "Sakura-chan, don't you think that you was a bit harsh?" "Shut up Naruto, she prefers to whore herself to a demon than accept our offer!" Now that crossed the line, no one, absolutely NO ONE could speak ill about her sister and get away with it. "Don't talk like that about my sister!" Sakura sneered at the small Hyuuga. "I say whatever I want and a puny brat won't change this fact!" She wasn't called a prodigy for nothing, so she activated her bloodline in one instant while pouncing on the pinkette. "Eight Trigrams? Thirty-two Palms!" After she had struck the older girl the latter went flying to a wall, crushing it in the process.

"What are you doing Hanabi-sama?!" Hanabi was tearing up, almost sobbing. "Shut up! Why aren't you defending Onee-san?! I won't let anyone badmouth her in front of me!" Her focus jumped to the blond whiskered boy. "And you! I don't understand why my sister liked you when you're clearly an asshole!" Naruto tried to recover a little of his pride. "Look here you-" She cut him harshly. "NO! That day Onee-san almost died when you just looked! I had to watch her crying every night without knowing how to help! And YOU are trying to justify yourself?! IT'S YOUR FAULT THAT SHE WAS BANNED!" Before anyone could react she fled, running aimlessly.

Her feet led her to the most special place for her, a small clearing only known by her and her sister. It had many kinds of flowers, raised carefully by them, turning in a haven against the cruelty of their clan. "Onee-san..." Hanabi collapsed near a fallen trunk. "I miss you so much..." A soft whine alerted her that she wasn't alone, a wolf cub made its way to her, nuzzling her hand. "Did you come to see me Shingi?" It had a light gray fur with a white spot on its chest and was still a bit young. When they had met by the first time Hinata was there as well, the sisters took care of the pup, and it never abandoned the clearing, staying as a guardian. While it kept outsiders away, the cub also turned wolves in the favorite animal of Hanabi. It always cheered her up by just staying near her. After a while she began feeling better so she got up and returned to the village.

Hanabi decided to squeeze info about her sister from Neji, no matter how. She sprinted through the village, trying to find her cousin but met the ex-teammates of her sister. "Shino-san, Kiba-san!" The feral boy grinned at the petite girl. "Yo Hanabi! I liked how you defended Hina-chan from those jerks!" He got elbowed by his colleague. "Language Kiba." She giggled at their interaction, understanding why Hinata told her that the duo was amusing to watch. "Kiba-san, is Nee-san alright?" He eagerly answered. "Yup! I have no doubt that she is safe right now." Hanabi tilted her head in curiosity. "Why you are so sure?" He smirked. "Your sister is a good judge of character, correct?" She just nodded. "So if she trust in someone, she's usually right, besides, the guy that is with her is a complete badass!" Shino glared at his partner. "Ki. Ba." Kiba pouted at his teammate. "Stop being such a party pooper Shino... Yeouch!" Shino had sent a flea to bite his tongue. "$# & Shino!" The bug-user just looked away. Hanabi was trying to choke the laughter, but failing in doing so as she giggled harder. "Hey, where is she right now? Is she alright?" Kiba had an awkward grin. "About that... The thing is... We have no idea." The girl got saddened by not knowing how was her sister, then she noticed a small detail. "Kiba-san, why is your dog so sad?" The huge dog was slumped against a wall, holding a heavy depressed aura. "Ara? I think that he's still getting over his crush on Hinata... Oops?" He received a kick on his shin from Shino. "Aagh..." His sunglasses flashed in an eery way. "Imbecile." It was a shocker for Hanabi, as she was gaping like a fish. 'What did he say? Nee-san and Akamaru? How is that even possible?' With the information overload on her brain she mimicked an action from her beloved sister: she fainted. Kiba had a skeptical look. "Err... Are you feeling some kind of déjà vu?" His friend just nodded.

Neji didn't want to reveal the new state of his cousin, but he had swore to the clan elders that he would relay any information about Hinata to them, and their bloodline made it impossible to lie. So he revealed her status as the jinchuuriki for the Juubi, which made them get outraged by losing such a powerful asset and by the fact that their weakest member had such massive power on her grasp. "We should retrieve her and put the Caged Bird seal on her to explore her potential!" "How did the disgrace of our clan managed to get the strongest Bijuu?!" The elders were engaged in a heated discussion while Hiashi just pondered over the news.

Hinata was exhausted, Kurama was dedicating their awake time to teach her as much jutsu as she could learn, the Kage Bunshin being the first one to speed up her learning process, but it still dealt a fair toll on her mind and body, so she took breaks from time to time. At one point she experimented her new technique, the Twin Lions Fist, but instead of the usual lion head she got a wolf head with denser chakra and more destructive power, as only one blow was enough to finish Kurama off. Right now she was leaning on a tree. "Are you alright?" She glared at Kurama. "What do you think?" The harsh tone made him recoil, making Hinata regret the way she spoke. "Sorry, it's just because I'm all sore and tired..." He just sat down by her side. "I understand." She scooted closer to him. "I'm sleepy..." He just looped an arm around her shoulders for more comfort. Soon both were sleeping peacefully.

Sakura was pissed as hell, first she was sent to chase a stinky demon fox, then she had to deal with the shame of failing to complete her mission, and as if that wasn't enough she had to face a snotty brat and was thoroughly humiliated by said brat, to worsen the situation she had fallen on a dumpster after crashing on the wall. But some higher being seemed to enjoy screwing with her life because she ended meeting the bane of all Genin: the cat Tora, and it was accompanied by a horde of rabid cats. She had stepped on the tail of the big boss Tora, that had a look that promised a hellish torture, so she had to run from a mob formed by bloodthirsty claws, fur and vicious fangs.

Naruto was in a similar situation, first he had asked an extra large serving of beef ramen on Ichiraku's, but somehow the bowl was dunked on his head, drenching him with beef flavored broth. When he got out from the stand he found himself facing several Inuzuka ninken, as this was walking day for stress relief. There were some slices of meat hanging from his clothes, not to mention the attractive smell. The result? A mad dash for survival from hungry beasts. Buut... he ended in a straight collision route with Sakura, mixing both mobs of insane animals and leaving two severely beaten bodies on their wake. Somewhere above the mortal plane a woman with golden and white kimono and black hair whooped. "You deserve it for insulting the vessel of Hikari-chan!" A dark skinned woman was curious at her behavior. "What are you doing Kami-sama?" The first woman stuck out her tongue and winked. "Nothing that concerns you Ammy-tan!"

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