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A messenger bird coming from Konoha arrived in one of the many towers around Suna, carrying a scroll from the Hokage, addressed to their Kage. When Gaara received it and saw that came from Konoha he got interested, so he had read it quickly, but the contents shocked him:

Kazekage-dono, I am sending this message in hopes of getting support in a mission. The Kyuubi managed to get out from the seal, but do not worry, as Naruto is still pretty alive, but without the fox demon the village lost a protective factor against the rival countries. But another problem has appeared, thanks to a report I found out that Hyuuga Hinata has the strongest Bijuu, the Juubi. If either of them fall in the wrong hands the world is doomed. I humbly beg for your aid to recover these two. Here is a copy of the report for future reference.

Signed Senju Tsunade, Godaime Hokage.

He put down both the message and the mission report, looking at his village. "How did this happen? If the Juubi was alive then it was meaningless to extract the Shukaku from me..." His sister Temari entered the office in time to hear his words. "Oh, I didn't see you there Temari." Their relationship had gotten better in the last three years, but she got worried. "What was in the message Kazekage-sama?" Gaara kept a neutral expression. "Tsunade-sama sent a message where she basically said that the plans of the Akatsuki were completely useless." She was taken aback by such a claim. "Why?!" "Remember Hyuuga Hinata? From the Chuunin Exams?" Temari thought briefly. "The one that had to fight against her own cousin?" "Exactly. She is the host for the Juubi. It's all in this report." She began reading it, frowning even more as she advanced, then she dropped it. "No way..."

In the divine plane there was an echoing voice whining loudly and another that had an irritated tone. "I already told you that I won't do it Kami-sama!" The raven haired woman made the best puppy eyes that she could muster. "But Shin-kun~ It's just two souls! Well... maybe three." The death bearer was with his arms crossed, a scowl firmly embedded on his face. "Even if they died before their due time they don't have a body to use!" Kami pouted. "Did you forget who I am?" She was blinking innocently, trying to convince the dark being. "Grrr... And you get confused when I say that you are a BITCH! You and karma!" The god had a vein almost bursting out from his temple. "Mou~ He's being mean to me Ammy-tan~ Help meee!" The busty woman grabbed the shirt of her friend. "Please, don't pull me on this." The sun goddess fled from the scene. After this the brunette got an idea. "And if I give an extended holiday for the pestilence goddess? For kinda... Five years?" The Shinigami began sweating. "You wouldn't dare...?" She had an evil glint on her eyes. "Maaaybeee~? Unless you do what I want..." The soul reaper lowered his head, defeated.

Hikari was scanning the memories of her host when she stumbled upon an interesting information. 'Heh, Uchihas... always causing trouble for Shinigami-kun, hehe.' Then she got serious. 'Their dojutsu is so troublesome... But it can be countered, because was me who blessed them with it for starters.' She got a feral smirk. 'But the Byakugan came from Kami-sama herself, so of course that it's more stable than mine's.' Her smirk faded at her admittance. 'I actually took it as base for the Sharingan, but it obviously failed, as the Uchihas bred power-hungry monsters only...'

Hinata was looking at the stars while waiting for Kurama to return from the hunt, as he claimed that he was starving. 'What would you think of me right now Kaa-san? Did I make the right choice by staying with Kurama?' She felt a tugging from the back of her mind, coming from Hikari. "Having second thoughts about him?" She saw herself standing in front of the wolf. 'No, I'm just wondering about my mother.' The demoness looked at her host. "In the short time that I saw her through your eyes I'm sure that she would tell you to follow your heart." Hinata got a sad look, recalling old memories. 'Yeah... But I've been feeling strange around him...' This statement sparked her interest. "How?" Hinata sat down, pulling her legs close to her body. 'It's different from what I felt for Naruto, with him it went like this: I wanted to be acknowledged by him, to make him look at me...' Hikari stared at her. "And with Kurama?" She gave out a low sigh, wrapping her arms around her knees. 'I just want to stay close to him, I want to make him happy, and when he's far from me I feel longing for him...' The wolf lowered her head to stay at eye-level with her host. "I'm not an expert in matters of the heart, but I think that what you felt for that blond kid was just admiration, a crush at most. But with Kurama I can sense how you're feeling, it's deeper than anything that I witnessed in human relationships."

Kurama wasn't so far from her location, lying about being hungry, he just needed a little time for himself to think. A soft smile graced his features. 'Hinata... you can not love me yet, but I can wait, like I waited for sixteen years go be freed.' He got up and stretched, his joints creaking because he stayed in an awkward position. "I should go back right now."

Hinata got up from her resting position. 'I wonder if I can find a waterfall around here...' She leaped, using both her vision and audition to pinpoint the location. 'There!' She stepped on the water, closing her eyes and feeling the wind on her face, while hearing the sounds of the forest creatures, then she began humming for herself and moving as if she were dancing. The water droplets followed her movements as she poured her chakra on the water, making it swirl around her body, as the water flowed in the air they began to form a sphere surrounding her, then she let it fall like rain.

Hinata's heart pulsed with the steady flow of water as she danced. She loved the way the water tickled her face and arms as she moved, she was one with her movements and felt the rush of joy that the dance brought to her. She had no idea how long she danced. It was only after hearing a rustle in the woods by the banks that she came back to reality. "Don't stop, I didn't mean to scare you." She heard a very familiar voice call out behind her. She looked at her back, facing Kurama. He walked slowly in her direction, having an unreadable look on his eyes that was the same as when she got back to her human state. "Kurama..." Now he was just in front of her, a few inches separating them, raising a hand to shush her next words. "Don't say anything, there is no need." His golden pools had some specks of red but she wasn't afraid.

Kurama thought that there wasn't anything as pretty as her lavender eyes that always held a soothing aura, but he was proven wrong when he had seen the change on her eyes when they were intercepted by the Konoha nin. And now, even if she didn't notice, her moon-like orbs were adorned with purple stains. He smiled at her while taking one of her silky tresses on his hand, kissing it tenderly. He was a bit taller than her, so he had to look down to be able to admire her. He made her face him by raising her chin with one finger. 'So beautiful...' He slid a thumb along her jawline, loving how her skin was so soft.

Hinata got surprised at his actions, but leaned into his touch, holding his hand to her cheek, feeling his warmth. His eyes had a foreign feeling to her, it was a mixture of love, yearning and lust, making her melt inside. Then she noticed that he was lowering his head in her direction, so she met him halfway in a chaste kiss.

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