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Kami did have her way after getting the permission from the Shinigami, not without a good dose of blackmailing. She got her three souls and rebuilt their bodies, as the originals had already rotted away. 'They died 'cause they tried to defend their ideals. I still can't believe that he ended barfing out the chakra of Kurama too!' She almost collapsed with her laughing fit at the mental image. 'Focus woman! Focus!' She recomposed herself and tried to pick a place to leave the bodies. She got a scary smirk after deciding. 'That's going to be a great show!' The sun goddess entered the room. "Kami-sama, are they ready? We have to go." Amaterasu gave a huge step back after seeing her expression. "Ufufufufu~" She groaned. 'Why do I always put up with this shit?' She waited until the evil laugh died down.

Uchiha Sasuke didn't want competition for the power of the Nine and Ten-tails, so he killed Orochimaru and gathered a small group to aid him to capture the three remaining Bijuu, composed by Suigetsu, Juugo and Karin, giving his team the name Taka, and joined the Akatsuki when he had the chance (all that crap from the manga). Right now he was in an assignment from his superiors to capture the Hachibi residing in Kumo.

Killer Bee was training like always in the Unraikyo when he was confronted by a group wearing the Akatsuki cloaks. "Are you the host for the Eight-tailed beast?" He noticed that they had put a setting of four-to-one against him. "I think ya meant 'Mr. Eight-tailed beast' and 'Mr. Host.'" The man with onyx eyes just looked at him with disdain. "I'm going to take you captive." Then the guy with the chicken butt haircut began planning as if he wasn't hearing what he said. 'Do they think that Imma idiot?' He got ready for any incoming attacks.

Suigetsu dashed at the Hachibi and struck with his sword, raising a lot of dust, but when it subsided it revealed that he was blocked by bare hands, the sword was taken from his grasp and stuck in the ground. Then Juugo tackled him while assuming his cursed state but he was knocked out, surprising Karin. "How could this weirdo beat Juugo?" Their target was too strong. "Who are you anyway? You stupid idiots. And why do you want to capture me, huh!?" Sasuke's team was getting uneasy but he shut them up and attacked, striking with his katana, getting parried and almost cut in half thanks to the massive sword of Suigetsu but he managed to avoid it. Then Killer Bee suddenly dropped the blade, scribbling something in his notebook, giving Sasuke a chance to retrieve the item.

Killer Bee took out his seven swords and got in a strange stance, holding all the blades in his arms and legs, keeping one in his mouth, then he attacked, almost overwhelming Sasuke with his successive strikes and erratic movements. But Sasuke tried to destroy his defense with a Chidori, but Bee could also reinforce his blades with lightning chakra, successfully blocking the hit and stabbed Sasuke with six of his swords, proceeding with a killing blow, but was held off by Suigetsu and ambushed by Juugo that punched him, managing to push him back. Then Karin healed Sasuke by letting him suck her chakra by biting her arm as the others retreated.

All the males began ganging on Bee, trying to get an opening, that came when Suigetsu trapped his arm inside his body, so Sasuke took the chance and struck him with a Chidori, stunning him. But when Juugo hit him he just vanished, reappearing outside their field of vision, so Karin had to track him down, succeeding in doing so. Bee gave out a loud cry as Juugo launched Sasuke in his direction, releasing three tails worth of chakra and ramming on Sasuke in midair, but Sasuke managed to deflect him slightly. Bee didn't get bothered as he continued his attack towards the group in the other cliff, barely giving time for Juugo to guard his companions.

After making sure that they were safe Sasuke tried to trap Bee in an illusion, but his victim recovered quickly, ramming on him at full speed, sending him flying. "In order to break the illusion I need a partner to make me snap out of it. My partner is the beast inside me. Illusions doesn't work in hosts that have full control over their beasts!" Bee changed shape, turning in a giant ox. "It's my turn to bully you!" He dashed to where Sasuke was but was held by Suigetsu, that was using the water on the lake as a barricade. Not having another option Bee used the Tailed Beast Bomb, alerting his fellow Kumo ninja. Sasuke didn't want to lose his group so he used Amaterasu on Bee, but had to cut off one of his flailing tails that came in their direction, finally defeating the Hachibi host.

The Kumo ninja saw the Akatsuki members capturing Bee and noticed that one of them had the Uchiha crest, then one went to report to the Raikage while the other followed the group. When the Raikage heard their report he got enraged, even more when he heard that one of them was an Uchiha. Angered by the actions of the Akatsuki the Raikage ordered them to chase their members and gave a message for team Samui deliver to Konoha.

After they gave away the host the team Taka went to rest from the battle, but Sasuke noticed that his vision was getting worse, then Karin alerted them about a tracker, so they had to kill him so he wouldn't inform his comrades. In the meanwhile the remaining Akatsuki members were extracting the Hachibi from Bee's body.

Hinata was training, testing her stamina, but wherever she glanced at Kurama she would remember the previous night and blush, not noticing that he did the same. 'I wonder what he's thinking right now.' In this exact moment Hikari butted in her thoughts. "Maybe he's thinking of strip-" Hinata blocked her, not wanting to hear perverted comments. "Ya're no fun." While she learned from Kurama she thought of ways to use the jutsu in a real life combat.

Hanabi woke up with a start, opening her eyes quickly and facing black eyes just in front of her, even more startled she headbutted whoever was over her. "Déjà vu again." "Quite true indeed." "Oww... my head..." Looking around her she saw Kiba and Shino leaning on a tree and a boy with an absurdly long scarf in front of her, rolling over in pain while clutching his head. "Hey, you're Konohamaru, the one that graduated as the dead last!" The boy jumped on his feet when he heard what she said. "And so? Naruto-nii also graduated as the dead last and he defeated Pain! Ow... My head still hurts..." She got ticked off after hearing the cursed name.

"Oi Konohamaru, isn't a good idea to say his name in front of her..." The brunette was unaware of his imminent doom. "Why not? Naruto-nii is the best!" He got confused when he saw both guys pointing behind him, then he felt the murderous intent. "So you support that asshole?" He turned around in slow motion, while sweating a waterfall, seeing the image of a demon over the petite girl and he heard the sound of knuckles cracking. "Crap! Run Konohamaru!" "You should run."

She had the veins bulging at her temples, that only made her image even more scary. Konohamaru was trembling a lot at the sight, then he began running with her hot in his heels. "Come back here! Aren't you a man?!" Kiba was dumbfounded. "So alike and absurdly different." His teammate nodded in agreement. "You are right." Then they saw a building collapsing in the direction where the two teens had gone. "Shouldn't we help him?" Shino wordlessly adjusted his glasses. "Not even hell can match the fury of a scorned woman, in this case girl." Hearing this Kiba began praying for the safety of anyone that stood on her way.

Tsunade was looking down to a bloody body that was almost unrecognizable. "How did this happen Shizune? He has all his ribs cracked, chakra burns and dislodged members, and I didn't even mention the slap mark on his face." Shizune skimmed the report. "The culprit is Hyuuga Hanabi, apparently she got angry at something that he said." Tsunade almost asked for more sake. "Then include there tenketsu blocked with signs of damage." She advised Konohamaru to not piss off a Hyuuga if possible while healing his injuries, managing to revert the damage on his chakra pathways.

Thanks to her skills he was dismissed quickly, only needing to hold an ice bag on his cheek. But right in front of the hospital doors was Hanabi, so he tensed, ready to run if needed. "Don't run, I just came here to say that I am sorry for beating you, it was because I'm still upset with the exile of my sister." She felt the tears coming back and tried to hold them back, surprising Konohamaru. He didn't know what to do so he stepped closer to her and patted her head with his free hand. 'Now that I'm looking closer, I have to confess that she's cute like this...'

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