A new start

Chapter 2

Hinata opened her eyes slowly, noticing that she was in a blank room that had a woman pinned to the wall with a spear... what? Then she focused on the other person in the room, a woman that reminded her of some Kumo denizens, garbed in ancient armor style, her golden eyes trained on every move she did. "Why did you commit suicide?" The girl was surprised by the blunt inquiry. "I... I was just tired of the pain, and tried a way out..." She couldn't help it when her eyes strayed to the impaled body. "Hmm? That's Kami, don't worry about her, it's a light punishment compared to what she deserved." True to her word, the woman was trying to reach the handle. "But forget her" -Kami cringed at her coldness- "I'm Amaterasu, can I get your name?" The human was a bit lost, but played along. "I'm Hina-" "YOU'RE WAY TOO COLD FOR A SUN GODDESS!" Amaterasu smiled in a dark manner and went to twist the spear. "Owowow-!" "Shut up."

Two women were talking about matters of the human world until they got to the room where they were summoned to, not impressed at all by the sight of Kami receiving a beating from Amaterasu. "What is the matter this time?" The mentioned goddess stopped to greet the guests. "Benzai, Kichijou. This idiot made a blunder again." "Is this related to the human who got an unattainable soulmate?"

Hinata was confused, the women seemed to have forgotten her, but she recognized the names from ancient registers. From her hunch, Benzai was the one dressed in a golden kimono and had her light colored hair held up by an ornate pin, and Kichijou was the one with reddish hair that was dressed like... a courtesan, that was the best word she could use. From their exchange, the one they spoke about was her, but wasn't she supposed to be with Naruto? He was open for a relationship, but it seems that he wasn't the one for her. Both were goddesses related to love until where she knew.

Benzai averted her eyes from the gore on the floor in favor of the human. "Greetings little one, are you the one called Hinata?" "Hai, I am, Benzai-sama." The woman smiled. "Respectful, I appreciate this." Hinata had a question that burned in her mind. "Who is my soulmate? And why I am not able to be with him?" It was a honest inquiry. "Oh, so you never knew... Kichijou and me deal with the love affairs of humans, but that one, Kami, messed with the registers. To be more accurate, yours." "Your red line was tied to the most unusual candidate." The two of them raised their hands, forming a depiction of a fox, with nine tails. "No way..." They smiled sadly for the girl.

"Gh! Mfh!" Amaterasu was bending Kami's arms in the wrong direction, having gagged her to spare her ears. "You're going to use these powers you're so proud of to aid the girl, to compensate the shitfest that was her life." "Fguh!"

The sun goddess had let go of Kami and dragged her to the girl. "Did you tell her?" Kichijou and Benzai nodded in reply. "Then, I'll just ask one thing. Do you want to punch this sleazebag?" She held the troublemaker, there wasn't even a sliver of humor in her voice. Hinata felt a conflict of emotions, she both didn't want to hurt the woman and desired to pound her to the ground. 'No, violence is bad!' But then she recalled her suffering and something snapped in her mind.

Amaterasu felt a pull from her hand in one instant, in the following one she witnessed as the petite flower mauled the deity with her special technique. "... wow." The two other goddesses were watching the scene with interest. "She's as good as you, Ammy."

*Yelp!* Inari was startled by the sound of a body crushing wood. "Is your wife smashing the bum again?" "Ah, Ebisu!" The fortune god was hearing intently the wreckage in the room. "But the sounds are all wrong, she prefers to to grind the bones with grappling moves, but it's sounding like a ragdoll being thrown around." Ebisu chuckled at his description. 'He does know his wife.' Everybody knew that their marriage was a trick from Kami, but they had clicked and decided to keep the relationship.

"Agh... I surrender, just stop." Hinata ceased the attack on the deity, but still held her arm. "I can be immortal, but this hurts like a bitch..." She drew a circle on the air, making a kind of mist to form in the shape of a gate. "This portal will take you to the past, your actions may change the timeline. But you can't talk of the future to anyone." Then she flicked her finger in the direction of the human, a swirl of white sparks enveloping her body. "Wha-" Hinata felt as her body changed painfully and blacked out when Kami pushed her through the rift. "Good luck."

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