A new start

Chapter 3

Hinata struggled to open her eyes, feeling strange and itchy. She scratched her neck like a dog until she noticed her actions. Looking down, she saw that her body was one of a fox, a black one to be specific. Then she glanced around comparing her size to the trees and saw a mountain close by. 'How much did I grow?' She heard sounds of a conflict not far from her position that was getting closer by the minute.

*CRASH!* *RUMBLE!* The Kyuubi was fleeing from some humans that kept throwing spears and flaming arrows, there was even catapults with tar. "RAAARRR-!" He tried to intimidate the humans, not wanting to use the Beast Sphere and taking care to not squash one of them by accident, but they just pressed further. 'Damn it!' After he rounded a mountain, he saw a creature similar to him.

Hinata was surprised to see the fox so soon, but when she sighted his chasers she understood his situation. 'Transformation.' She grabbed the male as smoke rose from the ground surrounding them. "Eh?"

"What!?" The platoon stopped in their tracks when the demon disappeared in front of their eyes with a companion. "He must have fled with his powers!" "That was to be expected from a cowardly kind." The general scoured the area for clues, but found nothing but a pair of foxes. "Tch!" He threw a stone at them, frustrated at the loss of his target. *Yelp!*

When the humans were far enough, the male glared at the vixen. "What did you do to me?" Hinata was a bit hurt by his venom. "I saved your tail, okay! Or did you want to be chased by them?" He snorted and turned around. "Who are you? There are only eight like me, and they aren't like you." He had a look of suspicion towards her. "I don't know, but I could teach you how to hide yourself like now. It will be a help in the future." He thought about it, he could use some peace. "Fine, but if I see a sign of deceit..." He let the silent threat sink in. "I swear that I will not betray you."

Whenever they had to rest, Hinata used the time to inspect her new body, finding out details like the presence of her bloodline. 'Thank you Kami.' Her features were a carbon copy of the nine tails until a certain extent, besides her coloring and her eyes she had a more sleek frame. Any attempts of approaching the male were rudely refused. 'How long will I take to get his trust?'

He had led her to a secluded canyon, far from human dwellings, he disliked distractions after all. There Hinata teached him some basic ninja techniques, making use of her eyes to figure a way to create a real transformation. After a few months the fox grudgingly gave his name. "Kurama... right? I'm Hinata." At her reply he just snorted in contempt, as years of being alert to attacks made anyone wary.

It was hard to convince Kurama to adopt a human disguise, but she managed it by mentioning that it made hiding easier in certain conditions. "Tch-" She effortlessly assumed her old human appearance and waited for him to do the same. He had spied on some humans to get an idea of anatomy. "Hmm..." He focused on his goal and smoke covered his entire body. *Cough, cough!* Hinata waved her hand to disperse the cloud, waiting until she could see him again. "Did I get it right?" He was a bit taller than her, having assumed the skin tone of a fisherman and spiky hair of the same color as his fur, dressed as a peasant. "So?" She was stunned. "Ah! Yes, you got it right." He just raised a brow at her acts, not understanding why she got this flustered.

Her memories of the past (future?) became somewhat blurry overtime, like childhood memories. But she kept to heart the names of her teammates and sister. 'How did they deal with my choice?' What she failed to notice was that every time her focus was somewhere else, Kurama used the opportunity to watch her, musing over her acts. 'Can I trust her...?'

He was too used to be tense all the time, and he honestly wanted to have a chance to relax. He hadn't seen his siblings in a long time, so the company was more than welcome. He was dozing off. 'She is competent different of any creature with intellect, she doesn't have an ounce of evil intent...' This fact intrigued him, he wanted to find more about this female. But considering how he had treated her... "I'm sorry..." Hinata had heard his murmur by accident and was surprised by it. "I forgive you."

Next chapter will be about the future (present).

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