A new start

Chapter 4

Kiba and Shino visited the grave of Hinata whenever they could, sharing their lives and worries as if she were right there. It helped them with their pain. One day, they managed to meet Hanabi there as she finished a prayer. "... may the foxes guide you, sis." It intrigued the duo, whom decided to ask her. "Hey Sparky, what did you say there?" She raised her head in alarm. "You heard me?"

Kurenai was saddened over her student, the girl had suffered a lot, no wonder that she went off the deep end. 'Would things be different if I had done more for her?' Her son was more fussy than the usual, as if he sensed that his favorite caretaker wouldn't come anymore. "Calm down little Asu..." It hurt to remember their training and missions together. 'She was the bond between us.'

Hiashi stared at a painting of two foxes, a black and a red one. He knew the legends and tales of his clan by heart, but he was a sceptic about this matter, yet he couldn't do a thing, the beliefs were deeply ingrained within the Hyuuga,more than the Caged Bird seal even. 'Why did the ancestors decide to trust a demon?' His wife had been a firm believer, passing this trait to her eldest, who converted her sister later. He wanted to erase the faith when his friend had died, but the clan stood strong, blaming the Uchiha. 'Who would guess that they were right?' His brother's last words to him were "One day, they will return."

Naruto began feeling bad about the way he rejected Hinata after her death. Thinking back, he couldn't help but want to punch himself on the face. "You can do it, just use your clone." The sudden statement by Kurama startled the boy. 'Why do you always choose the worst time to speak?!' "Oh? So you're feeling guilty, as I had expected. Disappointing." The Uzumaki clearly heard the sneer in his voice. "And don't try to justify yourself, lest you wish my opinion about you drop further." The blond grimaced. A shocked Hinata popped up in his head. "I don't need your pity!" The fox was sending vivid memories to him. "Argh!" A slap to an offered hand. "Get lost! I want to be alone!" He clutched his head. "Please, stop!" Tears running down a pale face. "What do you know about love?!" The beast was merciless in torturing him. "I'm sorry! Just stop these voices!" "Tch, you broke sooner than I expected this time." A silent promise of the past was still fresh in the mind of the nine tails. 'Wait a little longer, my dear...'

Shino stepped closer to the girl, giving her a rare smile. "And if we say yes?" The Hyuuga had let go of her usual coldness. "The clan has a particular belief, the nine tails is a kind of guardian for us..." The Inuzuka got more interested. "Oh! Why?" She spied them through her bangs. "You aren't disgusted?" The Aburame adjusted his glasses. "We have no reason to discriminate." Hanabi sighed in relief. "Nobody would believe, but the fox is the reason that the clan still stands to this day. When we were in risk of extinction, it would appear with its mate to rescue us." The last statement stunned them. "Mate?" She slapped her mouth, she had told them more than necessary.

The Yang half of Kurama was searching for a certain location, but his memories were chopped and divided between the halves. 'Do I have to wait until he dies?' Then he recalled a technique that he had found with the intent of freeing his brethren in the past. 'That should work.' He turned in the direction of Konoha.

There was a strange tension on the air, only perceptible for ninja, who kept alert. But nobody knew what this foreboding predicted. Maybe it had to do with the increased amount of foxes that could be found in the forest, after a long time of complete absence.

Next chapter will return to the past with Hinata and Kurama.

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