A new start

Chapter 5

The ice that had covered the heart of Kurama was slowly melted by Hinata, her trust and gentleness helped to close the deep scars in his soul. There was nothing that he wished more than staying with this female. He knew the value of what he had gotten, he had watched the humans for centuries after all. Love and passion could be as fickle as a summer breeze, but for some reason Kami had given him a soulmate. But he could see that she felt restless, Hinata had attached herself to a group of humans that had the same eyes as her. He didn't understand why she worried about their safety, still, he helped her, warding off forces that aimed to obliterate the clan. He wanted to know what tied her to these humans, but he would wait until she did.

He knew about the children of Hagoromo, but it didn't matter to him anymore. He'd choose Hinata over complete strangers after all. But he knew that they formed two clans that were rivals. Uchiha and Senju. They warred against each other, dragging the world in their mess. "Tch, disgusting."

Hinata had laid down with Kurama to sleep, but in her dreams she was approached by Kami. "What do you need?" The woman had a sour expression. "Hinata... I didn't want to do this... but to keep the timeline stable, I must seal your presence, or you will be unable to be born and end fading away." These news were a shocker. "But and Kurama? I can't leave him!" The deity hugged the girl. "I understand, but I will tell him when he can free you, and the way to do so." She knew that both would end crushed, but even the sweetest romances had dark times. "Come, dear."

When Kurama woke up and looked around him, his heart froze, there was no sign of Hinata! He relentlessly searched for her, trying to get even the tiniest hint of her scent, but it failed. 'Was it all a dream?' He felt wetness running down his eyes. "Uh?" It was tears, brought forth by his grief. "GRAAHHH-! WHY?!" He punched a mountain, turning it into rubble. "STOP!" "Hm?" A voice had shouted in his mind, distracting him. "It was never a dream, she just had to fulfill her side of the deal." The fox swung his claws in a threatening manner, not liking it. "It was necessary for your happiness, and you also have a role." If going along would bring his beloved back, he'd do anything. "What?" The face of a human popped up in his mind. "Kill Madara Uchiha."

Madara wanted... no, desired a way to defeat Hashirama, and he would even sell his soul for this mission. He heard a roar and saw the fox beast from the legends. "Sweet!" If he tamed the demon, anything would get easy! His eyes were able to trap the will of his victims to do his bidding. He had planned to attack those trashy Hyuuga to bait it out, but it wasn't needed after all. The beast tried to swat him down like a fly, there was an insane look in his eyes. "You're mine demon!" Kurama had met his eyes and his body stopped moving under his will. 'Wha-' This disgusting human was sitting on his head! But soon, all turned black.

Battle with Hashirama/Creation of the Valley of the End

Kurama shook his head, his body ached all over and his head seemed that it would split in half. 'Where... where am I...?' He was behind a golden cage and there was a woman with red hair staring at him. "FREE ME!" He hit the bars with all his strenght, but a power rebounded his strike. "I must kill that vermin! Let me out!" "I, Mito Uzumaki, will never release you, demon." The fox lowered his head, making the woman get wary. Sounds of water dripping could be heard, confusing the woman. "What did I do wrong...?" To her surprise, the demon was crying openly. "It was really too good to be true... you humans..." It rose its eyes towards her. "You are all so lucky... if you believe in it enough, you find love anywhere." Kurama turned around and retreated into the cage, leaving the woman with several questions.

There was only one clan who could give out info about the Nine Tails, the Hyuuga. Mito had gone to meet the clan head at the time, giving the excuse that it was to deepen the trust with them. "What do you wish, Lady Senju?" Henji was facing the redhead. "I came here to get more information about the fox demon." The man cringed. "Why do you think that we have such information?" "Don't try to play me, I know that your clan was feared in the past due to its protection." The man sighed. "Fine, but anything that I tell you, must not get out." "I promise." The Hyuuga closed his eyes. "The fox has a mate, equal to him in all but color, being dark colored. The two of them are our guardians, and no Hyuuga will ever partake in an act to subdue them. This is the most I can tell you." "I understand, thank you, Henji." Mito bowed in respect and went out.

'A mate... and it was so desperate... will I ever feel such deep feelings for Hashirama?'

"Hey." Kurama's ears perked up, Kami had spoken in his mind. "I will hold my side of the bargain, what you need to know is..."

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