A new start

Chapter 6

A shadow loomed over the tiny apartment of the Uzumaki, who was unaware of the invader. 'Urk! It's reeking of old ramen!' Kurama had taken his human form to not raise suspicion, carefully making his way to the bedroom. 'Eugh... I'll endure anything for you, my dear.' He had to recover his memories at any cost. He put his hands above the seal in the blonde's navel, using his chakra to unlock the array. Little by little the points of focus of the Death God Seal were busted, freeing his other half.

Kiba and Shino were thinking over what Hanabi had told them as they rested in the old Team 8 training field. "To think that they had such hardcore guardians in the past..." The Aburame looked at a firefly. "Indeed, they took a risk in staying among people who despise the beast, even more after what happened sixteen years ago." The Inuzuka petted his partner dog. "I wonder how the other fox looked like." Akamaru barked his opinion. "Eh? I'm a human, so I don't know." But they heard a shuffling in the woods and got alert. "Enemies?" A man landed in front of them, his red eyes focused on them.

'Inuzuka, Aburame... I need them to get to her...' Kurama bowed in front of the duo, startling them briefly. "Please, help me, I need your aid to rescue my wife." Kiba was gaping. "Eh?" "I believe that you should meet with the Hokage and form a proper mission." The man gripped the dirt. "No, if they knew about my situation, they would take her from me." Shino frowned at the conviction in the voice of this stranger. "I don't have money, all I can do is beg you." Akamaru was whining towards his owner, padding until he was across the redhead. *Bark!* "Oh? Yeah, she would have done the same." The two boys crossed eyes and a silent message was exchanged. "Well, we'll help you, but if we see that you're untrustworthy, we'll drag your ass to the prison."

Using their knowledge of the village, Shino and Kiba slipped out of the village with their guide, whom dashed entire time, forcing the ninja to expend all their stamina to keep up. The journey had lasted a few days, surely attracting alert within the village towards their absence. "It's way too far!" Kiba was panting harshly, his body ached terribly. "We are here." "Hm?" Shino stared at the rocky wall. Kurama walked to the base, pushing chakra and revealing two sealing arrays. "I need you to open it with blood and chakra. The one with bugs takes the left, you get the right one." Shino inspected for traps, not finding any. "It's safe." The duo did what they were told to, leading to some stones crumbling, revealing a passage. Kurama rushed in, not caring with the presence of the trio.

"Shouldn't us go after him?" Shino peered at his teammate. "Fine, but do not give him reasons to attack." They heard footsteps right ahead, showing how much the man was desperate. Then the sounds stopped, swapped with a faint cry. "What's going on?" They surfaced on a large circular cave, noticing that the man was cradling someone on his arms. "Wait... that hair..." They would recognize that dark bluish tone anywhere. "It can't be, we witnessed her burial."

The woman was dazed, barely able to make it what the voice over her was saying. "... I'm g... found you... my... Hinata..." The last bit made her open her eyes. "K... Kurama...?" Her voice was slightly raspy by lack of use, but to the man, it was the sweetest sound he ever heard. "Y-yeah!" She could feel the tears that fell on her face. "Don't... cry..." When she brushed away his tears, it brought forth more cries from him. "It's too good to hold you again! Don't leave me!" Hinata held his face tenderly. "I promise..."

Kiba and Shino were pale, the name was exactly the same, and the weak voice was unmistakable! "It can't be... We saw..." Then they saw a strange woman by the most far off wall of the cave. "Enemy?!" Her body glowed and she made her way to the couple. "I congratulate you." The couple raised their heads. "You!/My lady..." Kami smiled at them. "It's good to see such happiness. But I couldn't help noticing that you, Hinata, had a certain wish, shared by Kurama." The female blushed, recalling her wish. "But that's impossible now..." The deity tousled the hair of the girl. "You silly thing, there is nothing impossible for me. But there is a price." Kurama frowned. "What is it?" "Your immortality. Will you take it, or not?" She chuckled, their eyes said everything for her. "Fine, I'll do it." She put her hands on their heads, making a bright mist leave their bodies and fade away, then she passed her fingers over Hinata's eyes. "It's done, have a good life together." The goddess faded away in a burst of light.

"Eh? What did we just see?" *Whine...* "Indeed..." Their voices picked the attention of the woman, who got up on shaky legs, supported by Kurama. "Kiba? Shino? Akamaru?" They never said their names, so the woman was truly... "Hinata~!" Kiba jumped on her, giving the poor girl a bear hug. *Woof~* The ninja dog was eagerly jumping around them. Shino merely adjusted his sunglasses, his gaze focused on the redhead, who gave a nod in reply. "Calm down Kiba, I'm getting dizzy!" The Aburame held the shoulder of the Inuzuka. "You heard her." "Fine, I'm sorry." Then their focus fell on her eyes. "They're purple!"

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