A new start

Chapter 7- last chapter

"Why did they turn purple? You had white eyes!" Kiba was fretting over Hinata, not understanding what happened. "Why are you so nervous? I like it." Kurama was holding the girl. "It was that woman, right?" Shino was staring at the girl. "My eyes changing colors, it's a gift in my opinion. It means that I'm free from the Hyuuga." Hinata did not care if she lost the Byakugan. "Anyway, you two have to return as fast as possible. "Uh? Yeah..." "It will be a long journey, but it was worth it." The woman looked at her companion. "You want to? Fine." Kiba got confused, an emotion shared by Akamaru and Shino.

"WAAAAA-!" The poor Inuzuka was holding on for dear life, his dog wasn't any better. How did Hinata get able to turn in a giant fox?! By her side was Kurama, who was carrying Shino. The boy was awfully pale. By now, the two ninja had already figured that the couple was the foxes that Hanabi had mentioned. 'Scary...' Konoha was soon in sight and their speed decreased, but still covering a decent distance with each step.

The Hokage had casually looked through her window as she sipped some tea, but she ended spitting it out at the sight. Two enormous foxes were about to attack her village! She activated the alarms, sending ninja to ready up for battle, but there were fewer than the usual as some teams were searching for the remains of Team 8. 'Does the fox still want revenge?' But it was strange to see a black fox. 'Does it knows jutsu?'

Hinata and Kurama exchanged looks, stopping at a distance. "Get down you two." Kiba felt that his head was spinning. "Uurgh..." *Whine...* She shrunk in size until she was close to a horse, mimicked by her partner. "And now?" The original nine tails was nervous. The ninja closed on them, but they just stood still. "Waiii- urk... don't attack! Mgh...!" *Vomits* Kiba had screamed to his peers for the sake of his friend, but it took his body to the limit. It seemed like that the Inuzuka had developed a severe motion sickness. "Just take him." Shino had unmounted Kurama, somewhat better, but still swayed a bit.

Tsunade was stoic, facing two lovey-dovey foxes and a recovering Aburame. "Why should I let them in?" Shino was drinking tea to settle his stomach. "My lady, they are not hostile, and we did lose a large amount of our forces in the war, right?" It was a gaping wound to jab at, as many families were basically cut down to a fraction. "Still, what are their abilities? The Kyuubi is just one, and it can't be everywhere at once." Kurama perked up at this. "Actually, I gave up my status as a Tailed Beast. And we're planning in making a family, right dear?" Oh, she forgot that for some reason this being got a mate. "But how in the blazes you got someone?!" The ex-demon made a face that said 'no idea', in a foxy way. But all that Tsunade saw was a smirk. "Alright, I give up. But how do you plan to be recognized as a citizen? You're an animal." The couple exchanged looks and shifted shape into humans. "Dang it!"

All the teams who got deployed to find Team 8 had received hawks that informed them that they could go back to the village. They did notice the new couple, but with time everybody got used to them, only having a slight suspicion as the woman had the same features as the dead Hyuuga, but eventually they chalked it up to a coincidence. There was only a single incident, that involved the man punching hard the blond Namikaze, but nobody besides Kiba and Shino had an idea of his motives. Time had passed, the seasons changed and this single couple had signaled the start of a new clan, the Kitsune. From time to time many powerful clans came to them to try and claim their powers through marriage, but every single proposal was refused, as they had a single rule: do not let yourself be controlled.

Kami was holding Inari in front of her to ward off Amaterasu. "I fixed it, can't you give me a break?!" The sun goddess huffed. "Let's see until when your common sense lasts." She threw aside the poor fox. "Hey, I do have sense!" They were about to duke it out. "Oh yeah, sense of ridiculous!" On an ignored corner, the god was crying in silence. 'I'm just a harvest god after all...'

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