Rose had a brother? And he had a kid too. Well lets restart this story from the beginning/

Adventure / Humor
Jeancarlo Guity
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Double Gem GlowChapter 1

"This looks like the place." A boy with short brown hair and dark brown eye, looks around at the town of Beach City. "Let's see if I were a crystal gem wear would I go." He asked the teen was wearing a white long sleeve shirt and light red t-shirt with a white colored zig-zag design over it, he wore fitted jean with a chain connected to the hip he also wore white and blue sneaker to complete the out fit. He carried a single strap black book bag and circular necklace with him.

"Oh well it me a few year to find this place what looking for them gonna change." Tyler noted walking through the city he noticed a car wash with the word UNIVRESE in bold bright letters seems like a very good clue to start with. "Well that was easy."

Reaching toward the car wash Tyler saw two thing that got his attention a colorful van with the word Universe carwash on the van a man sitting on a lawn with long hair, a tang top, jeans shorts, sandal and guitar strapped around his body. "Well all clue lead to another." Tyler muttered.

Greg fiddle with his guitar trying to find the right cord as he looks out to the beach relaxing in his lawn chair and wearing his sunglasses while doing it. Until a figure appeared bloking the sunfrom him view. "Oh hey little dud what up?" The rocksatr asked.

"Um is there a Steven universe around here, its kind important I find him?" Tylers nerves were working up a storm he hasn't talked to anyone for about 5 year, no matter how many time he tried to talk someone he would go into a shy phase for a while u til he became ready to talk.

"Oh yeah that my son I thinks he's hanging out with a crystal gem... Say I don't think I met you before have met you seem, familiar." Greg asked.

"Uh well my mom told me to come here in case anything happens it took me a while but here I am. My names Tyler, Tyler Omega my moms name in Kristine Omega, and my dads name is Topaz Omega." As the introduction were made Greg face went from normal to shock in a matter of second next thing Tyler knew he was being crushed from a constricting hug from the well know guitar player.

"I remember now when you were only just 3 year old you would alway take my shade a see if you could pass them off as yours. Wait right there I got something for you." Going back into his van the new found nephew saw the van shake a bit mixed with mumbling inside. hop out from the vehicle he held a suspicous item behind his back makeing the teenager worry for a moment. "Close your eye for a moment."

"What?" Tyler asked.

"Just do it I promise you'll like it." Yeilding to the fathers request Tyler closed his eyes, second later he felt something attached to his ears and the bridge of his nose, slowly opening his eye the veiw around the boy gets darker with a shade of purple in. He was wearing sunglasses smaller than Gregs but felt just his size the teen looke at him dumbstruck wondering why he gave this to him.

"Yeah, I figure the next time I would see you, you would probably look a little older didn't know it'll be this long so. What you think?" The parent asked with a big smile, Tyler felt many emotion creep up behind him trying his best to keep locked for now but as soon as he felt something wet fall across his cheek Tylers vision became blurry and tears began falling continuously, a dam broke down in his mind and he didn't know how to stop it. Greg didn't know what to do a 15 year old crying infront of him just becaues he was giving the kid sunglasses is fairly uncommon, so he did the only thing he could do, hug him and straight after the hug was returned.

After a few minutes the emotional turmoil was over Tyler began his story what happend to him for the past 12 year he was gone, what happend to his everything he went through to get to here. Only silence filled the two lettinght einformation sink in for a while before Greg could talk a gain.

"So that why your here, you want to meet your cousins huh?" The teen nodded. "Well your more than welcome to stay with us from nw on." The boy beamed with happiness and glomped him in unbreathable hug to the man, Greg chuckled at Tylers reaction. "Okay, okay I think that's enough hugging for one day. If you want meet your cousin he's over by the beach you can't miss it."

"Alright I think I can see it." Before Tyler continued walking he turned around aface Greg once more. "Thank you Uncle you have no idea how much this means to me!" He screamed out waving to his uncle Greg. He waved back and the teen continued running with a smile across his face.

"Okay he said that his house would be around here somewhere, said that I can't miss it. Now how can't I." Tylers question was soon answered when he saw a mountain size statue in a shape of a women and in the center was a small house in the way. "Oh that's how." He muttered looked at the statue in awe couldn't help but marvel at the design before walking to the house. "Man this place is amazing, well time to make my appearance." Before he could knock on the door something from the inside. Tyler was shock to see the door melting from green color goo attach the door.

"Uh hello?" The teen asked only to jumped buy a ferocious green and black creature ready to bite him. Holding him back he saw the same green slime drippi g fromit jaw melting the floor around them. "Get this thing off me!" He screamed.

"Don't worry I got it." A womens voice were heard. She had an afro it was squared shaped with she wore a vizor that covered her whole forhead and eye and mixed colored body suit, but what really got to Tyler was what she was wearingnwearing onher arms they were gauntlets over sized gauntlet that could squish his whole face if he wanted to grabbing the creature with one hand and poof it was gone. "Are you alright?" She asked.

"Y-Yeah. Um thanks for the help." Still starstruck at what happend. "Um buy any chance are you a-"

"Uh guys these thing don't have gems." Another girls voice called out. She had purple skin and white hair wearing a daeker shade tangtop and a even darker shade sweat pants. Her weapon was a jagged whip and a stone at the center of her chest and infront of her was another girl she looked like something out of a ballet with pearl white skin color and light blue top and light brown skirt with a see through scarf wrapped around the skirt and ballet shoes the match the outfit and a large stone placed on the top of her head her weapon of .a spear

"That mean there must be a mother somewhere." The gauntlet wearer said as she punched another creature without looking.

"We should probably look for it beofre it hurts anyone else." The ballerina said holding the centipend looking creature as if it was a overactie dog.

"Oh oh can I come? Can I?" A little boy asked he looked no older than twelve years old, ligh pink skin with an afro and pudgy face he was wear a light red shirt with astar in the middle of it mixed wearing jeans and sandals.

"Steven until you can control the power of your gem we'll handel protecting the threat of humanity." The ballet girl said before snaping the neck if the creature. "Okay?" The little boy looked downfallen before turnnghis attetion to the fridge scaring away at another ceptipede to the afro woman.

"No way, how did you get these I thought they stopped making them." Tyler looked at the boy holding an ice cream packet, it seem familiar at first before he remember what they were.

"Hey are those cookie cat?" He asked drawing everyone attention to the the teenager. "Hi there." Waving sheeply the the group.

"Oh hi can I help you with anything?" The spear user asked.

"I fee like I'm answering my own question here but are you guy the crystal gem?"

"Yep that us the names Amathyst, the tall one is Garnet our leader, the ballerina over there is Pearl and the kid here is Steven Universe, so what your beef stranger." Amathyst asked the teen.

"Well I'm hoping that if any of you guys heard of the name Topaz?" That question eraned some wide eye from the girl and a confused looked from the preteen.

"Did you say Topaz, as in Roses brother Topaz?" Tyler nodded to Pearls question. "But I thought he was gone."

"Well technically your have right." The teen rolled up his sleeves up to his elbow and showed the crystal gems two triangular gems located at he middle of his for arms. "Nice to meet you guys my name the name Tyler Omega I guess you kew my farther as Blake Topaz." Smiling at the team.

"Wait-wa-wa-wait. Topaz is your dad?" The whip user asked confusingly.

"Uh guy who's Topaz?" Steven asked completely forget about the ice cream cookie he was holding.

"Topaz used to work with us before he vansihed, he was also Roses big brother." Garnet answered for him.

"So that would mean-" The twelve year old trail out.

"Yup this guy here is older cousin."

"Hey there Steven I fnally get to meet my little cuz." Tyler said with a smile hugging the little boy his chest. "So I'm guessing you want to know why am I here huh?" The team nodded. But the leader was the first to speak up.

"Ony if you want to, there no need to force it."

"Thank you Garnet but its okay I'll just give you the short version of my story." Giving the run down what happend the crystal gem could only stare insilnce at the poor boy. Losing his mom walking all on his own for the past three year to meet the last of his family. "And that about covers the end of my journey, so what do ou think? Amd before you start I don't want here any apologize from any of you there was now way amy of you guys could've known. I came here for a fresh new start with my family nothing more and nothing less." Tyler added, getting a group hug from his cousin and the crystal gems. Giving a small thank you everyone let go and one another.

"So Tyler did you unlock you gem powers." Pearl asked.

"Yeah got hold of it last year wanna see." The group nodded. Tyler took a few second to concentrate before his gem glowed bright orange and then appeared two two weapon from his forearm. They were metallic tonfas with a organge color paint job. But just as it appeared it vanishes and left Tyler down in one knee and breathing hard the crystal gem became concern and ran to the junior gems aid. "Well almost got it."

"Hey are you alight? What happend, you had thegem glow right?" Steven asked wondering if he should be worried about his cousin or amazed at the weapon.

"Ha.. I'm fine you see I haven't fully unlock my gem powers so far I can only get the weapon and even that takes some time to appear." The teen explianed there were a few times where Tyler manage to conjur up his weapon but it was only to such rare ocassion.

"Well I think thats an amazing start for someone your age, give it time and you'll be a master of your own gem."

Thanks Garnet, so I'm guessing Steven didn't go pretty far activating his gwm power huh?" Tyler asked

"Sadly know but he is only a childe so it would take time." Pearl noted. Tyler walked up to the fridge and saw a ffrezzer full of cookie cats.

"I haven't seen these in months how do you guys get them." The teen asked.

"Well we knew that these were stevens favorite-"

"So we went out and stole bunch!" Amathyst said inturrupting Pearl causing her to gain and annoyed looked towad the whip user.

"I went back and paid for them." She added.

"It was my idea." Garnet said.

"It was everyone idea." Amathyst pointed out.

"No it wasn't." Steven then began to sing the cookie cat theme song, as he finished Tyler and the gem all laughed the teen eawas about to ask for one till he saw Steven ate one and pink glow showed up. The glow came from Stevens belly it that Steven was able to use it power for a moment but the glow shimmered down until the light was gone.

"It took me a two year to finally get my gem to glow and he did it but just etaing a ice cream sandwhich, talk about over powered." Tyler could see the dissapointment in Stevens face, he could understand that he want to be able to help his friend. The teen put a hand on Steven back and gave asupported smile. "Don't worry Steven you'll get the hang of it heck I wasn't able to use my gem power until last year and yet you manage to do it just now your better at this than I am."

"Thanks Tyler, but I was really close that time can one of just explain to me how to summon a weapon?" That gotTyler thinking maybe he need a better view at how to ies his gem that way he doesn't get tired. Pearl eagerly accepts hopefully he'll get the jist of it soon. Later Tyler and Steven were back at the house woth the gem as it turns out Pearls explanation was a little too confusing the only thing Tyler got from I was creating a dance with a leaf. Amathyst explanation turned vague saying she doesnt do anything and just feel it so he didn't know what to make of that and Garnet explanation was completely confusing leaving both boy boys lost on their own.

"Well I'm more lost about gems tha n I thought I should be.". Tyler sighed in defeat.

"Het what about you how did you summon your weapon."

"Well mine its different I was going the right way but at the same time I wasn't." The teen said sagely he could see the confuse look on Steven trying to find another way to explain it to the poor boy. "It like this, when I try to make my gem to glow to summon m weapon I focus on one thing whether an emotion a memory anything that can help fuel its power. Are getting it?"

"Yeah I get but why did you say that you're doing it the wrong way."

"Because the kind of fuel isn't strong enough I'm guessing other than that until you can find the right fuel for your gem no matter how mu h time you put in it you wint be able to summon your power. At least that what I think, I'm still having trouble summoning my weapon." Tyler elaborated. "Any way the point is every goal need a type of fuel to achive it and right now neither one of us has found it yet. Did you get that or there thing is confusing for you."

"No I got it u just wish I knew what my fuel is."

"Well I know you can't find in a gas station." Laughing at his own joke. "Come on I wanna try those cookie cat I heard of they're suppose to be delicous." He said leading Steven to the kitchen. Opening a packet Tyler indulged himself into the treat the next thing he know the same glow appeared around Steven only brighter than before. In a flash a pink spiral shield was summon out of Stevens belly. "Steven you did it!"

"Its a shield." Pearl said amazed at the weapon.

"I get a shield. Ohhhhh Yeah!" Steven jumped for joy but the sheild then shoot froward from the belly and ricochet around the room and ended up getting stuck to a T.V.

"Well at least you can summon it." Tryler said with support.

"I can summon my powers from etaing ice cream." The junior gem beamed with excitment.

"What in these thing."Pearl asked.

"I hae no idea but I guess it was meant for him to eat them, either that there was reason why they discontinued them inthe first place." Tyler option out. What he didn't get was why didnt it work for him if Steven ate one, Tyler tried another bite out of the ice cream and waited only to have nothing appeared from his arm. Before he could say anything the ground start to shake and a shadowy figure was show from the outside. "Uh guys what was that."

"It the mother." The gem rushes to the feild to face the mother centipeid leaving Steven and me alone at untile Steven decided to run off with a mini fridge full of cookie cats. Groaning the situation Tyler follows Steven.

"Hey Steven what do you think your doing?" He asked as Steven stuffs his with cookie cats from the fridge.

"Is he trying to activate his gem?" Tyler thought but soon stopped thinking at what to do and stopped Steven from consuming any more. "Steven I understand that you want to help but this is not your fuel like I told you before it has to mean something much more deeper." He explained before looking at the monster. "We have to think of another way."

"But how?" Steven asked. He looked at his cousin for answers but saw his face differently as though he was no longer there. "Uh Tyler are you alright?" Asked nervously.

"I'm alright Steven there's nothing you need to worry about, stay here alright this'll be over soon." Tyler voice was different deeper even. Tyler began walking toward the centibettel slowly ignoring the calls from both the gems and Steven to get away from he monster. Only to be face to face with the green and black monster bug. "I understand. Your hurt in more ways than one all that corruption is killing you and you have no way get rid of it." The monster slowly hiss at the teen placing its head infront of the boy as he reaches out his hand, while Tyler trys to get closer the centibettle only hiss more and more as he get closer. "Don't worry everything going to be alright, you can trust me." Just like Tyler finally place a hand on the monster head and out shine a bright orange light between the two, the light then engulfed them for a quick moment before dimming.

Leaving out Tyler face down to the ground and spherical stone in his hand, the teen wakes up with a groan. Groggily standing up he looks at he surrounding and see the shocked face of both the crystal gems and Steven. "Did I miss something?"

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