Moonlight Maiden

Crystal Firebird

At Endymion's order, Jadeite walked towards Kasei and carried her off so he could talk to her. He walked quietly but quickly through the grounds of the Silver Palace. He finally found the Sacred Silver Temple, thinking it was the perfect place to put her in until she woke up. He climbed the stairs and stepped inside, making sure to take off his shoes. There was a sacred temple on every planet, and he was in charge of the one on Earth. Taking off your shoes was considered a sign of respect.

He made sure to remove Kasei's shoes before laying her down on a mat. He looked around the temple where they were; it wasn't very big and had silver walls. Not surprising; the Silver Kingdom's color was obviously silver.

Jadeite sat on the mat next to Kasei and took out the gift he made for her. It was a beautiful crystal fire-bird, completely made out of fire, which gave it its red-orange color hung on a black chain. He hoped she would like it and forgive him. He knew his beautiful Salvia wasn't going to be easy to work with.
He put the fire-bird in his jacket pocket and he felt stirring behind him. He looked behind him at Kasei, who was starting to wake up.

Kasei opened her eyes and said, "Wow, what happened?" She remembered being out in the garden with Serenity and the other girls. Serenity fell on the floor, and then everything went black for her. She had no idea what happened but she had to find Serenity.
She stood up, but bumped into someone. She looked up and saw a familiar pair of baby blue eyes.
She was shocked for a moment, but then hid it quickly with anger. "What are you doing here?" she said coldly, glaring at him with a fire in her eyes.

Jadeite got closer to her. "I'm here to apologize," he said softly.

Kasei seemed to get even angrier; smoke was practically coming out of her. "Apologize? Apologize for what? For breaking my heart, for not trusting me, for making me feel like my love for you was something dirty, when it was the best thing in my life?! No, you have nothing to apologize for. Now get out of here before I burn your stupid ass." She then threw several fireballs as a warning to stay away from her.
Jadeite managed to successfully dodge most of them, but the burn marks on his General uniform showed that some of them managed to hit him.

Jadeite looked at Kasei and smiled. Even when she was angry, she was still the most beautiful girl he had ever seen.

Looking at her hand, he noticed something interesting: On her left ring finger was the ruby ring he put on her finger when he asked her to marry him.
He inwardly smiled. "Kasei, please try to understand," he said, walking back to her. "How do you think I felt knowing I fell in love with a lie? I fell in love with a beautiful who said her name was Duchess Rei; a girl who was perfect for me in every way. Then when I ask her to marry me, she reveals her true identity, who turns out to be a totally different person than who I thought. I felt angry, confused and a little hurt that you lied to me, but I never stopped loving you. It took me a while to realize it, but I figured out that although your name and appearance changed, your heart and soul did not." Now standing right in front of her, he looked into her eyes. "I love you Kasei, and I know you still love me."

"What makes you think such a ridiculous thing?" she said, placing her hands on her hips. He smirked.

"Because if you didn't, you wouldn't still be wearing the ring I gave you," he said, taking her hand in his and showing her the finger that had the ring. Kasei knew Jadeite's words were sincere; his eyes said it all. But she didn't want to give in that easily.

She looked down at the glittering ring and said, "Oh, this thing? It doesn't mean anything to me anymore. I was just wearing it until I find someone who wants it."

Jadeite could tell she was lying to him by the way she wouldn't look him in the eye. He smiled and put her hand down before saying, "You know, I can tell you're lying. Why don't you tell me the truth; it would save us both some headaches."

Kasei knew she was defeated, so with a big sigh she said, "All right don't get all excited, but I did miss you…"

Jadeite wrapped his arms around her and hugged her, pulling her close to him.

"Yes, I forgive you Jed."

He hugged good and tight, never wanting to let go. After a few minutes he said, "I have something for you." He let her go and reached into his jacket pocket, pulling out the crystal firebird. "Here," he said softly, handing her the bird. It was the beautiful red-orange the color of fire and in the shape of a crow, her favorite bird. "Do you like it? I made it myself, entirely out of fire encased tightly in fire-proof crystal so it won't burn when you put it on."

Kasei was speechless as he took the fire-bird from her hand and clasped it around her neck.
She gently touched the beautiful bird and said, "Thank you, I love it."

"And I love you my beautiful Salvia," Jadeite said, giving her a light kiss on the lips.

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