Moonlight Maiden

A Sparkling Bracelet

Kunzite quickly carried Kinsei out of the gardens and went into the Silver Palace as quietly as he could. He couldn't afford to get caught by the guards. He went down many hallways until he came upon huge light orange walnut doors with the symbol of Venus on them. He figured these must be her chambers.

When he opened the door, he stepped into Kinsei's gorgeous room. The walls were painted in different hues of orange and yellow. Everything from her dresser to her vanity was made of light yellow wood, and her four poster bed was covered in plain yellow. Her pillows were different shades of yellow. There was a small table in front of her bed with five pillows around it, where people would gather around to talk. He walked to her bed and sat her down and sat beside her, waiting patiently for her to wake up.

As he was waiting, he was thinking about what he was doing. He began asking himself:

'What was I doing here?'

'When did I become so soft?'

He was the head General of the Golden Kingdom's Royal Army, a stoic man who most people thought had no emotions besides his sense of duty to protect.

And here he was on a forbidden kingdom away from his home, risking everything; even the safety of his planet. All because the unconscious woman brought out emotions in him that no one had been able to bring out before.

Sure, he was hurt when she had lied to him.

But that was nothing compared to the hurt and disappointment he suffered at the hands of an evil woman who was only pretending to love him because of his title and status in the Golden Kingdom. Melanie had ruined his outlook on love and caused his heart to become hard and cold. His heart became closed off and he never felt that way again, that was until a certain blonde, bubbly countess appeared in his life.

When he was with her, he couldn't explain the feeling he felt. He felt complete, he felt whole. She was the only one who was able to make him forget about his duty of protecting the kingdom and loosen up a bit. Not even Melanie had been able to do that.

But just when he felt he couldn't be any happier, he finds out that this girl lied to him too. He felt betrayed all over again. But unlike Melanie, he could not get rid of the feelings he had for this girl. So, he found himself in front of the girl that lied to him with one thought in his head

'Wow I am so whipped.'

A muttered groan brought him out of his thoughts, and he sees Kinsei starting to wake up.

Kinsei wakes up and says, "Ow, my head… what happened?"

She opens her eyes and looks around.

"Good morning, Sleeping Beauty," a deep tenor voice reached her ears.

Kinsei sat up but then moaned because her head was still throbbing a little from the tiny headache she had.

When the throbbing was gone, she looked up and saw the last person she thought she would see.

Kunzite was sitting by her bedside, staring at her with his ice blue eyes full of apology, guilt, and love.

"Kunzite, what are you doing here?" Kinsei said, getting up and sitting on the edge of the bed.

"I came to apologize Minako, or should I call you Kinsei?"

Kinsei shrugged. "You can call me either, but my name is Kinsei," she replied.

"All right then, I'll call you Kinsei," he said, in a gruff tone.

"Why are you here? The last time I saw you, you said you didn't want to see me again. You wanted me to forget about you."

He sighed and said, "I know, but that was only because I was full of rage at that moment from being lied to again."

This statement caught Kinsei by surprise.

"What do you mean, 'again'?" she asked in a serious but curious voice.

Kunzite walked towards the window and looked down at the Earth.

"5 years ago, I fell in love with a visiting noble from another kingdom, Lady Melanie.

She was everything to me. I loved her so much, and I was willing to do anything for her. Everything was perfect. But on the night I was planning to propose to her, I found her in the arms of a visiting prince there to form a peace treaty, and the next day she left with him. I found out she was merely a gold digger who was only pretending to love me to gain my title and money. When I found out you lied to me too, it brought back all those old feelings. I just assumed you were just like Melanie and I said to you what I would have said to her."

Kinsei got up from the bed and walked to where Kunzite was standing. "How could you even think I was anything like her? I lied to you because I had to protect my princess, and unlike Melanie, my love for you was not fake. My love for you was and is true!" she said, on the brink of tears.

"I know that now. I was wrong to compare you to her. Please forgive me Kinsei, I love you. These past weeks without you were like hell on earth. I love you my Morning Star."

Kinsei put a hand on Kunzite's cheek and gently rubbed her hand against it. "I love you too Kunzite."

Kunzite reached into his pocket and pulled out a beautiful bracelet made of sparkling Zircons.

"Here," he said, clasping the bracelet on her wrist.

Kinsei stared in awe at the bracelet "It's beautiful Kunzite, thank you," she said, her voice barely above a whisper.

"These stones are from the crystal cave I showed you. I took the best stones from there and made this bracelet for you."

Kinsei smiled at him. "Well, I love it. But don't think this means I forgive you. You hurt me pretty badly," she said.

Kunzite smirked and said, "I wasn't expecting you to forgive me that easily. I plan to do whatever you want to earn your forgiveness."

"Whatever I want, huh?" Kinsei said with a mischievous smile.

Kunzite nodded.

Kinsei stepped away from Kunzite until she reached the wall behind her. Then she ran and tackled Kunzite to the ground, kissing him with everything she had.

When Kunzite got rid of the shock he kissed her back. The kiss got deeper and deeper until the two soul mates lost themselves in their own passion.

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