Moonlight Maiden

Silvery-Gold Engagement Sealed

After 3 hours, the five newly engaged couples met up again in the garden. The girls were happily talking about their engagements and admiring each other's rings,, giggling about the fact that each of the guys picked out rings with their kingdom's stone without knowing who they were.

While Serenity looked at Kinsei and Mokusei, she noticed something different about them. Their faces were flushed and she noticed their necks had marks on them. She inwardly giggled thinking, 'I don't want to know'.

The guys came up to the girls and told them that they would be going to each of their home planets to ask their parents for their hands in marriage. Endymion decided to ask Silver Queen Serenity for her daughter's hand.

As Serenity observed how happy she and the girls were with their respective other halves, she couldn't believe that she had almost lost the one chance she had at happiness because of a ridiculous mistake she made. She was just grateful that she had Endymion back.

As the other girls and guys walked to the teleport room, Serenity and Endymion walked to the throne room. Serenity asked Endymion to wait outside while she went to speak with her mother.

Meanwhile at Metallia's cave, Beryl was furious. She had seen Endymion and his Generals leave Earth when she went to see the King and Queen about a possible engagement between herself and Endymion. Thanks to Metallia's magic, she had turned from a starving peasent to the daughter of a rich lord from a distant kingdom. Through Metallia's mirror, she had seen how Endymion and that despicable Princess reunite. They looked happier than ever before as they arranged their upcoming wedding.

"This is unacceptable!" Beryl yelled as she marched around the room angrily.

"Do you want to take my advice now?" asked Queen Metallia.

"Yes, you were right my queen," Beryl said bowing before Metallia. "We should convince the Earthlings that people from the Moon are evil; then we can destroy both it and the entire Silver Millenium! We will rule the Universe with Endymion as our king!" Beryl said evilly.

"Yes Beryl, you must make arrangements immediately and start your attack in two months. But leave the Earth and Moon last, they will suffer more if they already see their whole Galaxy dead." Beryl smirked at this.

"Excellent idea, my queen. I will start immediately. Finally, Endymion will be mine! Say good-bye Moon witch, your days are numbered!" Beryl laughed evilly and left to start her evil plan.

Back on the Moon, Serenity managed to get an audience with her mother, and she told the Queen everything. From meeting Endymion to reuniting with him moments before, Serenity left no detail unsaid. Queen Serenity wasn't the least bit surprised that the Golden Prince was in her kingdom. After all, she had received warning from Meiousei, the Princess of Pluto and Senshi of Time, that he would be here. She had known Serenity would fall in love with Endymion. She had also known Serenity and her Senshi snuck down to Earth to see him. As a mother, the Queen could also sense the love her daughter had for the Prince. She gladly gave them her blessing to marry and said that the wedding would be celebrated in two months. Serenity thanked her mother for her chance at happiness.

She and Endymion then left the throne room and returned to the gardens to wait for the girls to come back from their planets.

When the girls returned, the guys said they needed to go back to the Golden Kingdom to talk to Endymion's parents about his engagement. The girls said goodbye to the guys and went inside the palace.

When Endymion got back to the Golden Kingdom, he went in search of his parents. He found them in the throne room and asked for an audience.

"Mother, Father, may I speak with you?"

The King and Queen looked at their son. "Of course Endymion, what is on your mind?" said King Miguel, who was a rather handsome man with raven hair like Endymion's and dark brown eyes. Queen Celeste was a beautiful woman with chocolate brown hair and midnight blue eyes and a flawless complexion. She was the most beautiful woman in the kingdom.

Endymion took a deep breath and boldly said, "I would like your permission to marry. I have found the girl of my dreams."

The King and Queen looked at each other with smiles on their faces.

"Well that's wonderful, Endymion! Now tell us, who is the lucky girl?" Celeste said excitedly.

Endymion smiled and said, "She is Princess Serenity from the Silver Kingdom."

The look on the King and Queen's faces was indescribable, seeing as it had so many emotions. They knew this would happen ever since they received a visit from the Senshi of Time. But they were still worried about their son's feelings. After a few seconds of silent contemplation, the Queen asked, "Are you sure you love her Endymion?"

"With all my heart," he answered sincerely.

"Well then, we congratulate you, my son." King Miguel said, pulling Endymion into a tight hug.

Endymion stepped away, thanked his parents, and left for his chambers. His Generals were there waiting for him.

"So how did it go, Endymion?" asked Kunzite.

"My parents have given me their blessing to marry Serenity."

"That makes five of us," Jadeite said with a broad grin.

The guys all smiled as the realization that in a few short months, they would all be married to the most beautiful girls in the Universe.

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