Moonlight Maiden

Suprise, Suprise

(2 months later

2 days before the wedding.)

2 months passed and things were pretty uneventful. Serenity had not seen Endymion since the day he asked for her hand, and she knew that the girls hadn't seen the guys since then either. Endymion had sent word to the Moon that there was some trouble on Earth. It was nothing major, but it kept the guys away. Only three eventful things happened during that time. Serenity had met Endymion's younger sister, Golden Princess Lizette, who was away studying but was brought to the Moon for her safety. Serenity's younger sister Silver Princess Selene came back from Neptune from studying music with Aquamarine Princess Kaiousei. The third thing happened recently, and it was her personal favorite. Both Kinsei and Mokusei were sick, not that it was a good thing, but she had a feeling what it was when they stopped eating and were tired often.

Serenity came up to dark oak doors and knocked softly.

"Mokusei? Mokusei…?" she said softly.

She waited a few minutes, then heard the click on the door and it opened. Mokusei appeared at the door before the Princess, and she looked like a total shadow of herself. There were bags under her eyes, her skin was more pale than usual, her hair was ruffled, and her expression was dull. Basically, she looked very sick.

"Hi Serenity, come in," Mokusei said blankly.

Serenity stepped in the room and saw Kinsei in the room, not looking any better than Mokusei.

"I see you two are still sick," Serenity said as she sat on Mokusei's bed next to Kinsei, thinking it was strange that they both got sick around the same time.

"Wow, what gave you that idea?" Kinsei said to her cousin from the day bed, her voice dripping with sarcasm.

"It's probably just a bad case of the stomach flu," Mokusei said.

"It could be" Serenity replied, "But I think you should go see the Healer. This has been going on for two weeks now and you guys should be okay for our wedding.

Kinsei and Mokusei agreed and followed Serenity to the Healer, and then she left for her harp lessons.

A little while later, Serenity was in her room practicing the harp when both Mokusei and Kinsei walked in with shocked-yet-happy expressions on their faces.

"Well, what happened?" Serenity said as she put her harp down.

The two girls looked at each other, and Mokusei said, "I'm with child."

Serenity grinned broadly, happy to know that she guessed right.

"Wow, congratulations Mokusei!" Serenity squealed before she got up and hugged her "You too, Kinsei!"

Kinsei smiled and nodded, doing her best not to squeal with excitement along with her cousin.

"I'm happy for both of you. So, when are you going to tell them?"

"Well maybe tomorrow or after the wedding." Kinsei said, blushing.

"Well, I know that they'll be so happy with this news!" Serenity said happily.

"I think so, too." Mokusei agreed.

The next two days passed quickly, and before they knew it, the girls were dressed in white wedding gowns.

"The day is finally here!" Serenity said, fixing her golden hair.

"Yes," Suisei said fixing her veil. "But it's very nerve wracking."

"Well, of course it is," Kinsei replied, putting the finishing touches on her make up. "Every girl is nervous on her wedding day, but," Kinsei smirked, "Guys are usually ten times more nervous than we are."

Naturally, Kinsei was correct. In Endymion's chambers, the guys were practically jumping around because of how nervous they were.

There was a knock on the door to Serenity's chambers. Luna comes in, in her human form.

"Girls its time, you all look beautiful," the royal advisor said.

"Thank you Luna," Serenity says politely.

The girls look at themselves and walk out of Serenity's chambers before heading to the Lunar Chapel, ready to marry the loves of their lives.

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