Moonlight Maiden

Happy Ocasion with Bad News

As the ten couples stood at the giant altar, they each felt what could only be described as pure happiness and contentment. There was a dreamlike quality in the air. The men couldn't quite believe that they were about to marry their soul mates. Women, that were to them, more beautiful than any other, beautiful on the inside as well as the surface. Ones who completed them, heart, mind and soul. The women were equally dazed, not quite able to comprehend that they were marrying men that they not only love but also men who they respect and trust, men who complimented them in every way. The five tuxedo-clad men and beautifully dressed women were filled with so much joy and gratitude for this day that they could hardly contain themselves when they heard the sealing words.

"And now I pronounce you husbands and wives. Gentlemen, you may kiss your bride."

The men in question lifted the veils off of their wives and leaned in to kiss their beautiful bride. Everyone's kiss left the audience speechless, but Endymion and Serenity's left even the Senshi and Shittenou star-struck.

The two newlyweds were enveloped in a passionate kiss as if it was the last one they would ever share.

After a few minutes, Jadeite put a hand on each of their backs and the couple practically jumped away from each other. They looked at the audience who were either staring or muttering to one another. Endymion's face flushed a deep red as he glared at Jadeite. The blonde man rolled his eyes.

"Don't look at me like that! I had to do it; you were giving the audience quite a show."

The couple blushed a little again, and then proceeded to walk down the aisle towards the ballroom for the party; the other couples following afterwards. Each of the guys looked handsome in their armor. Endymion in black and silver, while the generals in light gray. The girls also looked beautiful in their flawless wedding gowns.

Serenity was in a strapless princess style gown. The top of the bodice seemed to be stitched with cotton-like fabric while the rest was smooth. The skirt flared out at the waist a bit, and right at the right side of the waist of the dress was a flower stitched on. The rest of the skirt was smooth and gauzy with flowers stitched here and there. A delicate silver tiara held her veil in place.

Suisei had on a simple ice blue dress with short sleeves and a skirt that widened a little at the waist. A simple white bracelet was on her wrist, and a silver tiara with her planet's symbol on it rested on her head.

Kinsei had an extravagant cream dress with spaghetti straps. The top of her dress hugged her figure and then flared out at the waist. A slit in the front of the dress made it easy to walk through the thick layers. Little orange rhinestones decorated the large skirt and the trim of the bodice.

Kasei had on a simple soft pink mermaid-style dress with 1 inch wide shoulder straps a long tail at the end following her. Her hair was braided back with glittering diamonds and rubies, making her eyes sparkle.

Mokusei had an ivory dress similar to Kasei's, with two inch wide gauzy shoulder straps that fell from her shoulders a bit. Her chocolate brown hair was down so that it fell in graceful waves down her back, held back with a light pink flower crown.

Each and everyone one of them was stunning.

At the reception hall, everyone was congratulating the newlywed royals. Everyone was there from nobles to commoners from all the planets of the solar system, there to congratulate their Princess. Endymion was just done talking to another guest when suddenly he was hit with a blur of chocolate brown hair.

"Whoa, easy Lizzy I'm not going anywhere, there's no need to run me over," he said with a laugh.

The girl looked at him, sort of offended. "Why Endy? Is it wrong that I wanted to congratulate my favorite brother over his marriage?"

"No, I guess not." Endymion said, hugging his sister.

Endymion's sister, Golden Princess Lissette, was truly a beautiful girl. With chocolate brown hair and midnight blue eyes, she resembled their mother except with their father's facial features.
The girl next to Lissette hugged Serenity.

"Congratulations sis, it looks like all your dreams came true! You visited the Golden Kingdom and you married for love. I'm so happy for you!"
Serenity smiled at her younger sister who was practically her twin, except she had their mother's silver hair.

"Thank you Lennie (Len-ee), I know I'll be very happy with my dark-haired prince, because now I'll never let him go."

Endymion grabbed her by the waist and gave her a sweet kiss on the lips. "I would never expect you too," he purred.

A few hours passed and Serenity,Endymion, the Senshi, and Shittenou could not have been any happier. They talked, danced, and laughed to their heart's content. During this time, Kinsei and Mokusei were thinking about the ways they could tell Kunzite and Nephrite about their pregnancy. Everybody at the party seemed to have a good time until a messenger came in and headed to the table where Queen Serenity and the royals from Earth were sitting.

"Queen Serenity, King Miguel, Queen Celeste." Serenity and Endymion heard him call and stood there watching as he said something in hushed tones and the royals got worried looks on their faces. They walked over and saw that Lissette was already there talking to her parents.

"Something wrong?" Endymion asked his parents.
The King and Queen of Earth looked at him with sadness in their eyes.

"It's Earth," his father said, "It's been attacked; virtually everyone there is under the control of Beryl and Metallia."

Lissette gasped and then Queen Celeste looked at her two children seriously.

"I am sorry my children, but we have to go to Earth and try to help and see if there are any survivors."
"Endymion, Lissette, stay here," King Miguel told them. "Protect your wife and your sister, Endymion."

"Yes, father." Endymion said as his parents left. His mind was spinning with the thoughts of the destruction of his beautiful home planet.

"Don't worry," Queen Serenity said in her soft bell-like voice. "We'll do all we can to banish this darkness and go back to living in peace."

Serenity and Endymion nodded and went off with Lizzie onto the dance floor to still try to enjoy the party. But all three of their minds were elsewhere.

Queen Serenity's smile fell. 'Well at least I hope we do, but I feel this will be the last battle.'

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