Moonlight Maiden

Last Night: The Battle Begins

A few hours into the party, a dark cloud covered Earth and spread quickly, heading towards the Moon. Queen Serenity told all of the Senshi and Generals to transform and be on their guard.

"I think…this will be our last battle," Kasei said sadly, looking out the window.

"No, don't think that way Mars! We will defeat this evil and go back to living in peace," Mokusei replied, putting a protective arm around her abdomen hoping her words to be true for the sake of her unborn child.

Queen Serenity watched as the dark cloud got closer and closer to the Moon. Now she knew for sure that this would be the Moon's last battle. With a heart full of sadness, she headed to the sanctuary where the Moon's most precious treasure was placed; the Silver Moon Crystal. As she walked she told the two 14-year-olds Selene and Lissette to go into hiding until the battle was over. When the Moon Queen came out of the sanctuary, she had the Silver Moon Crystal and the Crescent Moon Wand in her hands. She approached the Senshi and Generals and told them it was time for battle. She made quick business of evacuating those still in the ballroom.

Serenity and Endymion were demanded by the Senshi and Shittenou to go into hiding as well, much to their reluctance.

On the way to the battlefield, Mokusei grabbed Nephrite's arm, stopping him. "Nephrite, wait…" she said, biting her lip. He stopped and looked into her eyes.

"What's wrong, Mokusei?" Concern edged his voice.

She saw the other Senshi stop and look at her, confused.

"Go on ahead, we'll catch up in a minute!" Mokusei yelled.

Kinsei, knowing what Mokusei wanted to say to Nephrite, said the same thing and pulled Kunzite aside while the remaining Warriors headed to the battlefield.

"What do you need to tell me Mokusei? If you haven't noticed, we have a bit of a situation here."

"I know that…but we can't go into battle until I tell you something important…"


Mokusei had a mysterious twinkle in her eyes as she began to tell him the news. "Do you remember what we had together two months ago when you came to ask for my forgiveness?" she said.

Nephrite smiled, his slate blue eyes twinkling, showing he remembered that day well.

"Yes, what about it?" he asked in a husky voice.

Mokusei grabbed his right hand and put it on her abdomen, her smile widening despite the circumstances.

"We made something together that day and it will be here in nine months, congratulations Daddy."

Nephrite looked at Mokusei, wondering if he had heard right. But when she nodded again, he knew he had. Mokusei was pregnant. He was going to be a father.

After another moment he shouted, "Yes!" He was so overwhelmed with excitement that he picked her up and swung her around, causing her to squeal with delight.

"Thank you my beautiful Wildflower, for giving me the best news of my life," he exclaimed and kissed her passionately.

Afterwards, he said, "Now that I know this, I want you to promise me you'll take care of yourself and you won't do anything rash."

Truthfully, he wanted to tell her to stay out of the fight and go hide like the others. But he knew his wife well and he knew she wouldn't agree to it. She was a Warrior and she was strong, it was one of the many reason he loved her. He'd just need to keep a close eye on her during the battle.

Mokusei smiled at her husband and put a hand on his cheek.

"Don't worry, I won't. Now let's join the others in battle, I want to get this over with." He smiled at her and the two headed outside, hand-in-hand.

Kinsei took Kunzite behind a pillar and just told him her news straight out.

"Kunzite…have you ever considered having children?" she asked, a mischievous glint in her blue eyes.

Kunzite looked at her strangely. "Yes I have, but…why are you asking this now while in the midst of battle?"

"Well, because..." Kinsei bit her lip. "I'm pregnant. We're going to have a baby."

Kunzite looked at Kinsei, her words running in his head until his eyes rolled to the back of his head and he fell to the floor with a thump. Kinsei ran over and tried to wake her unconscious husband.

"Kunzite! Kunzite, wake up, this isn't the time! Come on!" she said, shaking his shoulders.

Kunzite opened his eyes and then turned around to see if Nephrite and Mokusei were still there, but they weren't. Then he looked back at Kinsei and said, "Did I hear you right?" He was still trying to configure what she told him seconds earlier.

"Yes, you did. We're going to have a baby," Kinsei said, trying her best to keep herself under control. She was afraid he would be angry…or upset.

Kunzite was frozen for many minutes, and Kinsei thought that he might not like the idea of having a child when she felt his warm lips crushing against hers in a passionate kiss. When her shock wore off she kissed him back.

When they broke the kiss, Kunzite said, "You have no idea how happy this makes me…I've always wanted children but until I met you, I never thought that would actually come true," he said, hugging her.

Kinsei smiled. "I'm glad you like the idea, I was scared you wouldn't want to have a baby."

"Of course I would! We're married now, and it's only normal that we start a family," he said with a grin.

He suddenly got serious and placed both of his hands on her shoulders. "Would it be too much to ask of you to stay away from this fight and go hide?" he said gently.

Kinsei gave him a look that told him it was indeed too much to ask. Kunzite sighed and said, "Let's go then…but promise me you will take care of yourself."

"I will, now let's go," Kinsei promised. Just like Mokusei and Nephrite, they ran hand-in-hand into battle.

Serenity and Endymion were told by Queen Serenity to go and find a safe place to hide, but Endymion could not stand by and simply do nothing. He quickly devised a plan to leave Serenity in the safe room without her following him.

When he and Serenity got to the control room, they found a panel that opened a door from inside the wall. As they went inside they saw Selene and Lissett there with worried expressions on their faces.

He looked at them sadly, and with all the pain in his heart and soul, he knocked Serenity unconscious and took her to the bed. Selene and Lissett hurried over, shocked.

"Endymion, why did you do that?!" Selene yelled at him angrily.

"I had to; if I hadn't, she would have followed me and it's too dangerous for her to be outside, she could get killed," Endymion said, sadness evident in his voice.

"What about you?!" Lissett screamed at him. "You could get killed too! You just got married, stay here with Serenity and let the Warriors of the Moon take care of the battle!" The young girl grasped his shirt in her hands, tears streaming down her face at the thought of losing him.

Endymion smirked. "You forget that I am a warrior too. Just stay here and protect her."

He came closer to the bed and kissed Serenity on her forehead and then stroked her golden hair.

"I love you my angel, more than you'll ever know."

Placing a departing kiss on Serenity's lips, a single tear fell from his eye. He quickly wiped it away and hugged his two sisters before going outside and locking the door behind him.

The battle raged on outside. The Senshi and Generals fought valiantly, doing all they could to protect the Moon Kingdom. Beryl's forces were stronger than they anticipated, and it looked as if the Moon Kingdom was losing the battle.

Mars had a large gash on her shoulder, and Mercury had one on her leg. Venus and Jupiter didn't have any serious injuries because Kunzite and Nephrite stayed close and took most of the hits.

Mercury found an opening in the army and the Scouts made a comeback. Just when the Scouts and Generals were getting rid of the last of the rebels in that area, the Queen of Darkness herself appeared before them in all of her disgusting glory.

"Ah, the infamous Sailor Scouts of the Silver Millennium," Beryl sneered. "And let's not forget my dear Endymion's Generals. Generals, join me and together with your prince, we can rule the Universe together," Beryl said, outstretching a hand towards the four men.

"Forget it," Kunzite snarled. "We would rather burn in the fiery depths of Hell than serve you, and I'm sure our Prince would think the same way about being with you, especially since he just married his beautiful Moon Princess."

"Hmm…" Beryl said. "Well, maybe when I try this little experiment, you'll change your minds." She then fired a massive amount of Dark energy towards the Scouts and Generals. Their screams echoed across the battlefield.

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