Moonlight Maiden

The End or is it the Beginning

A massive amount of dark energy was heading towards the Scouts and Generals. All four girls exchanged glances and silently agreed on something. Forgetting the promise they made, the Scouts pushed the Generals out of the way, their screams filling the air. The darkness hit them instead of the men. In a few seconds, the Sailor Senshi of the Silver Millenium ceased to be. In their place was the Dark Senshi of the Dark Kingdom. The Generals watched in horror as their soul mates were changed into beings of evil. Their blank eyes were filled with emptiness and coldness, reflecting the emptiness of their hearts. They were no longer the women the Generals had known and loved.

"Well this is a surprise, I was hoping to capture the Generals, but this is even better," Queen Beryl sneered. "Now, my warriors, it's time to kill the Generals," the evil queen ordered.

"Yes, my queen," the girls said, their voices blank and robotic. Their attacks started flying, aiming only to kill.

Being the slowest, Zoicite wasn't able to escape Sailor Mercury's forceful jet of water. He flew backwards, slamming into a fallen marble pillar. With a groan, he forced himself to his feet and look at Mercury with pleading eyes. "Suisei, please! Don't do this! It's me, Zoicite! I know you are still in there; listen to me Suisei! You are the most intelligent woman in the Universe, you must know the way to fight the darkness!" Zoicite pleaded. For a moment, it seemed as if Sailor Mercury was considering what he was saying. A flash appeared in her eyes, and Zoicite's hopes rose as the familiar wise look reappeared in her eyes. But his hopes soon plummeted as the look of intuition was overpowered by the glare of malice. Suisei struck him, driving her hand across his face with such force that Zoicite fell to the side. On his knees, Zoicite looked up at her with pleading eyes. With a sneer, Mercury kicked his sides, forcing him onto his stomach, where she continued to bring pain to his body. Blood spurted from his mouth as his brain tried to think of some way he could stop her, but by the time he had devised a plan to bring her back, she had already plunged his own sword through his chest.

Sailor Mars immediately started shooting large balls of fire at Jadeite, but he easily evaded them. However, it seemed as if the Senshi of Fire was never tiring. Her attacks continued on and on, while Jadeite only grew more and more tired. He could hear the strangled cries of innocent people dying all around him. But then he heard the cry of his loyal, close friend; Zoicite. Jadeite allowed himself to be distracted for a split second to look for his struggling friend, but that split second was enough for one of Mars's fireballs to hit him in the chest. Jadeite screamed in agony as the flames burned his clothing and scorched the skin beneath, sending pain all throughout his body. He lay on the ground, breathing shallowly as Mars approached him. "Kasei…please…" he wheezed. She stared at him, the look in her eyes blank and deadly.

With a toss of her raven hair, she leaned down and placed one hand on Jadeite's chest, above his fast-paced heart. "This is for Beryl," she whispered. With a slight pulse of her hand, she sent fire straight through Jadeite's skin, where it engulfed his heart and sent him to Death.

The last thing he felt was her warmth.

Sailor Jupiter used physical strength to try and tire out Nephrite, throwing punch after restless punch. The look on her face was fierce and determined, though the competitive spark in her eyes was missing. Nephrite knew that she was no longer the same woman, and decided it was his duty to defeat her. With a heavy heart, he dodged each of her attacks, knowing her weakness. As Jupiter threw another punch, Nephrite ducked and swiped her feet out from under her, sending her toppling to the ground. She got up in a matter of seconds, but by then Nephrite had already drawn his sword and pressed it against her throat. He looked into her cold, lifeless eyes and suddenly felt something hit his abdomen. With a pause, he looked down, noticing a small bump on Jupiter's stomach.

His child.

No, their child.

He could not kill his own child. He wouldn't.

Sensing his weakness, Mokusei pressed both hands against his chest and shoved him off of her, standing up and shooting large bolts of lightning at him. He convulsed as soon as the lightning struck his body, falling to the ground and seizing uncontrollably before lying still.

Soon, only Kinsei and Kunzite remained on the battlefield. With death surrounding them, they stood and stared at each other, wondering who was going to move first. Being the leader of the Generals, Kunzite knew his fellow soldiers had already fallen to the ground, traveling to the warm embrace of the Heavens. The other Senshi stood still and watched, knowing that Sailor Venus could handle him. In fact, Kunzite knew it as well.

He could not fight his wife, the mother of his unborn child. And Venus knew it. She walked towards him at an agonizingly slow pace before stopping a mere foot in front of him. "You are weak," she spat. Kunzite did not look away from her blank stare, nor did he lower his head or let his shoulders fall. His dignity remained, though his heart did not.

"I am but a man in love, dearest Kinsei."

At the sound of her name, Kinsei gasped and clutched her stomach as the life inside of her moved. Her eyes widened and she looked up at Kunzite.

"That is our child, Kinsei," Kunzite stated.

Her eyes shimmered, and the blank stare turned into one of realization and shock. "K-Kunzite?" she whispered, placing one hand over her mouth as the other rested on her stomach.

"Yes, Kinsei, it's me," Kunzite breathed, just as shocked as she was. She gasped and threw her arms around his neck, hugging him tightly. He wrapped his arms around her, holding her close and breathing in the scent of her hair, wanting to cherish every last piece of her. "I love you so much," he whispered.

Kinsei noticed his body suddenly grew heavy, and he fell to the ground. Behind him stood Mokusei, who held a dagger in her hand. "Mokusei, what have you done!?" Kinsei shrieked, falling to her knees and cradling her dead husband's head in her arms.

"We cannot allow him to brainwash you, Venus," Kasei said, coming up behind her. Tears strolled down Kinsei's cheeks as she closed her husband's lifeless eyes. Her body shook with sobs as grief washed over her.

"Say good-bye to him, Kinsei, for it is the last time you will ever see him," the voice of Queen Beryl echoed. Before she could let go of another sob, Kinsei's eyes were blank once more.

Serenity woke up in the safe room of the castle control room. She had a little bit of a headache, but other than that she felt fine. She looked around for Endymion, but didn't see him. She only saw Selene and Lissette talking in low tones in the corner. She tried to remember what happened, and she vaguely remembered Endymion knocking her out. Everything after that was a blur. She tried to get up, but her head began to throb so she fell back onto the pillows.

Selene noticed a noise behind her and saw that Serenity was waking up.

"Sere! Are you okay?" she said, walking with Lissette over to the bed.

"I'm fine. I just have a headache. Selene, where's Endymion?" Serenity asked her sister worriedly.

Selene looked down, afraid to tell Serenity the truth. She looked at Lissette for help, but Lissette avoided her gaze.

"What?!" Serenity said, becoming impatient.

"He went off to the battle…" Lissette said quietly. Tears were shining in her eyes as she thought of her brother on the battlefield, possibly never to return.

"What?!" Serenity shouted. "And you let him?! How could you?!"

"We couldn't stop him!" Selene said desperately. "He said he was also a warrior, and he couldn't stand by and do nothing. So…he left and he knocked you unconscious so you couldn't follow him."

"Well that doesn't matter! I have to go to him." Serenity said, swinging her legs onto the floor and standing up.

"No!" Lissette cried. "Don't go! You could get hurt, especially since you don't know how to fight!"

Serenity sighed and looked at the two girls. "You may not understand now, but you will someday. When you love someone, it is impossible to leave them, especially in hard times. You want to spend every waking moment together, even if those moments may be your last. I have to go to him. I love him." And with that, the golden-haired Princess teleported away.

"Wait!" Lissette shouted. But it was too late. With confidence in her eyes, she said, "Come on, we have to go after her." Selene nodded in response and they prepared to teleport, but before they could there was a huge crash in the castle that knocked them both unconscious.

Serenity teleported to the hallway that led to the courtyard and was appalled at what she saw. Bodies were scattered all over the floor, soaking in pools of blood. The once beautiful, marble walls were crumbling and falling apart, the pillars holding the ceiling above her were barely standing. Everywhere she looked, Serenity only saw death and destruction.

Her heart broke when she saw each of her Senshi who she loved as sisters kill their husbands. The blank looks in their eyes and the evil smiles on their faces explained the motives behind their actions. They had been taken over by darkness.

Serenity left that sight, unwilling to look at the death her Senshi had caused, and continued looking for Endymion. She looked everywhere, but couldn't find him.

With a defeated sigh, Serenity came to a balcony and leaned on the railing, searching for Endymion. When she didn't see him, she was going to continue looking when the Queen of Darkness herself materialized in front of her.

"Ah, if it isn't the little Silver Moon Princess, all dressed up in a wedding gown with nowhere to go."

Serenity glared up at Beryl, rebellious fire in her eyes.

"You think you have won? You are sadly mistaken. Have you forgotten why the Silver Kingdom is so powerful? Your jealousy has overwhelmed you, Beryl. The darkness inside of your heart will soon be trapped with the use of my mother's Crystal, and all of your plans will turn to useless Moon Dust," Serenity said confidently.

Beryl's eyes darkened with fury as she floated away from Serenity, a sword appearing in her hand.

"Well, let us see if you still think that way when you burn in the fiery depths of Hell!" Beryl screamed. She charged at Serenity, the look of death in her eyes.

Serenity closed her eyes, bracing herself for the cold, sharp steel to come in contact with her flesh. However, it never came. There was a scream, and Serenity opened her eyes. The sight in front of her tore her heart to pieces, ripping it out of her chest and burning it in flames of despair.

Endymion was standing in front of her, a sword plunged in his chest with blood pouring out of it. Beryl pulled out the sword and dropped it, wide-eyed.

Endymion fell to the floor, a pool of blood beginning to surround him.

"ENDYMION!" Serenity's scream echoed around her.

She knelt down beside him, putting his head in her lap. She did not care that her wedding gown stained with his blood. Nothing mattered to her anymore.

"Serenity, are you okay?" Endymion managed to breathe out.

"Endy, please don't leave me" Serenity sobbed. "We just got married, and you promised we would be together forever."

"Yes, and I'm sorry that now...I can't you," he brought his hand up weakly to touch her cheek. "Just remember that I will always love you, my angel. Whether it is in life… or death." His breathing was becoming shorter by the minute.

With tears flowing down her face, she smiled at him. In the softest voice she could muster, Serenity said, "I love you my golden prince." She bent her head down and gave him a sweet kiss, closing her eyes as waves of sorrow washed over her. She felt her chest tightening, taking every piece of air out of her lungs. And yet, it was the sweetest kiss she had ever experienced.

They broke away slowly.

"And…I love you…my silver…prin…cess."

The light from Endymion's eyes faded, and his hand fell limply as his last breath escaped his lips.

Serenity stared at him in horror. "Endy? Endy?!" she yelled, her voice cracking as she shook him. "Endymion, wake up! Please, please wake up!"

Despite her efforts, Serenity knew Endymion would never open those beautiful eyes again. She felt a searing pain in her soul that she knew would never heal. She couldn't live without him; she wouldn't.

She looked at Beryl, who was still frozen in her spot and said, "I give up. You win. You have killed us both."

Serenity then picked up Endymion's sword and shoved it hard in her chest. She fell limply on Endymion's body, feeling the darkness consume her. But she did not feel any pain. She only felt the warm body beneath her as she whispered her love for him one last time.

Silver Princess Serenity was dead.

Queen Serenity came out to the balcony just as her daughter fell.

"Serenity! NO!" the Queen shrieked. She fell onto her knees and stared at the ruin around her. The evil Queen of the Negaverse loomed below her, and an immense amount of hatred filled the Silver Queen.

"You took them away from me, and now in the name of the Moon, I will get rid of you!" Serenity yelled.

She lifted the Moon Wand over her head.


A bright light exploded from the Crystal on the wand and when it disappeared, Beryl, Metallia and their evil soldiers were gone and the Queen collapsed on a fallen pillar.

Luna and Artemis came to her aid, worry on their feline faces.

"You did it, my Queen," Luna said sadly.

"Yes…but I cannot go on like this, knowing my daughter never got to grow up and live the life she deserved. The Senshi, the Prince, the Generals…all of them have met an untimely death. I must fix this. It is my duty as Queen to ensure the happy lives of all of my subjects," Serenity said, breathing heavily.

Artemis immediately caught on to what his queen was implying "What!?" he exclaimed, "My queen, if you use the Crystal to that extent, you'll die!"

"If I can grant Serenity and the others another chance at life, then I have no problem with meeting my end. Please take care of Serenity for me, for the evil will come back as I was only able to seal it away. Train her to be a Sailor Scout, so she will be able to fight and protect everyone she loves."

Luna and Artemis exchanged sad glances, not having the heart to argue with their fallen queen any longer. "Yes," the two cats said sadly.

Queen Serenity then made her wish on the Silver Crystal, granting everyone who died rebirth in the future.

Everyone was sealed in crystal balls and sent off to a better future on Earth. Luna and Artemis were sealed in crystal capsules with the equipment needed to retrain the Sailor Scouts.

Alone on the Moon, Queen Serenity looked into the star-filled sky to find a garnet light sailing towards her. It landed near her and materialized to reveal the Garnet Princess Meiosei.

"It is done, Meiosei. Everyone who lost their lives unfairly tonight will be reborn in the future," Queen Serenity said weakly.

"Yes indeed your Majesty… but why did you send them away if it meant your death?"

"I did it for Serenity, so she and Endymion and everyone else can live a peaceful, happy life and be able to love freely without restriction; so she can live the life she wasn't able to live here."

"I understand, your Highness."

"Meiosei I have a favor to ask of you."

"Anythin, my queen."

"I know my youngest daughter did not fall, and neither did the Golden princess. I want you to take them to the time plane and protect them until the time comes that Serenity is reborn and they can be reunited."

"As you wish, your Majesty."

Meiosei leaned down and kissed the hand of Queen Serenity, giving her one last look before disappearing.

After she left, Queen Serenity looked up at the sky once more, as the last of the crystal balls head to Earth. The golden hair of her daughter caught her eye, even from so far a distance.

"Be happy Serenity, you are in my heart always."

The Queen closed her eyes and let the darkness consume her as her body began to fade away into the dust of her Moon.

The End

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