Moonlight Maiden

The annoucement

"Serenity, Serenity!"

"Huh? What?"

"Thinking about the Golden Kingdom again?" Sailor Venus, the Senshi of Love and Beauty said.

Sailor Venus was one of four Senshi that protected Serenity, Princess of the Moon. Sailor Venus was a Princess in her own right. She was Princess Kinsei of the Zircon Kingdom of Venus.

"Yes…" Serenity said, still trying to recover from her previously dazed state.

Venus knelt down in front of Serenity, her long blonde hair held in a big red ribbon falling behind her down over her shoulders.

"Why do you do this Serenity? Why do you think about something that's impossible?"

"Nothing is impossible, dear Kinsei," Serenity wisely responded.

Serenity sat up and walked towards the balcony that overlooked the courtyard of the Silver Palace.

"When I look at the Earth and the Golden Kingdom, I can't help but want to go there. I want to see its beauty for myself, instead of seeing it through my mirror or my balcony at night. Why does it have to be forbidden?" she asked sadly.

"You know why! It's all because of the war with Princess Snow Kaguya. Since she was your great-great aunt and she tried to destroy the Earth, the Golden kingdom banned anyone form the Silver Kingdom to go to Earth ever again," Venus informatively said.

"Well how is it my fault that one of my ancestors went crazy?! It is not fair for them to ban us…we're good people! But they wouldn't know that because they don't even allow us there anymore!" Serenity fumed.

"It was done to keep the peace, so harmony can remain in the Silver Millennium."

Serenity threw her hands up into the air, giving up her rant. "Peace won't be disrupted if I go exploring there for a little while…I will go there someday Kinsei," she said, holding her arms up as if attempting to hold the Earth in both her hands. "I will go to Earth someday."

Venus sighed and walked up to her before putting a hand on her shoulder.

"You mustn't keep yourself driven by such false hopes, Serenity. Right now your mother wants to see you in the Throne Room. The other girls are there too. I think they're talking about the Masquerade Ball tonight," Venus said.

"Really?" Serenity said. "Okay then, let's go."

Serenity and Venus left Serenity's chambers and walked to the Throne Room, where as Venus said, were the other three Senshi: Sailors Mercury, Mars, and Jupiter.

Mercury was Princess Suisei of the Sapphire Kingdom on Mercury.

Mars was Princess Kasei of the Ruby Kingdom on Mars.

Jupiter was Princess Mokusei from the Emerald Kingdom on Jupiter.

They were standing to the left of the beautiful silver throne at the back of the room, where the equally beautiful Queen Serenity sat.

Serenity came and curtsied to her mother before saying, "You wished to see me Mother?"

"Yes my daughter. As you know, today is the Masquerade Ball to celebrate your "Coming of Age". I expect you to socialize with all eligible Princes and maybe get engaged to one of them. Or you can at least find a suitor who you can court with."

Serenity couldn't suppress her sigh. She went through this conversation every day with the Queen. "Yes mother," Serenity mumbled.

Serenity had always hated the idea of finding a suitor. She hated meeting suitors even more, because all they did was talk about themselves and how wealthy they are. They never wanted to listen to her and learn about her life. She didn't want to marry anyone like that.

She wanted to meet a nice guy who would love her for who she was, and not because she was the daughter of the Silver Millennium's Queen. She wanted someone who could understand and comfort her; basically she wanted to find true love. She was aware of her duty as a princess and knew that her people came before what she wanted. So, even though she didn't like the idea of a suitor, she went along with it. The kingdom meant everything to her.

"All right, Serenity you are dismissed. Please go and get ready for the ball," the Queen said. She was well aware of her daughter's reluctance on the topic of a suitor.

"Yes mother," Serenity said.

She left the throne room to get ready for a ball that would change her whole life.

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