Moonlight Maiden

Sneaking Out

Serenity reluctantly went to her chambers to get ready for the ball that upcoming evening. She opened her wardrobe and took out a pink silk dress that went to her ankles. The dress had lace on the bodice and spaghetti straps. Pearls dotted the dress in a diamond pattern. Serenity put the dress on the bed along with the matching white dance slippers and went to check her hand mirror.

"Mirror, please show me the Golden Earth Palace," Serenity said softly.

The mirror lit up for a little bit and then showed the exterior of the Golden Palace.

Serenity saw that servants were getting ready for a ball. It looked like they were rushing through to get preparations done, so the ball must be tonight.

Serenity's excitement began to grow. She put on her dress and shoes and called Venus over telepathically. The Princess of Venus came in about thirty seconds later.

"What is it Serenity?"

"Kinsei, I have a favor to ask you," Serenity said nervously.

Serenity motioned to her bed to have Venus sit next to her. When she sat down, Serenity started talking.

"Today there is a ball in the Golden Kingdom and I want to go. Will you please cover for me?"

The Princess's often covered for each other. They were both very similar in appearance, with long blonde hair and somewhat similar blue eyes.

"Serenity, why do you want to go to a ball in the Golden Kingdom? What about your Masquerade Ball to celebrate your "Coming of Age"?

"Venus, this has been my dream throughout my entire life. Please, this could be my birthday present from you! I need you to cover for me, so I can sneak over to the Golden Kingdom and attend the ball. I won't be too long, I promise," Serenity begged.

Sailor Venus took Serenity's hands and looked her in the eyes.

"I'm sorry Serenity, but I cannot cover for you."

"Why not?" Serenity asked, tears filling her blue eyes.

Venus sighed and let a smile play at the corner of her lips. "My job, along with the other Senshi, is to protect you. We will follow you anywhere you go, so if you want to go to the Golden Kingdom, we will go with you. But I warned you Serenity. Things like these don't react well with the other kingdoms."

Serenity looked in Kinsei's eyes and found she was serious. She was so lucky to have a friend like her.

Serenity gave her a wide smile and said, "Thank you Kinsei."

Kinsei returned the smile. She couldn't help but wonder about what Earth was like. She had seen all of the other planets, but Earth was always off-limits. "You're welcome Serenity. By the way, how are you going to explain our disappearances?"

Serenity rolled her eyes and said, "That's easy! I'll just use my cloning spell and make a clone of the five of us."

Serenity stood up from the bed, closed her eyes, and began to concentrate on her hidden powers given to her by the Moon. In about two seconds, her hands started to glow white and replicas of the Sailor Senshi and Serenity appeared in the room.

No one would be able to tell the clones apart from the real ones. The only way anyone could tell was if they would hover magic over them and their planetary symbols did not appear. But nobody ever did that, so Serenity got away with this every time she didn't want to attend a certain function.

"All right clones, the Senshi and I are going to the Golden Kingdom to attend a ball, so we need all of you to stay here and attend my Masquerade Ball."

"Yes Princess," the cloned girls said, kneeling before Serenity. She gave the motion to stand and then went to her clone duplicate.

"Sere, please watch over the Senshi and make sure nobody hovers magic over you. Feel free to wear whatever dress you want. Okay, we're counting on you guys."

"Yes Serenity." the clone said.

When the evening came, Serenity, Kinsei, (and after some long convincing) the other Senshi snuck over to the teleport room. They all filed into the machine so Serenity could press the golden button that would take them to the Golden Kingdom.

Meanwhile in the Golden Kingdom, Golden Prince Endymion was in his room preparing for his ball when there was a knock on the door.

"Come in," Endymion blankly said.

"All set for the ball Endymion?" said his first general Kunzite as he stepped into the room. The other three generals, Jadeite, Zoisite, and Nephrite, came in after.

"As ready as I'll ever be," said the dark haired, midnight-blue-eyed Prince.

"Try to enjoy the ball Endymion," Zoisite said.

Endymion sighed. "I'll try, but I bet my parents are going to try to set me up with more Noble girls. You know as well as I do that they are obsessed with the idea of me getting married," he said with a groan.

"Yes we know, and we also know how much it annoys you," Jadeite said with a smirk.

Endymion threw a pillow at Jadeite, who hid behind Nephrite's tall figure.

"Maybe tonight will be the night that you will find the girl of your dreams," the charmer, Nephrite, said.

Endymion couldn't help but roll his eyes at Nephrite's statement. But he didn't want to seem like he was too upset about tonight's ball, so he just said, "Maybe."

"Well, now let's go," Kunzite said eagerly. The five of them left for the ballroom, unaware of the crazy night ahead.

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