Moonlight Maiden


Suddenly, a beeping voice came from the girls' watches. They looked quickly and panicked when they learned that Serenity's clone magic was disappearing. Serenity called the Senshi and they all started running away. Time for good-byes was very limited.

"Sorry, but I have to go now. I had a great time," they each said to the guys.

The girls left so fast, they each dropped or left something.

"Wait! Lady Serena, you dropped this!" Prince Endymion called.

The Generals called the other girls:

"Duchess Rei!"

"Lady Makoto!"

"Lady Ami!"

"Countess Minako!"

But it was too late; the five girls ran up the stairs and disappeared from the ballroom.

Endymion and the Generals each looked at the items the mysterious girls left behind. Had they done it on purpose as a way to let them know they'd be back?

Endymion looked at the golden star locket Lady Serena left behind; a memento of the woman he had spent the evening with. The locket, once opened, played a beautiful melodic tune that hit a soft spot in the Golden Prince. He wasn't sure what he liked about Serena. Maybe it was her beauty, or maybe it was her sweet innocence. Or the way kindness and compassion seemed to explode out of her. He didn't know what it was, but Endymion was completely enchanted by her and hoped to see her again.

Jadeite looked at the red velvet glove in his hand. It had the leaf of a Salvia flower stuck to it; probably from the corsage that Rei wore. He hoped to see that beautiful Salvia again, for he liked her personality and pyro-kinetic heart.

Nephrite examined the Emerald bracelet in his hand, thinking about his beautiful Amazonian partner, Lady Makoto.

Zoicite gently plucked the strings of the small harp Lady Ami left behind. His mind replayed images of her playing it softly just moments before. He held the harp close to him, unable to stop thinking about the blue-haired girl.

Kunzite twirled the red ribbon Countess Minako had been wearing between is fingers. He found that he was very fond of her company. She didn't seem distant or afraid of his stern nature. She was cheerful and got him to loosen up a little. But, she caused him to have a weird feeling when she was around him, and he wasn't sure he liked that. He wondered if he would ever see her again.

After putting the items they found safely in their rooms, the five men continued with the ball.

Back on the Moon, the girls barely made it back in time. They entered the ballroom just as the clock struck midnight and the clones were beginning to disappear. Serenity used her magic to put everyone in a daze while the clones disappeared.

When the people were out of their daze, the ball continued as if nothing had happened. The coming of age ceremony ended as soon as it came, and Serenity was of finally considered "of age" and the ball was over.

Later in Serenity's room, she and the girls were talking about the ball in the Golden Kingdom.

"Did you guys get a look at the guys who were our escorts? They were so hot," Kinsei said with starry eyes.

"Kinsei, you would think any guy is hot. But for once, you're right. They were good looking," Mokusei said with a smirk.

"I liked Kunzite, he's so handsome!" Kinsei squealed.

Mokusei rolled her eyes. She didn't think guys with white hair were a major turn-on at all. "I think Nephrite was cuter, I liked him a lot," she said.

"Was it because he's the first guy you're not taller than?" Kasei said with a laugh.

"No!" Mokusei blushed. "There are other things I like about him too," she put a smirk on her face. "What about you Kasei? I saw you getting very close to…what's his name…General Jadeite! What do you like about him?"

Kasei blushed a little, but the slightly red shade soon disappeared.

"No way, he's so obnoxious. And annoying. And immature. And everything I don't want in a guy. I don't even know how I survived the night!" Kasei said, trying not to make eye contact with the other four girls.

"If you hate him so much, then why did you blush when I mentioned him? You do like him," Mokusei said with a wide smile. She was proud of herself for having identified an emotion seemingly incapable of her raven-haired friend.

"No I didn't," Kasei retorted.

"Yes you did!"

"No I didn't, shut up Mokusei!"

"All right, fine. I hope you know you're not fooling anyone," Mokusei said, still smiling.

"What about you Suisei, how were you with General Zoicite?" Kasei asked, changing the subject.

Suisei did her best not to blush and said, "He's a nice young man who I would like to see again." Her cheeks were getting redder with each syllable.

"Serenity, your turn!" Kinsei said, giggling with excitement. "Did you like meeting the Prince?"

Serenity expression changed from one of curiosity to one of dreamy contempt. "He's even more handsome than in my mirror…I want to see him again," the blonde Princess said.

"I think we all want to see those guys again," Kinsei stated. She knew their paths would cross again. The silver thread of soul mates was sticking out of each girls' heart.

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