Moonlight Maiden


3 weeks passed, and Endymion and his Generals were in constant thought of the mysterious ladies they had met during Endymion's birthday ball. The five men preserved the things the ladies left behind like treasures. Endymion kept the star locket in his desk drawer, and would listen to it from time to time thinking about Serenity (who he knew as Lady Serena). The generals kept their items in a safe place too, and often thought about their owners. When word was set out that there was to be a ball to celebrate the King and Queen's anniversary, Endymion and the Generals couldn't wait for it. They hoped to see those ladies at the ball.

Back in the Silver Kingdom, the girls were going about their normal lives. They wanted desperately to visit the Golden Kingdom again, but since Serenity's clone magic only worked once every few weeks, they hadn't been able to use it.

Two days later though, they overheard Luna and Artemis, Queen Serenity's cat advisors, that there was going to be another ball in the Golden Kingdom. Now that the clone magic could be used again, they were debating on whether or not to go. On one hand, they really want to see Endymion and the Generals again. But on the other hand, they didn't want to risk the chance of being caught and getting into trouble with Queen Serenity.

One day prior to the ball that was to be held in the Golden Kingdom, the girls were in Serenity's room looking for her star locket. The locket had been a present from Serenity's long-dead father. Serenity treasured the locket to no extent and always wore it around her neck. Tonight there was another ball on the Moon, the Silver Lunar Festival. During the festival, all of the citizens of the Silver Kingdom celebrated all of the silver the Kingdom produced that year. It also celebrated the new Lunar year. For the first time since the ball, Serenity realized she wasn't wearing her locket. But none of them could find it anywhere.

"Have you girls found it yet?" Serenity asked, her nerves rising with each second her locket remained unseen.

"No," the girls chorused.

"Where can it be?" Serenity said to herself. She sat on her bed and propped her chin against her hand, thinking about the last time she saw her precious locket.

"It's really strange that your locket is missing," said Mokusei, coming into the bedroom from the sitting room. "My emerald bracelet is also missing, and I wanted to wear it tonight."

"That makes three of us," Kasei said, coming from the balcony. "One of my red satin gloves is missing."

"Ditto," Kinsei said, coming in from the bathroom. "My favorite red ribbon is missing, and because of that I've had to wear a hair clip these past few weeks," she said, pointing to the silver clip in her long blond hair.

"Now that you mention it, my harp has been missing for weeks now and I've been meaning to play for the festival," Suisei pitched in, coming out of the closet.

"If someone stole our stuff, they can kiss their butts good-bye," Kasei said.

"Hmm," Serenity murmured. "Let's think about this for a moment. Where was the last place we saw our missing items?"

"I know I was wearing my bracelet the day we went to the ball in the Golden Kingdom," Mokusei replied.

Kasei's eyes filled with realization. "You know…I think I wore my gloves that night too," she said quietly.

"Me too!" Kinsei squealed. "After that night, I didn't see my ribbon again!"

Suisei spoke up, "I remember playing my harp for Lord Zoicite, but after that I wasn't sure what happened to it."

"I bet that my locket is there too. We must have left our stuff in the Golden Kingdom when we left in such a hurry," Serenity said.

When she said, this Kinsei got an idea.

"Well, we can't just leave our stuff there. So…why don't we go get them?" she said cunningly.

The rest of the girls caught on to Kinsei's idea and agreed with her.

"Yes, that is a good idea Kinsei, let's do it!" Mokusei said with a knowing smile.

Once again, Serenity was casting a spell to clone the five of them in case anybody came in. There were still a couple of hours left before the ball, and everyone was busy preparing.

Once the cloning was done, the girls quietly went to the hidden teleporter in Serenity's closet that was only for emergencies. They changed into their disguises, and the five girls set off for Earth.

Meanwhile in the Golden Kingdom, Endymion and his Generals were on their way to the training grounds when they saw a light in the teleporter room. They went to check it out and found the five ladies they met a few weeks back in the room. They were all shocked to find the women that they all had been thinking about night after night. However, they were especially stunned to find them in the teleporter room, which was only supposed to be used if you came from other planets.

The girls froze when they saw the men at the door. What should they say? Serenity was the first one to think of an excuse.

"Hello Prince Endymion and Generals," Serenity greeted politely, curtsying in the process. She did her best to hide her shock from her voice.

"Hello, Lady Serena and other ladies," Endymion said with a short bow. The other men followed their Prince's lead, bowing politely.

"May I ask what you're all doing in this room?" Endymion said.

The girls thought about that for a moment, and then Serenity said, "Uh, we were looking for all of you. We noticed that we left some things behind last time we were here, so we came to retrieve them. But we also wanted to see all of you again. While looking for you, we got lost and started wandering around, and that's why we are here."

"Then why did we see a light coming from here?" asked Kunzite.

"Oh that's because Ki- Minako fell on something. She's very clumsy," Kasei said, earning a glare from Kinsei.

"Well, alright," Endymion said, even though he knew they were lying. He decided not to push the subject. They were here now, and that was all he cared about at the moment.

"Since you ladies came such a long way to see us, why don't we take you on a tour of the kingdom?" Endymion said, not looking away from Serenity's eyes.

Serenity smiled, glad they were in the clear for now.

"We would be delighted Prince Endymion," Serenity said, taking his outstretched arm. The other girls took the arm of their respective escorts and went on their way to tour the kingdom.

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