Moonlight Maiden

Love Hurts

3 months passed since the first time the two royals and their guardians met. Serenity and her Senshi would teleport to Earth every chance they could, mostly at night so as not to alert anyone. But they could only visit for short periods of time. When Serenity had access to her clone magic, the girls would spend the whole day with their lovers. Sometimes, the guys would offer to visit the girls in the kingdoms where they lived, but the girls always said it was better for them to visit. They couldn't risk the guys finding out the truth. Every time the girls saw the guys (and vice versa), they fell more and more in love. But also, the guilt the girls felt grew. They felt they were betraying their lovers by not telling them the truth of who they were.

On one specific trip to Earth, the girls had a bad feeling as they snuck away from the Silver Palace to visit their lovers. The last time they had been together, each of the guys said to the girls that they would have a surprise for each of them the next time they see them. The girls came to the conclusion that the guys might ask the girls for their hands in marriage. Although the idea of marriage was a wonderful one, the girls were tremendously worried because they would then have to reveal themselves. None of them knew how the guys would take the news.

When the girls came to meet the guys in their usual place, the outside gardens of the Golden Palace, they tried to put their worries aside as their men came to greet them.

"Hello ladies. Hello my love," Endymion purred, planting a kiss on Serenity's cheek.

"Where's the surprise!?" Kinsei said as excitedly as she could.

"Excited are we, my morning star?" Kunzite said with a chuckle.

Kinsei blushed, even though she had not meant to sound so excited. She was terrified. If there was one thing she didn't want, it was to lose Kunzite.

"Well about the surprise; close your eyes and we'll give it to you," Kunzite said mysteriously.

The girls were confused, but complied with the men's' wishes. They each felt a flutter on their fingers, and each hoped the guys were not doing what they were thinking.

"All right you can open your eyes now," Jadeite said.

The girls opened their eyes and didn't see anything different.

"Where's the surprise?" Serenity asked, confused.

"Look down," Endymion said, pointing at her hand. He couldn't stop smiling.

Serenity and the girls looked down at their hands and felt their hearts sink at what they saw. On each of their left fingers they saw a glittering engagement ring. Ironically, each ring was made of the girls' Kingdom Stone. Serenity's was Diamond and Silver, Kinsei's was Zircon, Kasei's was Ruby, Suisei's was Sapphire, and Mokusei's was Emerald. Did the guys know who they were? The girls looked at the guys and then Endymion spoke.

"We would be the happiest men in the Universe if you would accept to marry us," Endymion said, not taking his eyes away from Serenity's. "So, what do you say my Angel?"

The girls looked at one another and knew that there was no hiding the truth anymore.

They nodded and with a heavy heart, Serenity said, "We appreciate your offer, but we are sorry. We cannot marry you."

The guys were confused, and hurt shined in their eyes. "Why not?" Endymion managed to speak.

"Because it is not fair that we marry you…when we have lied to you all this time," Mokusei said, looking down at the floor.

"What are you talking about? You haven't lied to us," Nephrite said, taking Mokusei's hand.

"Yes we have. Nearly everything we said was a lie," Kasei said quietly.

"What do you mean?" Jadeite said. The poor man was as confused as ever. Was Rei playing a joke on him?

Kasei motioned for Serenity to go first.

"What she means is that…we are not the people you think we are. I am not Lady Serena; my name is Princess Serenity from the Silver Kingdom of the Moon."

Serenity closed her eyes, and a bright light engulfed her, transforming her from a girl with straight black hair, black eyes, and tanned skin to a girl who had long golden hair in pigtails, milky white skin, and cerulean eyes. She turned to face Endymion with tear-filled eyes.

"This is the real me Endy. Do you still wish to marry me?"

Endymion didn't say anything; his shock rendering him speechless.

Kasei turned to face Jadeite as Serenity's magic transformed her and the others.

"The same goes for me Jed. I am not Duchess Rei," she sighed. "My name is Princess Kasei from the Ruby Kingdom of Mars."

She turned from a girl with long straight black hair, dark brown eyes and tanned skin, to a girl with violet black hair, violet eyes and light skin.

"Do you see now Jed? This is what your real Salvia looks like. So are we still getting married, or not?" Kasei said. Her gaze did not leave Jadeite's eyes. But Jadeite said nothing.

"You too, my Wildflower?" Nephrite said.

Mokusei sighed and said, "Yes Neph, I am not Lady Makoto. I am Princess Mokusei from the Emerald Kingdom of Jupiter."

A bright light engulfed her and when it disappeared, the girl with short chocolate brown hair, glasses, brown eyes, and tanned skin was gone. In her place stood a tall amazon girl with her chocolate brown hair in a high ponytail, light skin, and emerald green eyes.

"This is the real me; Princess Mokusei. Still thinking about marrying me?"

Nephrite just stared at her, speechless.

"Let me guess," Zoicite said. "You are not really Lady Ami."

Suisei shook her head and looked at Zoicite with sad eyes and said, "No I'm not. I am Princess Suisei from the Sapphire Kingdom of Mercury."

She then turned from a girl who had wavy light brown hair and brown eyes to a girl with short blue hair and sapphire blue eyes. "This is my true form Zoi, do you still wish to marry me?" she said, ashamed. Zoicite looked away from her, trying to process what was going on.

A bright light engulfed Kinsei, and when it was gone the girl with long dark hair, tanned skin, dark eyes and glasses disappeared into a girl with light skin, light blue eyes and long blonde hair held back by a silver clip. Her red ribbon was still in Kunzite's possession.

"As you can see Kunz, I am not Countess Minako, but Princess Kinsei from the Zircon Kingdom of Venus. Do you still want to marry your Morning Star?"

The guys stayed silent for a long time. They found themselves unable to speak, for a lot of emotions were coursing through them. Anger, hurt, love, betrayal, confusion, and plenty of other things.

Finally, after a long time, Endymion spoke, his eyes full of hurt.

"So you did lie to us," he said, his voice showing how hurt he was. "You're not the girls we thought you were."

"Yes," Serenity said sadly. "That is why we cannot marry you, because it would be unfair to marry you guys when we lied to you."

"How could you do this to us? You're right, Serena-er-Serenity, whoever you are. I can't marry you, and I can't marry a lie. I bet even your love is a lie. Leave now, I never want to see you again." Endymion coldly stated. He walked away before Serenity could say a single word, a sharp pain in her heart knowing she just lost the one person she will ever love. She knew he would be upset, but she never expected him to treat her so coldly.

The rest of the guys looked at the girls with hurtful eyes. The girls knew that they meant to say what Endymion told Serenity, and all of them began to walk away.

The girls stood there for a while with aching hearts, all of them sad about losing the only man they would ever love. After a while, the girls left to the nearby forest, stood in a circle, and teleported to the Moon.

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