Moonlight Maiden

Sleep Spell

A short distance away beyond the castle wall a peasant girl once stood. Her name was Beryl. Beryl was a lowly peasant who was madly in love (infatuated) with Endymion and and been his mistress for a while before he meet Serenity. She had seen Endymion kneel before the girl and stormed away. So she missed the part where the guys and girls broke up.

She stormed off to a cave high in the mountains a few miles from the Golden Palace outside the Golden Kingdom.

When she entered the dark cold cave, there was a witch there performing some spell. This witch was called Metallia, a woman with dark skin, dark hair and dark eyes who was exiled before for bad use in magic.

Beryl kneeled down before the witch

"I have returned my lady." she said in a soft voice.

Metallia stayed silent for a while and then she said

"Now is your chance Beryl, you can win your prince back, now that his heart is full of pain."

Beryl looked at Metallia confused.

"I sorry my lady but I don't see how Endymion would have a heart full of pain when he's so in love with that Earth girl Serena."

Metallia rolled her eyes and answered sort of annoyed.

"Obviously you didn't see the good news."

"What good news, my lady?"

"That 'Earth' girl is no Earth girl but the princess of the Silver Kingdom."

Beryl's eyes widened in shock

"The Moon Princess no."

"Yes she and her Sailor Senshi changed their names and appearance to not be recognized, but when the prince and his Shitennou found out they felt betrayed that they lied and told them to go back to the Moon and not ever come back."

Beryl smiled as realization hit her.

"Ah I see it now my lady, this is my big chance, I'll make Endymion fall in love with me if it's the last thing I do." Bery said and laughed evilly.

A few weeks passed and the guys and girls went back to the way their life used to be before they met each other, well almost, they constantly thought about each other especially when suitors came to visit Endymion and the girls. Whenever the subject of marriage came up with Endymion and Serenity especially they got tense and rejected it immediately. Queen Serenity and Endymion's parents King Miguel and Queen Celeste (An/ the names of two friends of mine.) were at wit's end and when they asked their children why they did what they did, they would respond

"I can't give my heart to anyone if it already belongs to another."

The guys thought of the girls betrayal and after much thought and a motivational speech from Endymion's cousin Lord Andrew the guys came to the conclusion that they missed the girls and needed to see them.

With his decision of seeing Serenity Endymion headed to the teleport room without telling they guys because he didn't want to appear a weak, lovesick fool in front of his Shitennou.

When he opened the door to the teleport room, he found all four Shitennou there.

"Hello Gentlemen what are you guys doing in the teleport room so late."

"We could ask you the same thing Endymion." Jadeite retaliated.

"Oh… well… I was out on a walk when I heard noises in the teleport room and decided to check it out."

"A walk, this late, I don't think so, why don't you just say you're here because you want to go to the Silver Kingdom to see the princess, that's why we're here to see the senshi."

At that moment Jadeite felt a slap on the back of his head.

"Ow, what the hell, man."

"Idiot you weren't supposed to tell him that."

"Well he was going to find out anyway why deny it." Jadeite snapped rubbing his head.

"It's called not appearing weak before the Prince dumbass." Nephrite said.

Endymion smiled. "It's ok Nephrite, I'm guessing all of you had a talk with Andrew."

The Shitennou nodded looking sheepish

"It's 0k and Jadeite was right, I was going to teleport to the Silver Kingdom, I guess I'm as weak as the rest of you we need our girls back, lets get going."

The guys agreed and activated the teleport and headed to the moon. The guys teleported to a teleporter in the garden and searched for the princesses. They found them in a private garden talking. They were laughing and smiling but they could see a hidden sadness in their eyes from the wall they were hiding behind.

Endymion and the Shitennou now felt even worse about how they acted, sure they had lied to them, but it was to protect them, because girls from the Silver Millennium were not allowed on Earth much less the Golden Kingdom.

Endymion turned around and said

"All right men I'm going to cast a spell on the girls and they'll sleep for 10 minutes, get your girl and take her somewhere, I'll stay here with Serena-Serenity. We'll meet here in 3 hours."

"Agreed." The guys said.

Endymion turned back around and looked in the girls direction. He closed his eyes and started to chant in ancient Terran language.

"Poids Plume dans la nuit etoilee confotables chauds et fatigues, le reves agreeable et douces pensees que sourire des anges peu."

(Feather light on starry night, cozy warm and tired, pleasant dreams and sweetest thought as little angles smile.)

As soon as those words left his mouth his hands glowed gold and he threw the golden light at the girls one by one. The girls were sitting on a bench laughing at a joke a palace guard made earlier, it was the first time laughing in many weeks, when they smelled something funny in the air.

"Hey do girls smell that." Mokusei said after she stopped laughing.

The other girls stopped laughing and smelled the air too.

"Yeah I do." said Serenity. "and its making me sleepy."

She fell to the dirt unconscious.

"Serenity!" the girls yelled and ran to her but one by one they each fell unconscious.

As soon as Endymion saw that all the girls were asleep on the ground. He stopped the spell, which also removed the smell from the air and told the guys to go and get their girl.

The guys and Endymion walked over and picked each girl up the ground, carried her bridal style and went off.

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