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Boruto felt sick to his stomach. Apparently the wound had already started getting infected and he was left tossing and turning in the hospital bed for a few days with a high fever. He vaguely remembered seeing Himawari and Sarada show up periodically during his visit, though neither of them had much to say. For a while, he stayed in a rather hazy and depressed dream world where he replayed the fight with his father over and over again. Sometimes the argument ended worse than it had in real life while other times it ended with them hugging and making up.

Now the dreams were gone, leaving his to stare silently up at the ceiling. “You gave us quite a scare…” Naruto grumbled from where he was sitting in the hospital room. For a moment, Boruto thought he was home and the entire ordeal had been nothing more than a nightmare. Surely he had only been injured while running away and the resulting events were only an illusion of his fever-filled mind.

“Like you care, dad,” he muttered angrily.

“That’s not the first time you’ve called me that,” Naruto said quietly.

Boruto stiffened. It wasn’t a dream after all. “It’s nothing.”

“It’s not nothing,” Naruto said, more firmly this time. “Any time you were semi-lucid during your fever and I was here, you spoke to me like I was your father… and you spoke of the Hokage and the Chuunin Exams… and the academy. You know a lot more than you’re letting on.”

Boruto sighed deeply. Would now be the perfect time to tell them?

“Actually, we do have a lot of things to discuss, Boruto,” Naruto said after a few minutes of silence.

It was then that Boruto realized that he was in a room with bars on the window and he couldn’t feel his own chakra. He sat up, only to find that his arm was chained to the bed. “What’s going on?” he squeaked fearfully. “Where’s my sister and Sarada?”

“They’re safe… for now,” Naruto answered.

“You tell me what you’ve done with them!” Boruto shouted.

Naruto stayed seated. “Calm down,” he said firmly, but quietly. “You’ve been out for almost a week. The infection had spread quicker than we thought it would, but you’ll be fine. You see… We had to draw some blood to make certain we knew your blood type, and I ordered a DNA test on you…”

Boruto’s blood ran cold.

“How are you possible?” Naruto asked.

Boruto bowed his head. “Have you told anyone?” Boruto asked.

“I have not. How can I? You’re existence here is physically impossible… I’m assuming you’re blood related to that other girl.” Boruto nodded. “And the Uchiha… Is she really an Uchiha?” Boruto nodded slowly. “Whose child is she?”

“Sakura and Sasuke…” Boruto answered quietly. He was shaking. If no one else knew, why was he being chained to his bed? Where had they taken the other two?

“So, do you want to explain what you are?” Naruto asked.

Boruto bit his lip. “What else did you find?” he asked, trying to change the subject. How was he supposed to explain this? This wasn’t possible!

“Trace amounts of the fox’s chakra,” Naruto answered. “Implying that one of your parents were a Jinchuuriki. I should have seen it sooner! We’re so similar!”

Boruto bowed his head, staring at the sheets. “Am I a prisoner?” he asked after regaining his composure.

“For now, yes,” Naruto answered with regret.

“But why?! Because of my parents?

“Your parents haven’t said kind words to each other in years! I’ve never been with anyone other than Sakura! You are an impossibility!”

“But I’m sitting right here!” Boruto shouted. “I want to go home!” He fell back onto the bed with a loud sob. Naruto made no move to comfort the child as he cried into the hospital sheets. Boruto knew the man had no connection to the blonde boy in the bed. Boruto understood that this man wasn’t his father, but crying alone with someone who could only be described as his father was almost too much to handle. “Where’s Himawari!”

“I can’t tell you that,” Naruto answered.

“Yes you can! Where is she?!”

“Boruto… You aren’t in here, chained to a bed with bars and seals on the window to keep you in,” Naruto explained. “It’s to keep them out…”

“Them?” Boruto repeated.

“The Hyuuga,” Naruto answered. “They’ve found out that you and your sister have Hyuuga blood in you.”

Boruto’s eyes widened. “Where is Himawari?” he gasped.

“She’s in a safe house with Hinata.”

“Why are we still in the village?” Boruto asked suddenly. “We have to get out!”

“We can’t,” Naruto said calmly.

“What do you mean?!”

“The village is under martial law… No one is to come in or out. Our gates have been shut. Anyone leaving the village will be branded for treason and treated like a traitor.”

Boruto closed his eyes tightly. This wasn’t happening! “What’s going on?” he asked.

“The Sound have made some very interesting threats,” Naruto answered quietly. “And apparently they know a lot more about the village than they should, meaning someone has been tipping them off… Now, you are in fact an impossibility in this world…naturally.”

Boruto’s eyes widened. “W-wait! Don’t jump to any conclusions!”

“Orochimaru was arrested, before he left the village, on accounts of human experimentation, including fusing chakras in order to create artificially grown subjects.”

“You think I’m one of Orochimaru’s experiments?!” Boruto snapped, feeling sick all over again. He had to explain it… All of it, or they would lose every right as human beings. “We’re from an alternate reality!” Boruto gasped. It sounded even worse when said out loud, but he went with it. “We’re from a dimension where you lost your parents as a child, and you are the Jinchuuriki and Obito was a maniac that tried to destroy everything, but you, Sakura and Sasuke saved the world, and you married Hinata after fighting some weird Tenseigan-weilding freak kidnapped Hanabi and took her to the moon—“The story was getting more and more ridiculous, but the child kept going, shaking all the while.

“Then you and Hinata got married and had me, and we were once really close, and you guys had Himawari and everything was great for a while, then you became Hokage, after Himawari knocked you out, but you weren’t angry at her for some reason, then you started ignoring me, and I started resenting you, then I went and did something stupid and dumb, and I’m sorry!” Boruto ended in a choked sob. “I’m so sorry…” he cried softly. “This is all my fault!”

Naruto stared at the child for a long moment, watching him cry in his hands, sobbing loudly, almost uncontrollably. The boy wasn’t even aware of it. He was still screaming in his head about how stupid he had been and how he wished he had never done what he did and gotten them all into this mess. The last words he had said to his father was ‘I hate you’ and he couldn’t shake the feeling that those were the last words Naruto would ever hear from his son.

After what seemed like hours, even though it was only a few minutes, Naruto moved to the bed. He sat down on the edge and looked at the mess of a child on it. There was no getting around the fact that this boy wasn’t natural in this world. Naruto placed a hand on the child’s back. Boruto stiffened for just a moment, acknowledging the touch, but not truly reacting to you. “You’re scared, aren’t you?” Naruto asked. Boruto nodded. “Why?”

“Because,” he choked, “this isn’t my home… you aren’t my dad and now the village thinks we’re a bunch of traitors and artificial creatures!”

Naruto sighed and rubbed the boy’s back absently. The poor thing was a wreck, and was only getting worse. “You aren’t from the sound, are you?” Naruto asked. Boruto shook his head. “I didn’t think so. I will let you see your sister and tell Obito that there’s no reason to be frightened of you three.”

“You’ll keep our secret?” Boruto asked, his eyes wide.

Naruto smiled widely. “Of course. You’re my son, aren’t you?”

“The children belong to us!” Hiashi snapped at Hinata as she knelt before the panel of elders.

“The children belong to no one!” Hinata countered.

“Their birthright is to be part of this clan!”

“As slaves!” Hinata growled. “You would have them sealed! Or killed, or worse! What’s the harm in letting two children with Hyuuga blood be allowed to roam free?”

“If you have to ask that question, then I didn’t raise you right,” Hiashi said. “They pose a threat to our line. The Byakugan has been guarded for centuries and these half-blooded abominations must be taken care of!”

“They must be sealed,” another elder chimed in.

“Their eyes must be taken!” a third called.

“And they must be made sterile to prevent the further perversion of our pure blood-line!”

“They are children!” Hinata shouted.

“I don’t know why she’s even part of this meeting,” the oldest of the group said. “Last time I checked, Hinata was not part of our clan anymore.”

“Ansei is a half-blood,” Hinata pointed out, ignoring the comment of the elder. “And yet you still want him.”

“Ansei is a special case…” Hiashi reasoned.

“And we have taken care of him,” the other elder said. “His line will stop with him. He is forbidden to have children.”

“But he’ll raise my nephew’s children,” Hinata grumbled. The sickly child had no name, save for the one pet name Ansei had given him.

“We aren’t here to discuss them,” Hiashi said. “You should not be part of this choice, Hinata. I know that you cannot leave the village due to the threat, but it might be best if you stay out of the dealings of the Hyuuga from now on.”

“What are you going to do with them?” Hinata asked.

“The boy must be killed,” Hiashi answered evenly. “Since the girl has an awakened Byakugan, she might prove useful, but the boy is talentless.”

“Obito won’t let you do this!” Hinata snapped. “He won’t let you murder a child!” Hiashi sighed deeply and waved his hand. They had no counter for that one, it seemed. Hinata smirked and turned. “You’ll never find the kids,” she snapped.

“Child, that should be the least of your worries,” Hiashi snapped. Hinata stormed out of the room. Naruto was with Boruto, keeping constant watch over him, and Sakura had Himawari and Sarada, but for how long? How long could they keep the kids safe from the Hyuuga Clan?

Hinata didn’t think it would be very long. The poor children would be unable to hide forever. She closed her eyes as she walked out of the compound. “Hinata!” Neji called, running towards her. She stopped.

“What do you want, Neji…?” Hinata snapped. She didn’t feel like dealing with the other Hyuuga at the moment.

“I have to tell you something,” Neji said, his voice getting much lower. “This attack by the Sound… it isn’t what Obito thinks it is.”


“We are the traitors,” Neji said quickly, his voice hardly audible. Hinata narrowed her eyes, but the ninja was gone in seconds. Hinata looked around, but he was nowhere to be seen. She took off running. If what Neji said was true, then they didn’t have much time. The Hyuuga were already on the move. But why? She thought. Why would they want this? Hasn’t Konoha given them everything they wanted, and more?

She shook her head. It didn’t matter. All that mattered was that she had to warn Obito about the Hyuuga’s treachery. As she ran, she noticed that there were many members of the ANBU positioned throughout the village. It didn’t mean much, considering they were under martial law, but Hinata didn’t like the looks of them. Whenever she passed one, she felt the sense of being watched like a snake would watch a mouse.

The Hokage mansion had never seemed as far away as it did now. She wanted to warn everyone. The Hyuuga were a massive force to be feared. But, she thought as she ran faster, Hanabi wouldn’t want this!

She didn’t bother with speaking to anyone as she rushed into the mansion and up the stairs. She flung the door open, calling the Hokage’s name, but as she did, the explosions in the village started.

Boruto gasped when the first of the explosions tore the area near the hospital to bits. Naruto stood instantly and looked at the child. “I had no idea!” Boruto insisted, and Naruto nodded. They didn’t have time to argue. “What’s going on?”

“The Sound much be attacking!” Naruto snapped. He hurried to the bed and removed the chains from the boy’s wrist. “Let’s go! I’ll take you to your sister.” Boruto gripped Naruto’s hand and Naruto turned to him. Boruto knew that it must be weird for the man to have a child he hardly knows anything about treat him like a father, but now that Naruto knew the truth, the man seemed to be taking it well. He’s probably in denial… Boruto concluded as they exited the room and went into the hall. When this all calms down, he’ll probably be finding all of this very strange and then not believe it.

The two exited the building and Naruto lifted Boruto onto his back. While, in this world, Naruto didn’t have the fox to aid in his speed, he was still the son of the Yellow Flash and had inherited some of Minato’s speed. The two ran through the village, but fighting hadn’t seem to have started yet.

Boruto was from a time when attacks on the village weren’t common place and peace was as stable as it could be. He gripped Naruto’s shoulders tightly, terrified of what was happening. Naruto was calm, however, as they sped through the village, and his calm helped keep Boruto from freaking out.

Naruto came to a stop at what looked like a shack. Boruto felt the surge of chakra from within the room and his heart dropped. He dropped from Naruto’s back, wincing at the pain in his leg. He hurried into the room and stopped dead in his tracks.

Inside the room was the cursed Hyuuga. Sarada was huddled on the floor with Sakura standing over her protectively. Boruto’s whole body shook violently. Ansei was holding his sister in his hands. “Put her down!” Boruto screamed.

Ansei turned to Boruto with something like pain in his pale red, almost pink, eyes. “I cannot.” Boruto clenched his fists angrily. “I have been told that I must bring her to the Hyuuga.”

“What is going on here?” Naruto interjected angrily. “Ansei! What are you doing?”

The boy turned to his sensei and sighed. “It’s a wonder no one saw this coming,” he whispered calmly.

“What is this?” Naruto demanded.

“A Coup d'état,” Ansei answered with a shrug.

“Put my sister down,” Boruto growled, stepping in front of Naruto. “Now.”

“I cannot,” Ansei repeated. He looked down at the unconscious child in his arms. “She is quite extraordinary… To have such control over the Byakugan and raw power at such a young age… It’s truly remarkable.”

“Put her down and walk away, and I won’t hurt you,” Boruto hissed angrily.

“I’m not afraid off you.”

“And I’m not afraid of you,” Boruto snapped.

“The difference is that you should be,” Ansei answered evenly. “I’m sorry, sensei… I didn’t want to have to kill you.” The glowing boy lunged at them, but passed between Naruto and Boruto, fleeing the safe house with the girl in his arms. Boruto was quick to follow, tearing after his kidnapped sister as the world fell apart around them.

Ansei had Boruto beat on speed and before long, another Hyuuga showed up to take the child from their personal weapon. Once Himawari was out of his hands, Ansei spun around to face Boruto. While Ansei lunged at his new target, Naruto ran passed them and continued the chase for the kidnapped child.

Boruto dodged Ansei quickly and rolled out of his way. A single tail wagged behind the Hyuuga’s body. “Ansei! I don’t understand!” Boruto shouted. “What’s the meaning of all of this?! Why so much destruction! This isn’t what you wanted, is it?”

Ansei sighed as he reached for a weapon. “No, it is not… But, unfortunately, my life is not my own, I belong solely to the Hyuuga Clan and remain loyal to them, if only by force.”

“But what about reforming Konoha?!” Boruto snapped. “What about making sure no child is ever hurt as you were?”

“I have no love for Konoha… You know this.”

“Yeah, but these people are innocent!”

“Who determines innocence?” Ansei asked. He sighed as he threw the kunai at Boruto, who dodged it expertly.

What is he doing? This can’t be stalling, Boruto thought, keeping his eyes trained on the other boy. He’s not even toying with me… Maybe he doesn’t want to do this.

But his thoughts were interrupted as Ansei lunged again, this time swiping for the kill. Boruto jumped back, landing on his hands and pushing away in order to get more distance. “If I use clones, he’ll just be able to see which one is real,” Boruto hissed under his breath. He didn’t want to hurt Ansei, but he also had to end this fight quickly. Naruto might be able to handle the Hyuuga in their world, but he didn’t know the strength and abilities of this Naruto.

Boruto sighed and glared the Jinchuuriki, who stood there with a blank expression on his face. Boruto held out his hand. He would end this ask quickly as possible. A blue ball of chakra began to form in the palm of his hand. Ansei watched with mild interest. Guess it’s a thing in this world too. He doesn’t seem interested in the jutsu at all…

Ansei stood as Boruto rushed at him with the attack, seemingly uninterested in this fight. At the last second, the boy moved with such speed that Boruto was disoriented for a moment. The attack came from his side. A blast of chakra sent him flying into a building across the street. The Rasengan destroyed the wall. Ansei was on top of him in a second, but what he was attacking was a clone. During the resulting explosion, Boruto had created and switched himself out with a clone, fooling the Hyuuga for just a moment.

Ansei spun around just as Boruto slammed a Rasengan in the Jinchuuriki’s side. Ansei went flying, but Boruto went after him, creating a clone to propel him forward. He had Ansei on defense now. He had to end this quickly if he didn’t want to end this. Surely the Hyuuga were planning on using Ansei as a weapon against the village. But what if I have to kill him? Boruto thought. He shook his head. His sister and his village were more important.

He landed in front of Ansei and jumped forward, lighting sparking from his hands. He would end this quick. He slammed his glowing hand onto Ansei’s stomach. The Hyuuga screamed, but Boruto didn’t let up. He grabbed a kunai and sank the weapon into the other boy’s flesh, shuddering slightly. He created a final attack that would knock the other boy and stepped forward, ready to end this…

But as he placed his leg on the ground, it gave way. Boruto cursed as pain shot through his body, disrupting his chakra flow. The small Rasengan in his hand sputtered and died. Ansei took advantage of the momentary loss of control that Boruto experienced. The boy reached a glowing hand towards Boruto and gripped his ankle, severing the tendons in the joint. Boruto screamed. His vision faded into white and he howled in pain as he stepped back, holding his injured and useless leg in the air.

The foot shook violently. He gingerly tried to put weight on it, but it wouldn’t hold. He felt hot tears fall down his cheeks. Ansei stood and Boruto jumped slightly. His attacks seemed to have little effect on the boy. The places where his dark clothing had been ripped showed that the injuries on his skin were superficial and were already healing. He’s a medical ninja… Boruto thought with dismay.

Ansei sighed deeply, his glowing tail flicking angrily behind him. “You’re good,” he said nonchalantly. “But I can see that you aren’t exactly “field” ready, to be honest. This isn’t some game anymore, kid. I don’t know where you learned your jutsu and I can tell that you are extraordinary… But that won’t help you unless you have experience.”

“Thanks for the advice,” Boruto hissed through clenched teeth.

Ansei shrugged. “I deeply apologize for this,” he muttered. Boruto narrowed his eyes. From the story he had been told, Ansei was a sleeping dragon; usually calm and collected, but hiding a rage that couldn’t be quelled. What will happen if he unleashes that rage?

Ansei lunged at Boruto. The Uzumaki quickly jumped out of the way, but was clumsy, only having one good leg. He did a back flip to get away, landing unsteadily on his good leg, but Ansei wasn’t letting up this time. He changed directions and slammed into Boruto the second after he touched the ground. Boruto rolled with the attack and kicked out at Ansei, connecting his bad foot with the other boy’s jaw. Boruto bit back a yelp of pain as he kicked again with his good foot, focusing chakra on his foot so that Ansei went flying through the air.

Like a cat, Ansei flipped in the air, landing on all fours and then lunged back at the Uzumaki. Boruto reached back and through his hand onto Ansei’s chest, forcing chakra into his body, but without the Byakugan, the attack missed anything vital, but it unbalanced Ansei, who wasn’t expecting a Gentle Fist attack from someone without the Byakugan. Boruto took advantage of it and jumped into the air for a round kick, but the attack was stopped as Ansei grabbed his leg and threw him to the ground, cracking it beneath the force of the attack. Blood came out of Boruto’s mouth with a violent cough.

Ansei stood over him, taking a kunai and stabbing him in the belly once… twice… and again, this time in the chest, piercing a lung. Ansei stared down at the boy. “I was ordered to kill you…” he muttered. Boruto coughed, unable to respond.

Why? He wanted to scream.

“But… This isn’t your full strength. You were in the hospital for a week.” Ansei shrugged.

You’re point? Boruto thought as he coughed again, nearly drowning in the blood that came up.

Ansei squatted beside the boy and sighed deeply. “I want to fight you at your full strength. However, you’re weak in the field… You’re soft. You could have killed me, but you aimed for my side instead of a vital. This is a world of ninja, where you can’t show mercy.”

Thanks for the tip, psychopath, Boruto thought bitterly. “Finish… it…” he gasped.

“Don’t act brave. You’re terrified. Is this truly the first time you’ve stared death in the face?” Boruto elected not to answer, but that was answer enough. “I won’t kill you.”

“W-why?” Boruto managed to get out. Ansei stood and started walking away. “Why?” Boruto called weakly, but a little louder.

Ansei stopped for a moment, bowing his head as the power of the fox overtook him. “Because you can stop me…” and with that, he disappeared into the village.

Boruto stared up at the sky after the Jinchuuriki left. He played the fight again and again in his head. Ansei was right. He should have won, but in a moment of weakness, he had aimed lower when he was originally aiming for the other boy’s neck.

Boruto blinked, slowly realizing that it was becoming hard to keep his eyes open. The sky above him blurred, though he wasn’t sure if it was because of tears or blood. Boruto laughed slightly. I’m so sorry, dad… he prayed.


The blonde hardly recognized the voice. Sarada slid to her knees beside him, tears in her eyes. He felt her healing chakra on his wounds, but her worried cries were distant. This isn’t what I wanted, Boruto thought sadly. He bit his lip and turned to Sarada. She smiled at him, trying to reassure the child. “Sarada…”

“Don’t you start trying for last words,” the Uchiha teased.

Boruto returned her smile for a moment to show that he wasn’t dying yet. “I want to go home,” he whimpered softly. Sarada stared down at him for a moment before turning back to her work on healing the injuries. She left the words to hang in the air… Boruto closed his eyes, knowing what she wanted to say. “I’m sorry…” Boruto whispered.
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