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Pureblood Love


Makayla Johnson has been raised up with Draco Malfoy her entire eleven years of her life they were raised up by two Slytherin parents (Different parents until her parents moved to America without her) was raised to believe that blood was everything.. Draco who took it by heart started to have a little crush on Makayla.. Makayla had a secret crush on Draco as well... They get accepted to Hogwarts together and they both meet Harry Potter, Hermione Granger, and Ronald Weasley, and they both get into Slytherin house together... Then here comes Pansy Parkinson starts hitting on Draco and Makayla is starting to get jealous... What happens when Makayla finally cracks? Will Pansy win or will Makayla win? Read to find out!

Romance / Fantasy
Makayla Smith
Age Rating:

The Weekend Before Hogwarts

Makayla's POV

"Wake up! Wake up!"

"Go away, Malfoy!"

"Wake up! It's time for breakfast!"

"Fine I'm getting up! We better have bacon at the table! Leave so I can change!"

"Okay.. If you ain't out in ten minutes I'm coming back up here!"


"Okay, Okay! I'm going!" He leaves and I laugh while walking to my closet. "What to wear, What to wear?" I pick up two pretty dresses and call the little house elf, Dobby. "Dobby!"

"Yes, miss?"

"Which one? Black or white?"

"Dobby likes black better!"

"Thanks Dobby! Here you go Dobby!" I hand Dobby some money and he jumps up and down. "Dobby thanks miss! Thank you!"

"You're welcome Dobby!" He leaves and I change putting on black hills and my makeup.

"Makayla! I told you! If you weren't done and down in ten I was coming back u-" He cut himself off and looked at me. "Wow! I guess you are ready! I thought you were still asleep! Lucky you wasn't asleep, cause I had a air horn with me." He held the air horn up and I laughed.

"You're lucky you didn't blow it, cause you would have to get your head out the toilet!"

"Well, I didn't!"

"KIDS!! COME DOWNSTAIRS!" We hear Mr. Malfoy yell and look at each other.. This couldn't be good! It just can't!

"What did you do?"

"Nothing!" We whisper shout as we head down to the dining room. "Yes, father?"

"Well, mostly Makayla I need but you need to get use to another girl other than your mother staying with us for now on.. Makayla, your mother and father are permanently staying in the United States, but they don't want to move you from your friends.. Well, they sent a house key. Would you and Draco want to go get all your clothes and put them in the room you were staying in?"

Draco's eyes lit up. He has never been to my house so I guess sure. "Yeah, that will be great!" I say and walk out the door with Draco behind me. I walk up to my house and burst through the house storming up to my room and walking in and go to my closet.

I grab my old suitcase and just throw stuff in there. I start crying and just fall to the floor crying.

"Makayla! Why are you crying?"

"I knew they didn't want me! I should've known! I knew they didn't w-want kids!"

"Makayla! They wanted you to stay near your friends! They loved you! If they didn't they wouldn't have asked my parents to keep you! Come on smile!" He hugged me and I hug him back. I dry my tears and straighten up. "Sorry! It was emotions.."

"It's fine, I would do the same thing! Let's finish getting your things!"

"Okay." I smile and run over to the radio and turn on some music and start dancing with my crown on singing You Should See Me In a Crown. "You should see me in a crown, I'm gonna run this nothing town. Watch me make em' bow one by one. You should see me in a crown your silence is my favorite sound. watch me make them bow one by one."

I turn around and see Draco smiling at me bowing. I laugh and the song goes off and turns to Lovely. "Want to dance?"

"Yeah, I would love to!" He holds his hand out and I grab it he spins me around and we glide back and forth. He spun me around and dipped me at the end of the song. I giggle and I unplug the radio.

"What are you unplugging it for?"

"I'm bringing it with me! So that way when we are bored we can dance and sing!"

"Oh, Okay. Well are you ready to go?"

"Yeah, just don't bring up our little incident from earlier when we first walked in."

"I won't!"

"Okay, let's go!" I grabbed my bag and the radio and we walked back to the Malfoy Manor. We got back and Mrs. Malfoy was sitting at the table. "Hey guys! I see you grabbed your things! Head up to your room and get your room set up. Also, Makayla me and Lucius are going away for the weekend. Would you mind staying by yourselves for the weekend? Of course Draco's aunt, Bellatrix, will pop in time to time to check on ya'll and I will make sure you have food in the fridge to last you the weekend and I'll leave you money to go out to eat and go grocery shopping. How is that?"

"Yeah, I don't mind!"

"Alright! Well go set up your room and afterwards, have you and Draco have breakfast?"

"Mum, we will go and eat something when we are done setting up her room! We're fine!"

"Are you sure? Makayla, you want anything?"

"No, ma'am I'm good! Thank you though!"

"Anytime, honey! Run along now!"

I smile and me and Draco run up to my room. I pull out my suitcase and Draco goes through it "Um. Okay. I didn't mean to pull this out!"

I turn around and see Draco holding up one of my bras and I turn a violent shade of red. "Give me that!" I snatch it away and put it in one of my drawers. Still blushing. I turn back around see Draco standing there red as can be..

"Sorry! I didn't mean to pull it out. You just got to put all that up and then I'll help you put your clothes up."

"Alright!" I scatter everything into piles and put them all up. "Alright, now you can hang up everything."

"Okay. Again, I'm sorry! I didn't mean it! I just reached in and pulled it out!"

"Draco, shut up and stop apologizing! Do your job."

"Yes ma'am!" He says and starts hanging up clothes and I go to putting my makeup.

One long hour later...

We get done and we head downstairs. "Mum, we're going out to eat lunch!"

"Alright, be careful!"

"We always are!"

"Alright!" We head out the door and go to Zaxbys. We get done eating and go back to the house. "We're home!" "Alright!" We head upstairs and Draco turns on the radio. "Really? We just got home!" "Yeah, but I want to dance!" I laugh and grab a CD. "Alright, well you want to dance then here is a good CD." "Who is it by?" "Ariana Grande." "Never herd any of her songs. Play it." I smirk and turn on the main song I can actually sing. " Something' 'bout you makes me feel like a dangerous woman Something about, something about, something about you Makes me wanna do things that I shouldn't Something about, something about, something about Something' 'bout you makes me feel like a dangerous woman Something' 'bout, something' 'bout, something' 'bout you Makes me wanna do things that I shouldn't Something about, something about, something about." "Wow, Makayla I didn't know you can sing like that! That's amazing!" "Thanks! I love this song and Focus." "Well, that was amazing!" I look away and blush. 'Why am I blushing all the time? I don't like Draco, do I?' I keep my head in the clouds until Draco snapped his fingers in my face. "You Okay?" "Yeah, I'm fine! Just thinking." "About?" "How you can't catch me!" I yell and run out the house to mine. I go in my room and hid in the closet. "Makayla? Hello? Come on! I know you're in here!" I giggled, a little to loud. He came up to the closet and swung the door open. "Caught ya!" "Dang it!" I laugh and stand up. "Can't believe you caught me! This is my main hiding place since I was very little, you remember cause you hid in here with me and daddy couldn't find us!" "Yeah, that was fun times! Hey! Maybe my dad can keep the bills paid and this could be our hang out! We can play, talk, sing, or whatever we could come up with!" "Really, Draco, you would do that?" "Yeah.. Unless you don't want to.." "Don't that's too much to ask for!" "Are you sure?" "Yeah. Don't!" "Okay.. Well we need to get back for supper." "Alright.." We head back to the Manor and sit in the living room. Draco turns on the TV and we watch a random TV show. "Kids, supper!" We stand up and run to the kitchen. Supper at the Malfoys' is like a Thanksgiving feast. This time Mrs. Narcissa cooked Chicken, mashed potatoes, green beans, and rolls. My eyes were bigger than my head, until she brought out the pumpkin pie and ice cream! "Wow! This was really good! Mrs. Narcissa!" "Thanks Makayla! My mum would cook this for me and Draco's aunt, Bellatrix, when we were little. It was amazing! She passed it down to me, since I'm the oldest, and now I can pass it down to you!" "Really?" "Yeah! I mean you ain't my daughter, but I love you like one!" "Thank you! You are also like my mum as well!" "Well I am glad to know that! Well you want anything else?" "No ma'am I'm fine! I'm going to get ready for bed!" "Okay sweetie!" I walk upstairs and into my room. I turn on my radio and listen to XXXTENTACION's song SAD! and change into my night clothes. "Makayla? You decent?" "Yeah, Dray, come in!" "Turn it to this song.." He pulled out a CD. "No way! That's a Marshmello CD! I love him!" "I knew you would like it!" I run up to him and hug him. "Thank you!" "Your welcome!" I let him go and put the CD in and play Marshmello and Khalid's song Silence. Draco grabs my hand and we start dancing. "Kids bed time." His mum walks in and quickly gets quiet. We get done dancing and his mum's claps. "Bravo! That was so cute! Well it's time for bed!" "Yea ma'am!" I said. "Good night Dray!" "Night Kay!" I hug him and we go to bed.

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