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The Batman


It's been 7 years since the Batman vanished. Since the Joker "died". Rival gangs have joined one another and created the "New Mafia". Bane has broken the Black Mask out of Blackgate. Gotham City is in ruins, and a criminal empire has risen with a new leader that no one has seen face to face before...

Action / Mystery
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Ace Chemicals, December 9th, 2013

The sound of laughter filled the air. Psychotic laughter, to be precise. A gun shot was heard by anybody in the vicinity, followed by a body falling into a tank of toxic waste. Clink, clink. Fingers tapping glass. Footsteps. Another gun shot. The laughter stopped. "It's about time you turned up, Batsy, it's never the same without you coming to save the day." Napier grinned. His pale hand reached out towards a victim of his latest crime. He grabbed them by the collar, lifting them as he did.

A thin, metal boomerang flung across the room. The Joker laughed, turning his head towards the shadows in the room. He could just about make out the edges of a cowl. He tilted his head, letting go of his hostage. The girl fell towards the same toxic waste the other victim plunged into.

A cable darted past the clown, catching the ledge. The Dark Knight ran out of his hiding spot and jumped off the platform, catching the girl. The cable held the pair, until he flicked a switch on his forearm, pulling himself back up. Napier was gone. The GCPD rushed in, taking the girl from Batman's grip.

The vigilante rushed towards a door, ripping the handle backwards until it opened. He ziplined upwards, speeding towards the top of a tower. The next door at the very top was open. It led into yet another tower. Batman entered the tower, dodging a bullet as he did. It wasn't supposed to hit him. It was supposed to hit an explosive barrel next to him.

Run, he thought, gotta lock that mad man away once and for all. The Joker charged up a series of a stairs, soon to be stopped by a grapple. His boot flung off when the grapple hooked it, and into the fire it went.

"Ya know, Bats... none of us are getting out of this with all of our limbs or organs in place. I will die, or you will. The choice is yours." He chuckled. He began to ran again, towards a heli-pad at the top of the tower. Bruce grabbed a pipe on the wall and dragged himself upward on it. He hooked Napier, causing him to fall. The Joker grabbed onto a bar attached to the stairs (just about saving himself).

He started howling with laughter, as he always did every now and then, he pulled out a tube of red lipstick. He smudged it on himself and threw it into the explosion below. The tower began to collapse. Bruce secured himself on the pipe with his grapple and watched as the bar Napier was holding snapped.

Napier slipped, causing himself to fall. He laughed as he plummeted towards the ground.

Bruce watched. "Fairwell, Joker." He laughed a little bit, himself. The flames licked at the walls, growing higher. A purple overcoat flew back up in the wind.

The tower crushed the building underneath, slipping out of the connection with the other tower. The flames became green and purple.

And then the laughter stopped, once again.

The Joker was dead.

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