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Kaisi yeh yaariaan s3


The story starts after the end of the kaisi yeh yaariaan s3,you will get to see Manik's family and Nandini's family relation and the way Manik and Nandini will deal their life❤️❤️❤️

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Chapter 1

Hello guys...

So let me tell you that there is slight change, Jeff is not lesbian in this.

Ok so lets start with the story and it will start from where Manan meet at the house made of lights and they confess their love again.

Enjoy reading🙂🙂🙂🙂


Manik and Nandini were hugging eachother tightly with beautiful smile on their face

After never ending hug both looked at each other being in each other's arms,they passed each other smile. Manik remembered something and asked her

Manik:vaise ek puchu?


Manik:tumne pehle mujhe na kyun kaha agar haa kehna hi tha?

Nandini:acha...toh main bhi puch sakti hun haan na ki tumne mujhe kyun no bola...hmm..hmm

Manik:haan toh maine bataya tha na ki maine Neo ki vajah se... I mean maa ki vajah se haan nahi kahi

As soon as he said maa instead of Neo she looked at him in confusion to clear her confusion he said further

Manik: I from now I will call her as maa not by her name

Nandini looked at his face and it clearly showed that he was hurt with his parents to avoid the further things she said

Nandini:acha... mujhse tumne pucha tha na ki maine tumhe Mukti ke shadi pe na kyun kahan tha

To which he nodded his head in yes

Nandini: because... I didn't want any of our moment to be captured and then press people were also there and they would have made it tomorrow headline...which I didn't want so...

She said all this looking in his eyes even he knew how introvert she is and she is not those type of girls who want to do show off and all

Manik:haan ...lekin kal ki headline mein ye jarur hoga... Manik Malhotra ki girlfriend ne Manik Malhotra ka proposal reject kar diya...uska kya haan

He said all this the way reporters say and Nandini couldn't do anything but laugh at as he sounded very funny,and Manik got lost in her,she stopped as he was looking at her making her conscious...

Nandini:mmm... Manik


He replied being in daze

Nandini:mujhe ghar jana hai


Nandini saw him still on his place and continuously looking at her,she shook him to bring him out of his world. Manik cupped her face in his hands and said

Manik:you look beautiful while smiling and I promise that I will never let ur smile leave from ur face

Nandini smiled at him and hugged him,he wrapped his hands around her and kissed on top of her head.

Nandini: Manik


Nandini:hume ghar jana chahiye

They left eachother and hearing her he made a puppy face and said

Manik:abhi...nahi na aur thodi der rukte hain na

Nandini: Manik...u know na chacha chachi will be worried and hume unhe jake humare bare mein batana bhi hai na

Manik:hmm...ye bhi hai...aur mujhe chacha chachi se bhi mafi mangi hai...maine unhe bhi hurt kiya hai

Nandini held his hands and said

Nandini:sab thik ho jayega Manik trust me

Manik: I trust you more than myself

He said looking in her eyes and smiled at her she also gave him the smile, Manik forwarded his hand and asked


Nandini held his hand and nodded both moved towards the car, Manik opened the passenger seat for her and making her comfortable on her seat he came and sat on the driving seat and drove away Nandini's place.

Malhotra Mansion

Both Neonika and Shrikant were sitting on the sofa looking nowhere,both thought that money can be used for everything,with they money they can anything but they didn't know that money can never buy respect,happiness, love. But today they came to know it.

They thought they will pretend to be good after so long to make Manik love happy life but for the first time Manik's father came to know that what he lost, Neo was feeling that she being his mother couldn't give him that love,care and what not...

Neo was there but she was so blind that she couldn't see what she was doing with Manik .

Both looked at each other and silent tears fell from their eyes Shrikant said

Shrikant: I couldn't be a good father,he was waiting for the love which we couldn't give him just because we were behind the prestiges,money,luxuiary that we lost our son

Neo came forward and sat beside him and said

Neo:isme sirf tumhari galti nahi hai...galti toh meri bhi hai...vo mere sath rehta tha,mujhse har umeed rakhta raha ki main use vo pyar dun lekin I couldn't... I am such bad mother

Shrikant:aaj aisa lag raha hai jaise aaj vo humare sath hokar bhi hamare sath nahi hai...

Neo:haan...aur aaj mujhe pata chala ki meri ek galti ki vajah se maine itna aacha rishta kho diya...aaj main use vo pyar agar dena bhi chahun toh bhi vo nahi manega..mujhe maf kar do sab meri vajah se hai...

Shrikant:tum bhi toh meri vajah se aisi bani na...aur mujhe lagata hai ki hume Manik ko maa-baap ka pyar dena chahiye,aur main chahata hun ki tum mera sath do...toh kya tum dogi mera sath

He asked her forwarding his hand to which she looked at him and then his hand she kept her hand and nodded her head.

Here Manan in the car was listening the songs with Nandini's head on his shoulder soon they reached at her house... Manik parked his car outside and looked at Nandini and found looking at him


Nandini nodded her head, she was about to come but he stopped her,she looked at him and he came out first and came to her side open car's door and forwarded his hand.

She smiled at his guesture and held his hand making him smile,she came out and stood infront of the door in hand in hand.

She looked at her side to see Manik scared she pressed his hand he looked at her,she smiled at him in assuring him.

Making himself relax,he rang the bell,waiting for the door to open. Soon the door open,chachi looked at them first she was little taken aback looking at them specially Manik but soon relaxed looking at their hands entwined.

She passed them smile and let them inside, both came inside chachi looled at Manik and said

Shanno:tu thik hai na?

Listening her he was taken aback because he thought she will be angry at him but listening her he smiled and nodded his head.

Shanno:toh tum dono sath kaise?

She looked at their hands and then said

Nandini:chachi hum sath mein hai


Nandini:matlab maine Manik maf kar diya hai

Shanno: sach

She asked being excited soul as she knew both of them were made for each other and they can't stay without each other.

Both of them nodded their head smiling but soon they heard venkatesh

Venkatesh: tum yaha kya kar rahe?


How was the update guys?

How was Manik and Nandini's scene?

What do you think will Neonika change?

Do you think Venkatesh will accept them?

Do tell me

Hope you guys will support me the way you have supported for the other two stories.

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