Sailor Moon Classic: The Return of the Sailor Scouts


My take on the Sailor Moon story with a different setting, original ideas and characters, a story that explores the Silver Millennium and it's history. I may be writing a new version in the future.

Action / Fantasy
Age Rating:

Ch.1 The Legend is Reborn

Sailor Moon Classic

Book One of the Sailor Moon Legacy

Part I

Return of the Sailors

Sailors of the Past

Sailors in the Present

And Sailors from the Future

All unite for one purpose

To uphold truth, peace, and justice

In the protection of our galaxy

They are the Sailor Scouts Universe

And these are their stories…

Chapter 1

The Legend is Reborn

Washington D.C.

The night was late in the city. The game of politics had already gone to bed and the various shops and business buildings across town had long closed down for the day. Nearly everyone who ran a business had long gone to sleep.

Except for one woman.

She ran a jewelry store that was located closer to the residential areas of town. Her daughter had gone to bed early since it was a school day tomorrow, but she had been staying up late to look over the amount of money her shop had made for the day. The numbers were not to her liking, but they would do. These days, jewelry was starting to get a little too expensive to sell. Since her husband had died in a tragic car accident, she had been doing everything possible to support herself and her daughter.

Suddenly she felt a wave of very cold air behind. She turned, looked around, and frowned. None of the windows were open, and although it was spring it wasn't that cold outside.

Shaking her head, she turned back to her numbers. Yet, no sooner than she had, she felt another wave of very cold air behind her. She turned again, but saw nothing. A tickle of a chill went down her spine. Had someone broken into her store? She shook her head and brushed away the thought. Aside from the security alarm going off, she would have heard something. She turned back once more to her numbers, assuming that the lateness of the night was getting to her.

She become so engrossed with her numbers that she didn't noticed the shadow that crept up behind her, or the head that rose above her, a head who's face could not be seen but its eyes glowed like fire.

It was only then that the woman sensed that something was terribly wrong. That was when a cold and clammy hand clamped over her mouth, cutting off whatever screams she may have unleashed. The woman was only able to register the fact that the hand felt like rotten flesh before blackness consumed her completely.

"Serena! Get up already! It's well past seven!"

The sixteen-year old girl moaned and turned over in her sleep. Then, as if on instinct, her lake blue eyes flew open and she stared at her alarm clock, which hadn't gone off of course since she had never bothered to set it. It was seven-thirty, and school started at eight!

With a shout, Serena Thomson flung off the covers of her bed and ran toward her closet. Changing from her nightgown into her school uniform, she ran back to her dresser to brush her golden hair.

Her hair.

Her hair could very well tell a story of its own. She was certain that she was the only one in the country that wore her hair as long as she did. Had she worn freely it would have reached her knees. She wore it in many different styles, but since she had very little time she had to wear in one long pony tail as she usually did.

Satisfied that her hair was nice enough, Serena ran down the stairs. Her mother Isabelle, an attractive woman with the same coloring as she, was looking over newspaper, not bothering to look up as her daughter burst into the dinning room.

"Mom!" she yelled, "Why didn't you wake me up earlier? Thanks a lot!"

"I tried Serena," her mother sighed, "and each time you told me you were getting up."

"I don't remember saying that!" Serena snatched the peanut butter and jelly sandwich her mother had made for her on the counter. She munched it down quickly, drank some milk, and ran for the front door.

"Hold on, Serena," called Isabelle in a voice that clearly showed she was used to this Daughter-Being-Late-For-School routine.

"What?" Serena called out, "I need to get going!"

"Don't you want your lunch, dear?"

Serena peered back into the dining room and saw her mother holding up her lunch box.

"Oh, yeah."

She grabbed it and ran back to the front door, slipping on her school shoes and picking up her school case.

"Bye, Mom!" she yelled, "I love you!"

Serena ran down the street, yawning as she went.

"I'm so sleepy," she complained, "Why can't school start off later than usual?"

She continued running down the street. Then, just when she was a block away from the school grounds, she came across a parking lot, where a trio of little boys was crouched over, yelling and arguing over something lying on the ground. Curious, Serena stopped and looked. The boys were picking on a black cat that appeared to be unconscious, or worse.

"Huh? Hey!" Serena yelled, shocked by what she was seeing, "Leave that cat alone!"

She ran over to the cat. The boys, frightened by her sudden appearance, ran for their lives.

"Rotten brats!" she screeched after them, "I can't believe them!" She turned her attention to the cat, her face softening, "Aw, there now kitty. Those boys won't bother you again.

She bent down and picked it up. It was alive and unharmed, thank goodness, but there were two Band-Aids shaped like an X tapped to its forehead, "Did they put those Band-Aids on your head?"

The cat started squirming wildly. Serena flinched, afraid that it might scratch her, but it didn't. Instead, it kept pawing at the Band-Aids in a desperate effort to get them off.

"Here, let me take those off. It doesn't suit you anyway."

Holding the cat in one hand, she used the other hand to peel the Band-Aids off.

"There you go."

She smiled as the cat opened its eyes for the first time, revealing a pair of garnet colored orbs. Then she noticed something very odd.

"Huh?" she stared in bewilderment, "Is that a moon crescent on your forehead?"

Before she could say anything more, the cat leaped up out of her arms, off the top of her head, and flipped over onto the top of a parked car with such surprising speed that she felt her jaw dropped. Slowly she stood, her gaze locked on the cat. The cat stared right back at her, it eyes unblinking. It took a few steps across the car toward her. Serena grinned and stepped back, suddenly feeling very uneasy with the way the cat was staring at her. Then she heard the school bell ring.

"Oh, no!" she screamed, forgetting about the cat as she whirled around and ran, "Now I'm really late! I don't have time for this!"

The mysterious cat only continued to stare at her, even after she was long out of sight.

"Serena! You are late again! Go stand out in the hall!"

No matter how many times she tried to wake early and arrive at school early, Serena always failed to do so. Once again she stood out in the school hallway, feeling sorry for herself since her teacher once again scolded at her for being late to class.

"She's so mean," she grumbled, "How can she make a fragile girl like me stand out in the hall like this?" her stomach emitted a loud growl as if agreeing with her, "Oh, boy, I'm hungry."

She looked around and, confirming that no one was looking, opened her lunch box and took out something to eat.

"Well," she said cheerfully, "I didn't have much of a breakfast so, time to eat!"

Her lips had barely touched her food when her classroom door opened and her teacher walked out. Miss Patricia Harrison, a lovely young woman with long wavy red hair and bright blue eyes, stared at Serena in disbelief. Serena could only put on a friendly grin, knowing it was pointless.

"Serena," Miss Harrison groaned, "What are you doing?"

"Um…" Serena couldn't say anything as her teacher held up a piece of paper to her face, her recent English test.

"This is why you're getting such poor grades in class, young lady," Miss Harrison continued.

"What?!" Serena stared in shock at her test score," "Thirty-percent?"

"Yup," her teacher confirmed, "Take this and show it to your parents. It's time that they know how well you're doing in class.

Later on, Serena sat on a low stone wall outside with her head on her knees, feeling as if the world had just ended. Beside her was her fellow classmate and friend Molly Baker, a cute girl with short red hair and blue eyes, who tried to cheer Serena up.

"Oh, cheer up Serena," she said, her voice having a thick Jersey accent, "It's only one stupid test."

Serena looked up her friend, her face in total despair, "You don't understand Molly," she groaned, "The moment my parents find out about that test, they're going to hit the roof and cut down on my allowance."

"Um…" Molly wasn't sure what to say next.

"Hey, Serena!" they turned to see Melvin Guinness walking over to them, the last person Serena wanted to see. Melvin was the school nerd and one of her classmates. He was short, a splash of brown hair plastered on his head, and a pair of large glasses was perched on his nose, "I heard that you got your English test back. How did you do?"

"Give her a break Melvin," Molly scolded when Serena didn't answer, "Can't you see how depressed she is? Of course it was bad. Oh! Sorry, Serena. I didn't mean it that way."

Even with Molly apologizing for her carelessness, Serena didn't feel any better.

"Well," Melvin grinned, "you shouldn't be upset about it. I didn't study at all and therefore I didn't get a perfect score."

He held up his own test, which was marked with a big red 95%.

"That really doesn't help matters Melvin," Molly sighed, and Serena felt even worse.

"Hey!" Molly went on, "Guess what? Sailor V stopped a major jewelry store robbery in London yesterday."

"Oh, yeah," piped up Melvin, "I heard about that too!"

"Sailor V?" Serena asked, her despair replaced with curiosity.

"Yeah," Molly nodded, "She even caught the robbers too."

"Wow! That's great," Serena cheered, assuming that her friend was only making this up in order to cheer her up.

"Isn't it?" Molly beamed.

"Um..." Serena hesitated, "Who is Sailor V?

"What?" Molly stared at her, "You don't who she is? Where have you been?"

"Sailor V," Melvin explained, "is a heroine dressed in a sailor's uniform who has been causing quite an a stir in London lately," he paused and looked around, as if making sure no one was listening, then leaned over and whispered, "It's rumored that she's actually a secret agent working for the British government."

"A teenage spy?" Serena raised an eyebrow skeptically, "Come on, Melvin. That only happens in movies."

"Yes," Molly agreed, "But gems are beautiful. I can understand why people would want to steal them."

"I know what you mean," Serena said dreamily, "I would very much love to have a diamond ring."

"How about a pair of ruby earrings?"

"That too!"

Soon, both girls forgot about Sailor V and even Melvin as they rattle on about jewelry.

"Oh, yeah," Molly said, "My mom's been having a major jewelry sale at our store today. Want to come over after school?"

"Jewelry sale? I'm totally there!"

"Great! Mom's selling a bunch of things that even we can buy. Meet me out front after school's over."

"Sure thing! I'll see you there."

Melvin watched as they walked away, still talking about jewelry.

"Serena," he sighed, "shopaholic."

Far away from Washington D.C., unknown from any civilization on Earth, an evil so ancient it may as well had been forgotten, rested underneath the cold, thick surface of the Arctic. The Dark Kingdom, as it was simply called. Whether it rested inside a hidden castle or in a different dimension, no one knew.

The interior of the Dark Kingdom was as dark and lifeless as one may guess. It's black pillars and columns stretched into a unknown and unseen darkness. In its center was a very large throne room. The marble architecture looked as if it had been made from lava that had been painted in dark pearl descent colors once it had cooled. The floor was smooth and so clear it almost looked translucent. Four very tall deathly gray pillars hung suspended in the air, each emitting a glowing glass ball, providing the only light in the never ending darkness. At the center was a gigantic spider-like skeleton made out of the same marble material, its huge sharp teeth giving a terrifying evil grin and its huge soulless eyes bulging from their sockets.

Seated bellow the evil creature's head, was a woman.

She was actually more of a demon than a human. A pair of horns protruded from her shoulders and her blue dress was suspended at her neck. Even as she sat, it showed off curves that would have attracted any man. Her floor length deep red hair flowed down her back, providing yet another touch of demonic beauty. Her very white skin was adorned in onyx jewelry, circlets above her elbows, a brooch at her throat, orbs at her ears, and a large, shaped like a boomerang, gem at her forehead. Her blood red eyes seemed to be sightless as her long fingered hands circled around a black crystal ball that floated above a floating pillar.

"Have you still not found Sibylla's Crystal?" she spoke, her voice deep, seductive, and cold. Before her was her army of monsters, aliens, and other beings of all types from all parts of the galaxy. It served as a meaningless collection of an age she had once lived in long ago.

"No," they answered.

"Tut, tut," the demonic woman gave only the briefest of shaking her head, "Our great ruler must be awaken if we are to rule the galaxy. If we cannot obtain Sibylla's Crystal, then we will have to rely on human energy in order to revive her."

"Queen Beryl," said a voice.

A cloud of pale blue light swirled before her and the shape of a man took form. Queen Beryl did not even lift her eyes as the light disappeared and one of her generals appeared. He was a tall young man with blonde and cold blue eyes. His purplish-gray uniform was trimmed in red, complete with polished brown imperial boots.

"Jadeite," Queen Beryl gave a hint of a cold smile, "Welcome."

"My Queen," Jadeite bowed, "I've already taken the liberty of carrying out that task."

"Oh? Is that so?"

Jadeite nodded, "As we speak, my minion, the monster Morga, is already out collecting human energy around the capital city of America."

"I see, well done," Queen Beryl gave an approving nod, "I will leave the task to you Jadeite."

"Thank you, my Queen," Jadeite bowed again.

Back in the real world, Serena and Molly entered the jewelry store owned by Molly's mother. To their surprise, it was completely crowded and unbearably loud. School girls and young women, including a very fat older woman dressed in pink, were gathered around the glass-encased jewelry displays, trying out various jewels, clearly enjoying themselves. Serena and Molly looked around in amazement.

"Wow," Serena blinked, "there are a lot of people here."

"Yeah," Molly blinked as well, "We usually don't get this many customers."

"Thank you for coming!" they looked over and saw an attractive red haired woman walking around in excitement, a makeshift mono phone in her hand, "Please, feel free to try them on!"

"Wow," Molly blinked again, "She's really into it."

"Who can blame her?" Serena shrugged.

"Welcome! Welcome!" Molly's mother continued, "Please take your time! They're all on sale."

What Serena, Molly, and the customers didn't know, was that the store owner was actually a monster disguised as Molly's mother. The monster had came to the store late last night and had cast a spell on the unfortunate store owner, locked her in the basement, and had transformed herself to look like her.

At this moment the monster stopped and grinned evilly to herself, unnoticed by everyone in the store.

Foolish humans, she thought to herself, Come, give your energy to our great ruler.

She had enchanted the jewelry and put on the major jewelry sale, and now those jewels were slowly draining the energy of the customers.

Excellent work, Morga, she heard her master say, It's gathering. The energy of these foolish humans who are so taken by the brilliance of these gems. Queen Beryl will be very pleased. Morga, continue collecting more energy.

"As you wish, sir," said Morga, then a voice behind caused her to jump and quickly convert back to her adopted personality before turning to greet her "daughter".

"Ah, Molly," she said with a smile, "Welcome home, dear."

"Hey, Mom," Molly smiled in return, "I've brought a friend with me. This is Serena."

"Hello," Serena smiled and held out her hand.

"Nice to meet you," Molly's mother returned and shook it, "And thank you for coming. I know its a bit crowded, but please look around."

"Thank you," Serena beamed.

"On second thought..." Molly's mother paused, "Since you're a friend of Molly's, I'll give a discount on anything you like."

"Really?" Serena's eyes went wide, "Thank you very much!"

"You're welcome," she laughed, "Come, I'll show you something."

The two girls followed her as she went behind one of the glass displays and took out a took out a beautiful diamond ring encased in a black box.

"How about this diamond ring?" she held out the box for them to see, "It usually sells for five-hundred dollars."

"Five-hundred?" Serena stared.

"But for you," Molly's mother held up a finger, "I lower it to thirty dollars."

Both of them gasped and screamed, "Five-hundred dollars to thirty dollars?"

The whole store heard them and without warning the fat woman in pink rushed forward to the counter, knocking both girls off their feet. Soon afterword, pandemonium broke out as every girl in the store rushed forward, trying to outbid each other in the attempt to buy the diamond. Both girls crawled away from the crowd--thankful not to be trampled on--and stood, staring in amazement at the scene.

"Look at that," Molly gasped for breath, "This is insane."

"Five-hundred dollars to thirty," Serena sighed, "I really want it."

"Why don't you ask your dad?"

Serena cringed, "I failed my English test."

"Oh, yeah."

"And I've already used up my allowance for this month."

She let her head fall and Molly put an assuring hand on her shoulder.

"Well," she said, "You're just going to have to face the music Serena."

Serena nodded sadly, knowing that it was the truth. Saying goodbye to Molly, she stepped out of the store, not feeling any better.

"I guess I should have studied harder," she sighed and looked at her test. Then, as if the thing disgusted her, she crushed the paper in her hands and with a frustrated growl flung it high over her shoulder before going on her way.

She had only taken a few steps when a voice suddenly yelled, "Hey, why don't throw away your trash?!"

On a gasp, she stopped and whirled around.

"What? Oh, I'm sorry," she started to apologized, then she saw a tall and casually dressed young man. He had smoothed out her English test and was looking straight at it.

"Thirty-percent?" she heard him say and she screeched in shock.

The young man lowered the crumbled sheet of paper, revealing thick midnight black hair on his head. His eyes were covered by a pair of dark sunglasses but he was looking as though he was embarrassed.

"You need to study harder," he concluded.

Her cheeks burning red from the insult, Serena rushed forward and snatched back her test.

"Give me that! It's none of your business!" she stuck her tongue out at him and stormed off.

"Sheesh," she fumed, "What's with that guy?"

Her curiosity got the better of her and she turned around again. However, he had already lost interest in her and was staring at the jewelry store she had just left.

"Humph, weirdo," losing interest, she continued on her way.

A few minutes later, she came across an arcade center she often visited whenever she had free time and her eyes suddenly caught sight of the poster that was posted up front.

"Huh?" she stopped and stared in surprise, "No way. They actually made a Sailor V game?"

She stopped and stared dreamily at the picture of Sailor V. She was a beautiful girl who appeared to be the same age as her, with waist length flaxen hair and cornflower blue eyes that were visible through her red masquerade mask.

Her outfit definitely looked like a feminine version of a navy sailor's uniform. The main body being white with two red stripes at the sides on the lower part. Two large red bow ties were placed both at her chest and just above the back of her waist. A blue sailor's neckerchief hung over her shoulders that were covered with thick white shoulder pads that looked like armor. A pair of long white gloves with blue ends reached over her elbows. To make the outfit complete, she wore a blue short skirt, red over-the-knee length stockings, and blue low high heeled shoes. She very much like the superhero the poster portrayed.

"It must be nice being a super hero," Serena said to herself, "not having to worry about school or stupid tests. All you have to do is to catch bad guys. Me on the other hand..."

She looked at her test again and sighed, sickened with the results.

"I don't want to show this to my parents!" she moaned and, unable to help herself, started crying like a baby. When she finally dried her tears, she gathered herself and continued on her way home.

However, she was unaware that someone was watching. A pair of ruby colored belonging to a black cat with a gold moon crescent mark on its forehead.

"I'm home!" Serena announced as soon as she entered her home sometime later. Her mother came to the front hall a moment later, wearing a apron and carrying a spatula in her hand.

"Welcome home," Isabelle smiled, "You're a little late."

"Yeah," Serena nodded, "I hung out with Molly for a bit."

"I came across your friend, Melvin, earlier," Isabelle continued, "He said you just got your tests back."

"What?" Serena felt her insides go cold.

"He said he got a ninety-five," her mother frowned, "Rather unusual of him."

"Oh, did he?" Serena tried to smile, "Good for him."

Oh! That Melvin's got such a big mouth!

Just when she was thinking of ways to kill Melvin, her mother suddenly asked, "So, what did you get, Serena?"

She suddenly felt sick, wishing that she had kept her mouth shut the moment she had walked through the door and had ran straight up to her room.

"Um..." she stuttered, "About that... um... you see-"

"Let me see," Isabelle held out her hand.

In the end she knew it was hopeless. No matter what she said or did, she wasn't getting out of this mess. Reluctantly she handed over her test with a weak, "Okay..."

And then she waited. Isabelle took one look at it and...


"Y-Yes, Mom?" she couldn't help taking a step back, waiting for the blow to come since her mother was now holding the spatula in her hand menacingly.

"Getting such a low test score!" Isabelle screamed, "I am not letting you in this house!"

With that, before Serena could even react, she was shoved out the door and locked outside. Being shoved out so unexpectedly, Serena lost her balance and fell hard on her bottom. Bursting out into tears, she threw herself at the door.

"Mom!" she wailed, "Please let me in!"

"I can't hear you!" she heard Isabelle yell inside.

"Mom, come on! This isn't—ouch!"

Feeling a painful kick from behind, she turned and saw her seven year-old little brother Sammy, who was all but laughing at her.

"What's the matter, dummy Serena?" he grinned, "Did you get kicked out again? Sheesh, I want a better sister."

"I'm your sister, you ungrateful brat," Serena scolded. To her dismay, Sammy pulled a key and unlocked the door. Before she could even ask where he got the key, he turned around and gave her the "Bite me!" look.

"Why you little—" furious, she stood up to kicked him. But Sammy slammed the door just she unleashed her attack and her knee collided painfully with it.

"Ooooouuuuucccchhhh! Mom, please let in!"

Dusk was beginning to set, but the jewelry store was still full of the same customers as before. Now, the enchanted jewels were finally taking effect. One by one the female customers weakened as their energy was drained from them and they collapsed into unconsciousness.

Molly, not wearing a jewel herself, watched in horror as the scene unfolded before her.

"W-What's happening? What's going on with with all your customers Mom? Mom..."

She heard her mother suddenly start to laugh. She turned to see her back toward her. Her mother was laughing hysterically now.

"I collected a lot of energy," her mother said in a voice that was not hers.

"M-Mom?" Molly's voice and body started to shake in terror. Slowly her mother turned her head, and she gasped in horror when she saw the menacing and inhuman look on her mother's face.

"Ahhh," Serena sighed as she collapsed onto her bed, "She finally let me in. She didn't need to all mad at me like that earlier," she yawned, "I don't feel like doing homework right now. I'll just take a nice... little nap."

She turned onto her side and dozed off. She may as well had been in a deep sleep, for she didn't even hear her bedroom window behind her open by itself. Or so it seemed.

A soft breeze touched her as a figure walked onto her bed. She moaned a little and shifted to be more comfortable. Then the window slammed shut.

Serena slowly opened her eyes, suddenly sensing that she was no longer alone. Slowly she sat up on her elbow and turned. And found herself looking at a familiar pair of garnet colored eyes belonging to a familiar black animal.

Gasping, she sat bolt upright.

"It's that cat with that crescent bald spot!" she nearly screamed.

"It is not a bald spot," the cat spoke, her voice very calm, "and that is very rude of you to say."

Serena stared, dumbfounded, certain she was hearing things. She jumped off the bed and tried to hide herself behind it, but she couldn't take her eyes off the mysterious cat. Talking mysterious cat.

"I-It talked!" she sputtered, "A cat talked! I must be dreaming!"

The cat quietly cleared her throat and sat down, her large eyes never leaving Serena's.

"My name is Luna," she said, "I've been looking for you, Serena."

Serena only stared at her in silence, not daring to look away. The cat's voice had a mid-Atlantic accent to it. It was young, but mature.

"Actually," Luna gave a friendly smiled and continued, "I should thank you first. Thank you very much for getting those Band-Aids off. I wasn't able to use my powers or even talk with my mark covered up like that. But thanks to you, I have finally found you."

She stepped closer, and Serena covered her head in an attempt to hide from her.

"Good night!" she heard her say, and she gaped at her. Recovering quickly, she placed her paws on the girl's golden head and tried to shake her awake.

"Serena," she frowned, "this is not a dream. Come on, Serena!"

But the girl ignored her by pretending to be asleep. Hearing her snores, Luna tried a different tactic.

"Fine," she said, "I know what will wake you up."

She sat back down and pointed her head upward. The golden moon crescent on her forehead began to glow. Then a ray of light emitted from it and in a flash of light a golden brooch appeared and fell on top of the bed just in front Serena's head.

The tricked worked. Serena looked up and saw the pretty brooch before her.

"What's this?" she couldn't help asking.

"This is for you, Serena," Luna answered.

"For me?" Serena stood and scooped up the brooch, "Thank you!"

"Serena," Luna continued, "an ancient evil has awakened in this world and..."

She stopped when she realized Serena wasn't paying attention to her, but was instead was looking at the mirror, trying on the brooch by placing it on the chest of the school uniform she was still wearing.

"Serena! Listen to me!" Luna rushed over to the dresser.

But Serena continued to look at the mirror until Luna appeared before it.

"Serena," Luna tried again, "An ancient evil has awakened on Earth. An evil no civilization in this world can understand or fight against, even with the technology it has today. You have been chosen to be a Sailor Scout, the very first to appear after many thousands of years. The brooch you hold once belonged to the one named Sailor Moon, the leader of the Original Nine Sailor Scouts and the leader of the Sailor Scouts Universe, a special unit of female magical soldiers who fought and died with their allies to protect this galaxy from evil for a thousand years. You are their rebirth, Serena. It is your destiny to fight this evil, bring peace to this world, and begin a new age to both this world and the galaxy."

Serena stared at her, then laughed.

"Hey, that sounds pretty cool!" she grinned, "Like a Sailor V game!"

Luna stared at her in disbelief, "You don't believe me, do you?"

"No, I believe you! I believe you!" Serena frantically shook her head in denial.

"Oh, really?" said Luna, unconvinced.

Serena saw her hesitate and caught a hint of sadness before the cat said, "Then place the brooch on your chest and say: Transform!"

"Okay," Serena saluted and repeated the word with enthusiasm, "Transform!"

In a few seconds, Serena's life changed completely. She wasn't even aware of it until it was too late. The instant she said the words, the brooch came to life. A flash of light appeared from it and completely covered Serena. Her school uniform disappeared and was replaced by different outfit. When the light disappeared Serena gasped. Having no idea of what just happened, she looked down at herself.

"Huh?" she was one step away from becoming hysterical, "What is this? I've transformed!"

"What you're wearing right now," Luna said, her voice now sounding rather sad, "is a Sailor Scout uniform of the ancient civilization called Lunaria, also known as the Moon Kingdom. This uniform belonged to the one named Sailor Moon."

Serena stared at her, then at the mirror. She was startled by how much the uniform resembled the uniform Sailor V wore when she had passed by the arcade center poster earlier. It was similar, but different. The body of the uniform was completely white and shaped differently, not having the colored bars on the sides as Sailor V's did. It had the similar blue sailor's neckerchief at her neck, and the blue short skirt at her waist. It also had two large red bow ties both at her chest, and at the back just above her waist. Where Sailor V wore blue low heeled shoes, Serena wore a pair of red boots that reached to her knees that were decorated with a gold moon crescent inside white bars at the top. She also had over-the-knee length stockings, but instead of the red color like Sailor V had hers was white, trimmed with gold at the top.

She stepped closer to the mirror, fascinated and somewhat frightened by what she was seeing, and saw there was more to the uniform then she thought. The brooch that had transformed her for the very first time had placed itself at the center of the front bow tie. At her throat was a thin red choker that a gold moon crescent at its center. A pair of gold moon crescent earrings dangled from her ears. A golden wedge shaped circlet with a red oval shaped gem was placed on her forehead. And at the balls of her hair at the top of her head was a pair of transparent red circles surrounded by gold.

There were also different objects on the gloves. On her right glove was what looked like a watch, yet it didn't seem to tell time. On her left glove was what appeared to be four bars of blue glass and a blue ring on her ring finger. On both her wrists were tight red strings that looped around her middle fingers. On the back of her left hand was a badge that looked like a shield. Both gloves were topped with two red bars at the ends.

"Is that…" Serena couldn't believe what she was seeing, "really me?"

Then she noticed something that was out of place.

"Hey, wait a minute!" she gasped, "I don't have dark hair! I'm blond. And my eyes aren't green, they're blue! What's going on here?"

"It's the gem on your tiara," Luna answered, her face expressionless.

"Tiara?" Serena reached up and touched it, "But I thought it was called a circlet. And what do you mean by the 'gem'?"

"Technically it is a circlet, but to Sailor Scouts it's always been called a tiara. The gem on your tiara is enchanted. Every Sailor Scout had one. It's capable of giving off illusions. Since you're not wearing a mask, anyone could recognize you even in that uniform. The gem on your tiara creates an illusion to hide your identity. For instance, if your mother walked in right now, she would see a very different person or someone who looked like her daughter, yet had completely different coloring. Therefore, no one would be able to figure out who you really are."

Serena jerked her gaze toward the door, as if expecting her mother to walk in the instant Luna had mentioned her. Instead she looked straight back at the cat and flung out her arms.

"I don't—" her hand connected with something hard behind her at her waist.

Turning her head, she saw nothing there. She looked up at mirror and noticed there was something that was attached to her back bow tie. Reaching behind her, she felt her hand touch something that felt like a metal rod. Reaching further back, she felt the handle of an object, tightened her grip around it, and pulled. There was a dull snap and it came off the bow tie. Slowly, she drew the object around before her.

It looked like the hilt of sword. The red was more than long enough to fit two hands. There was a winged shaped guard with a crescent moon symbol and at the top was a gold moon crescent circling a red gem nearly the size of a golf ball.

"What's this?" Serena asked.

"That is your wand," Luna answered, "the most iconic weapon of Sailor Scouts and the original weapon of the Original Nine. If you pass energy into it, you can summon a crystal blade."

"A what?"

"See if you can summon energy into it. Just look at it and concentrate."

Serena had no idea what the cat was talking about, but she looked at the strange object again. At first nothing happened, then she suddenly a strange warmth flow down her right arm. The next instant she gasped as red beam of light extended from the end of the wand, making a loud glass like noise. The beam glowed for a brief moment than faded, revealing a long sword blade the same color as the gem but made entirely of crystal.

Serena continued to stare at it, then she started to shake, unable to believe what was happening.

"Okay, now I'm totally confused," she was close to losing herself, "Somebody please tell what is going on here?"

Suddenly she heard a voice, echoing in the distance. And to her, the voice was familiar.

"Help me!" It cried, filled with fear, "Somebody please help me! It's my mom! She's—aaaaaaaauuuuuuugh!"

The instant she heard the scream, Serena knew without a doubt who it was.

"That was Molly's voice," she said, her voice full now concerned, "I'm sure of it."

She looked at Luna, who did not seemed surprised by what she had just heard.

"Now do you believe me?" Luna asked, an eyebrow raised as if challenging her to deny it.

"I don't really get it," Serena admitted, "but it sounded like Molly was in danger."

"She is," Luna nodded, "You wouldn't have heard that voice if she wasn't. Serena, you have become the one named Sailor Moon, the leader of the Original Nine. It is your duty as a Sailor Scout to protect the innocent from evil and to vanquish those who have evil intentions. You heard your friend's voice because she is someone you care about. Now, go and rescue her before it's too late."

"Me?" Serena blinked, then, knowing her closest friend was in danger, she spun the wand in her hand and placed it back onto the back bow tie as if she had known how to do it all along.

"Alright!" she said with supreme confidence, "Let's go!"

Back at the jewelry store, Molly had tried to run and escape, but the monster that resembled her mother blocked whatever path she tried to use. Morga had then chased Molly around, laughing as if she were playing a game. After some time, unable to escape, Molly had somehow summon the courage to turn and fight her.

Much good as is did her. Her attacks were useless and now Morga had her decaying hands around her throat. Molly tried desperately to pry away the foul hands, but to no avail. The hands only tightened more and more painfully as she struggled and tried to breath.

"Stop it, Mom!" she screamed.

Morga only laughed.

"I'm not your mother," she said, and transformed as if to prove her point.

Molly had just opened her eyes enough just to see the transformation, and screamed even more when she her mother's face turn into a hideous decaying form with fire for eyes.

"Your mother is locked in the basement, sleeping under my spell," Morga grinned in delight, "After I kill you, I'll send you, your mother, and everyone else straight into hell!"

She tightened her grip even more and Molly fainted. Just then a voice echoed across the room.

"Let her go, you fiend!"

The voice was enough to stop Morga from finishing off Molly. Slowly the monster turn its head all the way around until she saw a figure holding a sword standing in the doorway, illuminated by the twilight and the rising moonlight.

"Who are you?"

Serena, or rather Sailor Moon, hesitated, the said, "I am the one named Sailor Moon, and I order you to let that girl go. I will not let you use these innocent people for your evil deeds."

At her feet, Luna looked up at her, both surprised and impressed by her confidence.

"Wow," she said to herself, "that's not bad for a start."

Morga, however, wasn't impressed. She let go of Molly, who slide to the floor, alive but unconscious, and turned her body all the way around so it matched with her head.

"Sailor Moon, huh?" she snorted, and raised her arms, "I never heard of such a thing and I never will again. Arise, my servants of the Dark Kingdom!"

The female customers that had fallen unconscious because of their energy being taken from them suddenly came alive. Their eyes snapped opened but they were without pupils. As one they rose, stretched out their arms, and walked toward Sailor Moon like zombies wanting to tear her apart.

Serena held her sword out before her, yet her courage immediately evaporated and was replaced by fear as she saw the possessed young girls and women stalked toward her. She couldn't swing her sword at them for they still innocent people!

"Hey, what are you doing?" she stepped back, "Get away!"

The fat lady in pink lunged at her first, and she dived just in time to avoid being tackled to the ground. More possessed customers attacked her and she continued to dodge them until one attacked her with a broken bottle. She dodged just in time and collided hard with the wall.

Gasping in shock, she heard Morga laughing, then saw a tear in her right stocking where the bottle had cut her just above the knee.

"Oh, no! I'm bleeding!" she screamed, yet it was nothing serious.

"What are you doing, Sailor Moon?" Luna appeared at her side, "You have to fight. You must destroy that monster in order to free those people from her spell."

"But...b-but... I can't... I-I can't," Serena couldn't, she was shaking too much with fear, "Why is this happening to me? This has to be dream! Wake up, Serena! Wake up!"

Morga was floating in the above her possessed victims. Seeing the innocent girl cowering in fear made her laugh even more.

"This is the end!" she screamed, and stretch out her arm to deliver a killing blow.

Serena saw it coming and screamed, shutting her eyes as she waited to die. But the blow didn't come.

Thinking she had finally woken up from the nightmare, she opened her eyes, expecting to see her room. Instead, she saw the outstretched arm with Morga's claw of a hand standing still no more than a yard away from her. Before her feet was a scarlet rose, sticking out of the floor like an arrow.

Before she could wonder what it was doing there, she saw Morga then her head around.

"And who might you be?" she heard the monster say. She looked up and saw something that took her breath away.

Standing on top of a high windowsill of an opened window was a dashing figure dressed in a black tuxedo, complete with with a top hat and a black cape lined with red. His eyes were covered with a simple white mask. Even at a distance, Serena knew he was handsome, young and courageous.

"I am Tuxedo Mask," the dashing figure spoke, his voice deep and dreamy, "Castor of the Scarlet Knight."

She saw him shift his gaze over to her, and despite that had been going on, Serena found herself blushing.

He gave her a charming yet confident smile and said, "Crying will not help you, Sailor Moon. You must believe in yourself."

"But I..." Serena was at a lost for words.

"Sailor Moon," Luna said quickly, "Now's your chance. Concentrate to charge your hands with energy and clapped them together. You'll be able to free those girls from the monster's possession."

"Why should I do that?" Serena asked stupidly.

"Just do it!" Luna yelled impatiently.

Gathering herself, Serena stood and held up her hands. Even with Luna's instruction, she was unsure of what to do yet she concentrated. Then she felt warmth grow on her hands and gasped when she saw her hands glowing with white light. Then she remembered Luna's final instruction and clapped her hands together.

The effect was devastating. The white light exploded in her hands and a shock wave of energy shot out. A earsplitting ringing noise shattered the silence. The noise didn't effect Serena, but it did effect the possessed customers, who fell to floor back onto floor like bowling pins. Morga was covering her ears, screaming for the noise to stop. Tuxedo Mask only stood there smiling, not bothered by the noise either. After the sound faded, Serena stared around in amazement as what she'd just done.

"You little brat!" she looked up at Morga, fiery eyes intent with murder, "You'll pay for that one!"

"Quick!" Luna yelled, "Summon a crystal blade onto your wand."

"What?" Serena blinked and looked at her.

"Look out!"

She snapped her head back and Morga stretching her arm to attack her again. She dived to the side, the clawed hand missing her by inches.

"Retrieve your wand, quickly!"

Serena looked around and saw the wand lying near the pillar she been at a moment, the blade having disappeared. Quickly she dove and felt her hand close around it. Jumping back to her feet, she concentrated again and summoned a new blade.

"Here she comes again!"

Luna's warning spun her around just in time to see Morga attacked again with the same attack. She dodge it again, putting some distance between her and the monster.

"This is it, Sailor Moon," she heard Tuxedo Mask say, "strike that monster down now."

"The people's lives in here and your friend's depend on it," Luna added.

Serena looked at the still form of Molly. Anger coursed through her and she stared straight at the monster's eyes.

"Come on," she challenged, raising the sword in front of her.

"Yes, that's it," Luna approved, "tightened your grip with your main hand but loosen it with your off hand."

Serena did so and waited.

"Die!" Morga attacked once more.

This time, Serena stood her ground. She waited until the stretching arm was almost upon her, then sidestepped and brought the sword up over her head. The clawed hand went flying past her and with a battle cry, she brought the sword down with all her might. It cut through the decaying arm like paper and Morga screamed. The severed hand fell onto the floor, but Serena paid no attention to it. All that mattered was saving Molly.

"Now's your chance!" Luna yelled, "Finish her now!"

She didn't wait to be told twice. With a cry, she charged at Morga, who recovered just enough just to gape at her before she cleaved the monster in two. Morga let out out a final screamed and dissolved into dust.

In the Dark Kingdom, the energy that Morga had been collecting disappeared in a violent burst from Jadeite's hand.

"What?" Jadeite stared in shock, "Morga, what's happened? Answer me!"

When he received no response, he knew something was wrong.

"Someone has interfered," he concluded, "Someone who was had the power to destroy my minion. But who?"

Serena stared at the pile of dust that had once been Morga before it vanished entirely.

"No way," she whispered, "I did that?"

"You have done well, Sailor Moon," she looked up at Tuxedo Mask, smiling proudly at her, "I will remember this day. Farewell."

With a tip of his hat, he flung his cape around him, and like a magician, he was gone. Serena couldn't help but blush again. Never in her young life had someone sent her heart racing like this.

"Are you all right, Serena?" Luna came over to her, smiling just as proudly, "You did absolutely well."

"I wonder who he is," Serena said to herself, then remembered, "Oh, yeah! Molly!" and rushed over to her friend's side, "Molly, are you all right? Can you hear me?"

Her friend moaned, but didn't stir.

"She'll be fine," Luna said, "Come, our work is done. Let's leave quickly before they awake."

"But, what about these people?" Serena gestured around her.

"They'll be fine," Luna insisted, "Trust me. In a few minutes, the energy that was stolen from them will return. They'll awake with a bit of a headache, but alive and whole."


"No buts," Luna snapped, "Now come, place your wand back where it belongs and let's go back home."

Serena looked down at her wand, lying on floor when she had flung herself to Molly's side. The crystal blade had again again, converting it back to its real name.

"If I explain to them..." she started to say.

"They wouldn't believe you," Luna stated, "And they wouldn't understand even if they did. Plus, the world is not ready to accept someone like you just yet."

Serena looked at her, questions forming at her eyes.

"I promise to explain everything," Luna said, "As much as I possibly can, but not now. Let's get going. It's getting late. If your mother hasn't realized yet that you're missing, she will soon."

The words motivated Serena. With one last glance at Molly, she picked up her wand and placed back on the back bow tie before following Luna out of the store. As she ran back to her home, something caused looked up at the moon, seeing it's first stages of forming.

I am the one named Sailor Moon.

The words echoed in her mind and felt strangely familiar, as if she had known them all along. Deep down, she knew that her simple life was over and that a new path awaited her. She could not help but wonder what that would lead, but to her surprise she was ready to follow it.

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