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Harry Potter Fanfiction


This is Harry and Hermione's love story. I don't own any characters. I love Harry Potter fanfiction so I wanted to do one myself. I even though I do not own the character, I own the plot of the story. These characters that I will use is J.k Rowling's brought to life by WarnerBros.Ink

Romance / Fantasy
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Chapter One : The betrayal

Harry comes into the common room after his lessons with Snape. Harry immediately heard crying. He begins to look around and immediately noticed that Hermione was crying hysterically with her hands covering her face. Harry goes over to Hermione and sits next to her. Harry puts his hand on Hermione's shoulder. Hermione shrugged off Harry's hand roughly, "GO AWAY, RON. I DON'T WANT TO SEE YOU AGAIN!" she said, not looking up at Harry. "It's not Ron. It's me, Harry" Harry said calmy. Hermione looked up at Harry's face. She jumped and hugged Harry, almost knocking him to the ground. Harry told Hermione to calm down and tell him what was wrong. Hermione broke the hug. Harry looks into Hermione's eyes. "please...tell me" Harry said, looking worried. Hermione cupped Harry's face in her hands and looked into his eyes. She told Harry that if she told him, Harry would have to promise her that he'll never leave her all alone. Harry then told Hermione that he promised, then Hermione took her hands off of Harry's face. "Ron raped me, Harry." she says through sobbs "He what?!" Harry immediately gets worried for Herminone and angry at Ron. Hermione told Harry to calm down and that she already told Dumbledoor. But now Hermione did not feel safe at Hogwarts anymore. Harry tells her that if she wants, she can stay with him and no harm will come her way. Then Harry asked Hermione how it happened. Hermione tells Harry that Ron told her that he loves her but she loves someone else. Then ron got angry and pulled Hermione into an empty classroom and locked the door and that's when it happened. Harry told hermione that everything will be alright and that he has extra space in 12 grimmauld place if she decides to stay with him. Hermione could feel herself blushing when she's with Harry without him noticing. "So...Harry, how are things with you and Ginny?" Hermione asked Harry, hopping for him to say that he broke up with Ginny "Oh, it's really great. I took Ginny to this really fancy resturant and she loved it." he replied, smiling. Hermione got sad but didn't show it. Hermione then thanks Harry for being there her when she needed him the most. Before leaving the common room to find Ginny, Harry kisses Hermione's cheek and tells her to feel better. After Harry left, Hermione felt herself blushing as she was madly in love with Harry since their first year and now they are in their seventh year at Hogwarts. Meanwhile, Harry was looking for Ginny. When he finds her, he sees Ginny making out with Draco. Harry immediately forms tears his eyes and quickly runs back to the common room. Harry, with tears his eyes, kicks the wall angrily. Hermione noticed that Harry was upset. She goes over to him and takes his left hand and holds it tightly. Harry looks at their hands interwined and then looks into Hermione's eyes. Hermione asked Harry what was wrong. "Hermione, have you ever seen the person you love kiss someone else?" "Actually, yes I have. Multiple times, Harry" she tells him, he asked Hermione 'who was this person you loved?' and Hermione told him that it didn't because 'he' only saw her as just a friend.

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