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By EphemeralSakura

Adventure / Drama


Epidemic. Definition: The rapid spread of infectious disease to a large number of people in a given population within a short period of time.

The peaceful days after the war were gone, at last.

After years of prosperity and innovations in the ninja world, people were once again dying. Villagers and ninjas, elders and children, rich and poor; they were all succumbing to the newest threat that took over the streets of the village hidden in the leaves. A threat that was not human nor a divine power or even an animal. It was smaller than a nail, yet with a wider range than a cannonball. Through any path it took, the ending was always the same: death. A massive number of corpses that even after being buried would still contaminate the soil and any possible plantation that grew nearby. It was contaminating the fields, the crops, the water, the animals, and slowly, it was extinguishing all of human kind. That invisible assassin had arrived with full strength in Konoha. And not even the specialists could take care of that disease.

The merciless intruder was soon discovered to be a virus that, once inside the human body, would slowly and painfully degenerate its insides. It would start with the airways, passing to the stomach and finally messing with the inner temperature, causing the person to literally boil inside. The blood pressure would reach its extreme and all the water would evaporate, causing internal burns through the whole body and the agonizing sensation of melting. For those strong enough to survive after that, their eyes would have the immense pleasure of seeing the partial disintegration of the putrefied skin that would only stop when the bones were finally exposed. After that moment, death was inevitable. The body would rot completely and the life that was trapped inside of it would be taken away in one of the most horrible ways known by humanity. No one was safe from it and no future was certain anymore. Death was striking hard and the only ones that could do something were brutally failing. Humanity was being destroyed and the only ones who could stop that massacre were the respected medical ninjas of the Leaf. They were holding countless lives in their hands. However, those healing hands also belonged to imperfect human bodies.

Not even after Pain’s attack the central hospital was so full. Hordes of the infected were constantly crossing the entrance door every day and the only kind of organization that could be found in the building was a certain division of people depending on which stage of the disease they were found at. The ones feeling breathless remained in the first and second floors of the hospital, with all the possible oxygen tanks disposable for them. The ones who were already being dried up from inside were occupying the third floor and saline solutions were being constantly injected in their veins as if to try to hydrate them back. Last but not least, the ones suffering from the last stage of the disease were being held on the last floor of the hospital. Those were the ones in the worst conditions and the medics taking care of them were considered to be the best around the whole Fire country. They had to be strong physically and emotionally to take care of those on the verge of death. They had to be the best for they were those patient’s last resort. They had to save lives. And more than most of them, the pink haired medic knew what was at stake.

“ Sakura! Hurry, mend that man’s skin before it’s too late!”

“Hai, Tsunade-sama!”

Glowing green lights could be seen everywhere in all of the rooms of the last floor. They were mending skin, lowering temperatures, loosening arteries and healing all kinds of internal wounds in order to prevent focal hemorrhages. Many were the medics trying and many were those reaching their limits without any positive result. That virus was fighting against the whole medical squad and the only ones who seemed to be surviving against it were the Slug Princess and her talented apprentice. Unlike the others, master and student weren’t being completely beaten by the circumstances. However, it didn’t mean they were winning.

“Uchiha-san! Please, I need help here!”

“Go on, Sakura, I can handle this!”

“are you sure, shishou?”  

“Hurry up!”

With so many screams begging for help, it was pretty common to see the legendary Sannin doing her best to heal not one, but two patients at the same time. Tsunade was an inspiration to all of those around her and seeing her so devoted to ease the pain of those who were condemned was like a silver lining in the middle of that rain of deaths. At that exact moment, the Godaime was the living personification of hope and the biggest reason why no one had given up yet. Sakura couldn’t be prouder of her master at that moment. And to be worthy of being called her student, the pinkette had to make sure to save as many lives as possible. That is her duty as a medic. That is what she was trained to do.

In that improvised ICU, the pink haired medic was constantly running around to aid not only the patients but also her medic fellows who had had their chakra reserves completely emptied. All of the years she had spent training were being rewarded at that moment of despair for she hadn’t lost a single life yet. Her hands were still not curing those people, but they were making sure to ease their pain and to stabilize their conditions. She was preventing them from dying and she was doing so with all of her professionalism and abilities that impressed not only her medic fellows but also her master. Uchiha Sakura was saving lives in there. Lives of people she knew and of people she didn’t. Lives of people she didn’t even have the chance of meeting because another unknown life was in need of her aid. She was working really fast in there, and by doing so, her eyes couldn’t really get used to a single person. Instead, her stunning emerald orbs were stained by the most horrendous scenes that not even the fourth ninja war had prepared her for. There were liters of blood making their way towards the white floor and a mix of rotten skin and muscles literally falling off from people’s bodies. There were agonizing screams filling her ears and they were all begging for help. They were begging to be saved from that suffering. Those nameless infected were begging to be killed, but no medic could do so. While there was still a chance, no life would be taken away by another human being. That was an order.

At each new patient, a completely different curtain opened to reveal a new surprise. An incredibly high fever, organs that were not working anymore, vomit and countless more symptoms that didn't seem to keep a pattern. Each case was different depending on the person, but eventually they would all cause another death. Each patient expressed a different reaction to being dying, but they all feared the unknown darkness to where their souls would be sent. They all feared being just another nameless victim in the middle of so many others. And this fear could bring out the miserable and inhumane part of their lives. They forgot who they were and they forgot the meaning of being a human.

“What's the emergency here?”

“This man… H-He… H-e….”

The medic that had called for her, although she was older than Sakura and with some more years of experience; was completely freaking out. There were tears streaming down her face and her hands were shaking and her eyes were expressing a total state of fear. It was clear to the pinkette that that woman was not being able to handle the pressure. She was not coping with the idea of having a life in her hands and that it was her responsibility to, at least, soothe their pain. It was her duty as a medic, but in her current conditions there was nothing she could do to help.

“Calm down… I’ll take care of this. Go take five.”

“Are you sure, Uchiha-san?”

“Yes. Now go. We will still need you here.”


The woman left without saying anything about the patient’s situation. She left  without probably even knowing her own name. That poor soul was more than just tormented by that whole chaos and she was not the only one in such condition. Many more were on the verge of exploding and many more would definitely explode within the next hours of continuous work. That woman was lucky to have been able to take some minutes to rest in the middle of that whole thing. Most of the medics, including Sakura and Tsunade, had been working non-stop for the past couple of days and they didn’t intend to stop until the problem was over. They had no time to sleep at all and if not for the food pills, none of them would have eaten anything either. They were all working under inhuman conditions and they all knew about the consequences it would bring to their own bodies once that crises ended. They all knew that what they were doing was reckless, yet, knowing about it didn’t make them stop. The whole team was determined to win that battle and produce a vaccine so that scenario wouldn’t repeat itself ever again in the history of Konoha. They were determined to cure, but just their determination wouldn’t be enough.

Once Sakura was left alone with that man, her observing eyes started to examine his body in search of the most critical symptom. The man was in his fifties already and she noticed how his cracked lip were evidencing his dehydration. For his clothes were completely soaked in sweat, the pinkette also concluded that his temperature was higher than normal and by the scratch marks on his arm she also concluded that the inner burns were creating an immense discomfort. That man was not in the worst of the conditions at that moment but he certainly would be if she didn’t initiate the procedures soon. She had to be fast if she wanted to save his life. And that was the one thing she wanted the most at that moment.

“Sir, I need you to tell me where does it hurt the most.”

“What?” His half closed eyes focused on the owner of such voice and he certainly didn’t like what he saw. “Who are you? Where is the medic that was taking care of me?”

“My colleague went to help another person and I’ll be the one responsible for you. Now please, tell me what you’re feeling.”

“Feeling? Help another one? H-How did she have the courage to leave me to a nurse?!”

“Sir, I need you to keep calm. I am also a medic and I am also qualified to help you, but I need you to cooperate with me now.”

“No… NO! I don’t wanna die because of a medic like you!”

The man started to scream, attracting the attention of many patients and medics that were around them. His eyes widened as he was struggling to move his body away from Sakura. Apparently, he did not know that the one who was about to take care of him was trained by the best medic in the whole world. And due to his current conditions, Sakura doubted he would even listen to her if she tried to explain.

“You are not going to die, sir. You are in good hands, I assure you.”

“NO! Bring that woman back! Don’t you dare play with my life, you brat! You don’t even know what you’re doing!”

Before she could even answer him, the man tried to stand up from the bed where he was laying. He certainly did not want to be treated by such a young girl at crucial times like that. He did not want his life to depend on someone so inexperienced like that girl and even if she knew he was overreacting a little, the pink haired Uchiha understood his point of view. She understood that he was afraid for his life but she also understood what was at risk at that moment. She knew her own qualities as a medic and she knew that his state was not stabilized at all. One single move could cause his tissues to fall and that was not what she wanted. That was not in her plans. So, when she saw him moving, her hands went immediately to his torso in order to hold him back down and prevent any brusque movement. Unfortunately, her delicate hands weren’t strong enough to prevent anything.

When the man felt her gloved hands on him, his muscles quickly sent them away in reflex. Due to the immense strength he used, not only he pushed the pinkette away, but he also made a considerable part of his arm fly away and fall flat on the floor. At that moment, her emerald eyes widened in shock. She knew things were not going to be okay after that and she was right. After  his brown eyes saw that his bone was totally exposed and that there was blood running down his skin; all that was left of his self-control simply disappeared. All his humanity was gone.

“W-What the hell is going on…!? M-My ARM!”

“Calm down, sir! If you move, it will only get worse!”

“Calm down?! Is this all you can say?! How the fuck am I supposed to calm down when a part of my flesh literally jumped away from my body!?”

“I know it’s bad but it’s important for you to calm down… You’re still sick an-“

“No! I’m not sick! I am dying! I am dying and there is nothing a useless girl like you can do to save me!”

“Hey, calm down, sir!” The blonde Yamanaka stepped in, not stopping her own work while doing so. “ Sakura is one of the best medics we have here! Show more respect!”

“Oh… One of the best?! If you, pinky, is one of the best we have here, then we are all doomed. We are all going to die by the end of this night!” He turned around, looking at Ino and at the others. Fear clearly being spread around the room.

“You bastard… I should-“

“Ino!” Sakura stopped her, turning her fierce emerald eyes to the back of that man. If he kept going on about the inevitable death, all the other patients would also go crazy and the chaos would be a lot bigger, if that was even possible at that moment. She had to stop that man. If she wanted to save him, she had to shut his mouth. However, the one who became speechless was no other than the pinkette after the seconds that followed her words.

At the exact moment he turned to face the Uchiha, the whole room went mute. No voice came out and even the screams were swallowed by the horror. The whole definition of horror itself was swallowed by that man’s face. It paralyzed every single soul from that room and spread fear around every single patient. They were seeing their future in that man. They were seeing how they would look like in a few more hours because of that virus. They were seeing their death. And Sakura certainly had a quite privileged view of that traumatizing end.

“What are you looking at, pinky? Never seen a dead man before?”

Her lungs were begging for air as her throat went dry. Her heart was beating faster and she couldn’t not keep her emeralds locked on that man’s face. It was something she had never seen before. It was something that would never leave her worst nightmares and it was something that could not be healed. It was the one thing sentencing that man to death.

As he approached her, the marks of his disease were becoming even more evident in his face. His eyes were shaking, as his lips became even drier and the wholes around his eyes became even deeper. His weak body stumbled at each step taken, and consequently, the parts of his flesh that had already lost the connection to his body became even more deformed. Apart from the exposed bone on his arm, his cheekbones were also making contact with the external world. At each stumble, more flesh would slip through his skull, leaving some of his teeth and a part of his jaw completely exposed and stained in blood. That man was slowly being turned into a skeleton right in front of her eyes and she was not sure of what she could do to help him. He was languishing on death row and she would be one to judge his poor soul.

“H-Help me…”

Should she let him die like a skeleton?

“P-Please… help me…”

Should she give him the opportunity to be a human again?

“I'm begging you… Help…”

Should she do anything? 

Yes, she knew she had to do something. And even it went against the rules, it had to be done by her life-saving hands. It had to be done.

Uchiha Sakura was about to ignore an order.

“KILL ME!!!”

Her hands worked fast and her knife was sharp as the wind. In a single moment a half skinned head was resting on the floor, right next to its body of origin. That man was down. He was dead again and all she could think about was that his agony had come to an end. Sakura knew she was being selfish, yet, it seemed to be the right thing to be done. It seemed to be the only way to give him back what was left of his humanity. It seemed to have been the only way to bring him peace. And she was right. Deep inside, she was right and every single person in that room also agreed with her. However, what she did could not be ignored. It could not be forgotten. Nor by her colleagues nor her other patients.

The silence that enveloped the place for about one minute was suddenly broken by the desperate sound of tears. They seem to belong to a woman that was resting some beds away and more than ever she seemed to be losing her hopes of being healed. That woman was entering in a state of shock for fearing having her head cut like that. She was also losing her sanity in the same way that man lost moments before. She was starting to die. And if someone didn’t do anything, then not only that woman, but all of the other patients, would share the same destiny of that headless man.

“ Keep your things together!”

The blonde woman raised her voice, shaking every soul of the room. Due to her experience in times like that, Tsunade already knew exactly what to do. Even if she was about to sacrifice her apprentice, it would be the best to be done.

“ None of you are going to die like this! Our team is going to make of that!” The Godaime raised her voice again in attempt to control the situation.

“B-But it was a girl from your team that cut his head off!” One by one, the patients started to speak, shaking in fear.

“Yes! How can we know she won’t do it again?!”

“I-I can explain!” The rosette whispered, still watching the blood of that man slide down her blade.

“Sakura! Get out of here immediately!”

“What?! But I can’t leave right now, Tsunade-sama!”

“Leave right now! Go home and rest.”

“I don’t need rest! I want to help!”

“Sakura, this is an order!”

Honey colored eyes locked with forest green ones and the pinkette knew her master was not joking. In fact, never before Tsunade had given her student such a murderous glare. A glare condemning her actions. A glare telling her how disappointed she was at her student. A glare sending her away. And against that glare nothing can be done by the pink haired Uchiha.

Not wasting any more second, Sakura ran away from that room with tears threatening to pool in her eyes. She passed through the door, ran down the hallways and finally ended up in one of the bathroom’s cabinets. She couldn't hold back anymore. All of those wounds, and deaths and that man’s head were all just too much for her stomach to bare. The girl opened the vase and vomited all of that grudge that had been suffocating her throat. She threw it all out, including her master’s disapproving glare. Sakura still couldn't believe everything that had just happened in that room. She had cut off a man’s head, for god’s sake. Perhaps a rest would really fit her well. Perhaps that rest would prevent her from getting lost in madness forever. 

Passing  the main door of the hospital, a new air quickly refreshed her lungs. After long and tiring three days, her emerald eyes were reunited with the night sky and with a cooling autumn breeze. She had been inside that hospital ever since the quarantine state had been declared in Konoha and that was the first time she walked around those empty streets of the village she calls home. That virus had really knocked the life out of that place and not even Naruto’s childish smile would be able to cheer anyone up. For the people were afraid and any contact with the external world should be avoided, all of the villagers were locked inside their houses with their families, waiting for that crises to pass. They were waiting for a cure, but that cure was still not even close to be ready. Yet, no one needed to know about that. No one needed to know that sometimes hope doesn't mean a thing against something as strong as that virus. All they needed to know was that people were working on that and soon their beloved ones would return home. Soon, the families that were separated because of that disease would all be together again. And that was the one thing her raven haired husband wanted the most. 

Like most of the medics that were working unstoppably at the hospital, Sakura also had someone waiting for her at home. She made him promise to stay there until all that mess ended and she even blackmailed him emotionally so he would listen to her words. If there was one thing she could not allow was having Sasuke being infected by that virus. He is the love of her life and she was sure that if anything happened to him, all of her courage and determination and pretty much all of the other things that made her who she is would disappear. Sakura would die inside if the one agonizing in a bed was him. She would die if something happened to him. Therefore, all the care in the world wouldn't still be enough to protect her most precious treasure.

When the Uchiha reached the door of her house, the first thing she did was getting rid of her clothes. She took off her shirt and her skirt and her boots and even her underwear, not caring about being seen naked at all. She threw it all away in a special trash can that would be soon incinerated and quickly used her medical techniques to sterilize her own body from any possible contamination that could be stuck in her. It was only once she was one hundred percent sure that nothing could affect him that she entered her own house and wrapped her naked body in a towel left there especially for her. Once wrapped in that towel, she could finally consider herself at home. She could finally take a look at his bright dark pearls after three endless days.


There was a certain silence for some seconds, but by the time she stepped on the wooden floor of their house, the tall figure of her husband appeared in front of her. He looked as beautiful as always and he looked healthy too. Her husband was healthy, and more than ever, relieved to see his wife after so long.

“Okaeri, Sakura. “

She offered him a tender smile as her feet made her stop right in front of him. She could feel her heart beating a little faster in excitement for finally seeing him after so long. He seemed so different, yet exactly the same as three days before. He seemed more mature and serious, yet she could see tenderness in his eyes as he looked her with those intense dark eyes of his that simply drove her whole self insane. Because of those eyes, she could feel her body urging to hug him tight and kiss him hard and to look for comfort in those strong arms of his. She could feel her heart telling her to let go off of all of the things that were making it so hard for her to remain strong and everything inside of her was basically telling her to allow herself to cry after so long. However she knew she could not do any of that yet. It was still not safe even after the procedures she took before entering her house. There was still one more thing to be done until she could get rid of that whole medic facade that was keeping husband and wife away from each other. There was still one more thing until she could, finally, show him how much she had missed him. Oh, and how she missed him.

“ So, how are things there?”

“The same… Still no cure for that virus.”

“Hn. And have you been taking care of yourself?”

“… As much as possible, I guess…”

“ This is the one thing that worries me the most… Have you eaten properly?”

" … I tried…”

“ Tch, honestly… “ He sighed. At least she was being honest with him, he thought. “ Dinner is ready. Lets go eat it.” He offered her his hand, but she did not take it. Instead, she looked down a little depressed and faked a smile. 

“I will take a shower first… I’m not hungry so… You can go eat, Sasuke-kun.”

“No. I will wait for you to finish.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yes… Don’t take too long and don’t lock the door.”

She smiled tenderly at him, nodding her head. Sasuke was surely worried about her.

“I’ll leave it open… Don’t worry.”

“Hn. Hurry up then.”

Her emeralds widened for a moment before she could finally make her way towards their bathroom. There, she removed her towel and stepped under the scalding water so she could clean her whole body. She brushed her teeth until they bled, took the sponge with soap and rubbed it against her skin with all of her strength as she thought about the previous days. Her memory remembered about all of the deaths and about all of the screams and about that man’s face. That horrible face that brought nausea to her and how suddenly his head fell flat on the floor after being ripped from its body. Everything was still really hard for her to face but her master’s glare was definitely the most shocking moment of those days. That glare took her breath away and shed her tears before she could even decide to cry. That glare simply killed the medic that was inside of her and she didn’t know if she would be able to revive her before the next day arrived.

Without taking any further, the pinkette stepped out of the box as soon as her bath was done. She waited for the water droplets to slide down her curves and she observed as they followed their way through her soaked pink locks. Her hands went to grab her towel, so she could wrap herself in it and protect her body from the coldness of her room, but she gave up as soon as her memories returned to her mind. She decided that she wanted to feel the cold breeze striking her body and sending shivers down her spine. She decided that she wanted to feel cold in a world where many people were literally being cooked alive to death. She needed to feel cold to know she was still alive. And cold was exactly what she felt after stepping out of that bathroom and having those dark eyes piercing through her bare body.


In a sudden reaction to his presence there, the pink haired girl couldn’t help but trying to cover her intimate parts with her hands. For some reason Sakura did not know, she was ashamed of her body and she didn’t want him to see it even if he had already touched every single inch of it. She was ashamed of herself and that shame was blinding those beautiful eyes of hers for the world that was right in front of her. Luckily, his eyes were there to guide her through that moment of blindness she was facing.

“I- I didn’t know you were out here, sorry…”

“ Sorry? What for?”

“Because…” She avoided eye contact, feeling uncomfortable with the whole situation. “Because I shouldn’t have come out like this… This room isn’t only mine, after all…”

“Hn, I don’t mind…”

“ Still… I’ll go put on something more appropriate.”


With her head lowered in respect, the pinkette made her way towards her wardrobe as his eyes paid attention to her every move. It is true that Sasuke was glad for the opportunity of seeing her naked at times like that. By doing so, he was able to confirm the one thing he already suspected from the moment she stepped in their house. He confirmed that in the past three days his wife had completely neglected her own needs and had recklessly ignored her own health. Due to how her waist was thiner and how her dark circles had dark circles and how her chakra was basically zero; Sasuke knew what she had done-or had not done- and this infuriated him more than ever. How come she put the others’ needs before hers? How come she could simply allow her body to perish while taking care of others? How come he could still not be mad at her for doing it all to herself?

Even if he felt like arguing with her at first, this idea soon disappeared from his mind once he realized how exhausted she was after having used all of her strength in order to save other lives. Sasuke was impressed by her courage and by her determination but seeing her like that simply killed him inside. He wanted to take care of her. He wanted her to stop hurting herself like that and he wanted to save her from any possible ghost that was haunting her thoughts. He wanted her to tell him everything that had happened, without hiding any sordid detail. He wanted to know, but he would never force her to talk. 

After slowly standing up, the raven haired man careful went after his wife, stopping right behind her. Without bothering to say anything, he simply kissed the back of her head for exactly five seconds, making her whole body relax and let out all of the air that had been stuck in her throat. Sasuke could never imagine how that simple kiss had made her feel good. It was just a kiss on the head, yet it meant the whole world for her at that moment. It meant the world that was not taken over by that virus. It meant the world where people were still smiling around was still there and just that meaningful kiss was enough to bring back a bit of her shaken confidence in herself. Her husband is, indeed, an incredible man.

“… Thank you…” She whispered.

“Hn. I’ll be waiting for you downstairs.”

“ I’ll be down in a minute.”

After those brief words, he left the room and Sakura found herself some comfortable clothes to wear. She went down the stairs to meet him at the kitchen and during their dinner none of them discussed anything related to the virus. Since her eyes were still so dull, Sasuke thought that she was still not ready to open up about the things that happened. The male Uchiha decided to leave her be for a couple of days more, for when the time came, he would be there to listen to her in the same way she listened to him during his own stormy days. He was decided to give her time for he knew that was the one thing she needed at that moment. Time was her keyword.

The dinner ended quickly and his eyes observed that she didn’t eat as much as he would have liked her to have eaten. Still, he was sure that that had been the best, if not the only, decent meal she had had in those past 3 days. And he was right, of course he was. His wife had simply skipped meals and that was why she had lost a considerable amount of weight. Sasuke would certainly have to take care of that once that epidemic was over, but at that moment his priority was also making her rest for he could bet his other arm that she hadn’t closed her eyes in the past three days. And again, he was right. However, making her sleep would be a bit easier than making her eat. Sakura was exhausted, and soon, she would collapse somewhere in the house. And he would be there to take care of her as she enjoyed her precious rest.

“ Are you going to bed already?” He said, placing his hand in his pocket and looking straight at her.

“ Not yet… I just need to check something in a book before.”

“ Can’t you do this tomorrow?”

“ I won’t have time tomorrow… I’ll be heading off to the hospital first thing in the morning. I need to see If the books in the library say anything about this virus.”

“ Hn… And how long will you spend there?”

“Until I find it, of course.”

“No, you won’t.”

“ Excuse me?”

“ Exactly what you’ve heard. You came home to rest after 3 hard days. I won’t let you spend the whole night awake, Sakura.”

“ But Sasuke-kun, I have to fi-“

“No buts. You have one hour to find it. If you don't come to bed in one hour, I’ll take you by force, you hear me?" His eyes were determined and he was certainly not joking at that time. There was no use on going against him whenever he was like that. And Sakura knew it better than anyone.

“… Yes.”

“Good. Now good luck. Call me if you need anything.”


And so, they parted in different directions in the house. He went to their room and she went to the library where she kept all of her medical books. With her quick eyes, the girl started to inspect them one by one, hoping she would find anything that would eventually lead to the cure of that disease. She looked for it in the viruses book, in the emergency book, the rare diseases book and she even looked for it in the mortal epidemics book. Yet, she found nothing. Nothing that could help her treating those people and nothing that could be called IT. Perhaps she was missing something really obvious or perhaps the answers she was looking for were just too complex for her. Perhaps humanity was doomed, indeed or perhaps its safety wouldn't be only in her hands. What if she could share that burden? What if she could share that pain? What if she could share the death of so many lives? No, even if it felt relieving, sharing was not an option at that moment. The burden was all hers to carry and she wouldn’t let anyone else suffer because of that. She would find the cure herself. However, she would have to find the way to her own bedroom before. Her hour was almost over and her body wasn’t being able to hold itself up anymore. Sakura was going to collapse in a deep sleep and she wouldn’t even have time to return to her bed. She wouldn’t be strong enough to win against her own tiredness. Thankfully, she wasn’t alone in that battle.

Once her time limit reached its end and the pinkette didn’t show up, her worried husband wasted no time before going after her. He went to the library and found out that there was something heavy preventing the door from opening. That girl, he thought, she had locked herself in so he wouldn’t force her to sleep that night. Sakura was certainly a reckless girl at times of emergency, but at that time she was not being reckless. She was just being tired.

“Sakura… open up.” He said, shaking the door. “ I won’t ask twice before opening it by force!”He shook it one more time, and suddenly the door became lighter allowing him to smoothly slide it open. Apparently she had listened to his words, he thought. However, once he entered the library to see an exhausted Sakura fast asleep on the floor and with her back close to the door, then he understood that her own body had listened to its own needs. At that moment, Sasuke’s heart felt at ease.

“ Silly…”

He said, leaning down and picking her body up from the floor. He carefully lifted her body, resting her head on his shoulder and supporting her back with his right hand. Then, he slowly took her to their bedroom, placing his wife delicately on their bed. At that moment, she let out a tired sound that brought a smile to his stoic face. Sasuke then covered her body with the blankets and found himself a comfortable spot next to her. His hand went to caress her cheek and slowly lifted her chin up so he could press his lips softly against hers. Sakura is certainly a beautiful woman, he thought. And even in times like that she was still beautiful. She was still the medic she has always been and she was still that same annoying girl he once met. She was still his Sakura. And he would make sure to support her in all of the ways he could. Always.

“I'm here with you…”

He whispered in her ear, pulled her head to rest on his chest and closed his eyes right after it. He hoped his words would calm her down and that they would take some of her burden away. With his words, he hoped she would be at ease for the night and through all of that epidemic.

But those were just words. Nothing more. 

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