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Dragon Ball Titans

By Patrick Smith

Action / Humor

Chapter 1: Time Tango

Dragon Ball Titans


5 years after the revival of Frieza, Goten falls for a human woman, who dies giving birth to his one and only son, Goshin. When the child's potential is seen, he is handed over to his grandfather and the rest of his family for training. He joins the Z Fighters 17 years after his birth, determined to show his best and fight for what's right.

Chapter 1

17 years after he is handed over to his grandfather for training, Goshin is sparring against his grandfather Goku and his uncle Gohan. He holds his own against the two as he kicks Goku in the face and transforms into a super saiyan. Goku and Gohan also transform and continue fighting. In the middle of the battle, Goshin summons an energy field that sends Goku and Gohan flying away. He then shoots two balls of ki at them which sned them even further. As he gets up, Gohan transforms into a super saiyan 2 and charges at Goshin. He punches him in the face and kicks him 4 times in the chest. Goshin gets up as his muscles begin to grow and his hair gets spikier. He ascends beyond a super saiyan but not quite a super saiyan 2. He sends a flying kick at Gohan and appears behind him to start lifting him up in the air. He then repeatedly punches and kicks gohan and sends him to the ground with a hammer fist

*Pant* *Pant* "Well done Goshin," he says, "That's enough for today"

Goshin smiles and gives him a thumbs up

As they begin to rest they see Trunks flying through the distant air

"Hey guys!" he says.

"Long time Trunks." replies Goku, "Come on inside. I wonder what Chichi is cooking."

They go inside and begin to stuff food in their mouths.

"So guys," says Trunks with his mouth full of food, "I wanted to tell you about something that happened as I was Time Patrolling."

Goshin burps and replies also with a mouth full of food "Time Patrolling? What's that"

"Oh right. I gues I haven't told you about that" he says as he is stuffing rice into his mouth.


They all swallow whatever is in their mouths with a scared look on their faces and look down. Trunks explains how he is working with the supreme kai of time to help fix distortions in history and how the supreme kai of time would like to speak with all the Z fighters

"Meet us?" says Gohan, "What for?"

"I don't know," says Trunks, "She didn't tell me."

"Aaaah, well I'm full," says Goku "You wanna go now?"

"Sure" they all say.

They start flying away at full speed as Chichi yells at them to wash their dishes and put up the food. Trunks guides them all to a realm known as the Tokitoki world. He leaves to gather the rest of the Z fighters. The supreme kai of time comes and guides them through Tokitoki city.

"This is the time machine area, where we send patrollers to fix the side effects in history." she says.

They go through a portal to see a not as modern area with a river and a pedestal with a Dragon on it.

"And this is the plaza of time. That pedestal across the river is where you place the dragon balls to summon Shenron. Let's go across this here portal."

They go through another portal to a dome area with a fountain on the side, a temple and a small house with machine junk around it. Out of the house come Trunks along with Goten, Vegeta, Piccolo, Krillin, Pan, #18 and Tenshinhan. They go into the house and the supreme kai of time begins to talk.

"Now I called you all here because I need you for something." she says, "You all remember the demon god Demigra who attacked the Time Nest years ago? Well, his death triggered a time bomb leading to the time of Broly's 2nd coming along with the father of Goku, Bardock. But you guys also knew this already."

"Wait," says Goku, "my father? Who is he?"

"You mean, you don't know about him?" says Trunks.

"Actually I think none of us here know about him." says Piccolo

"Well, he was a saiyan that found out about Frieza's plans to wipe out the saiyan race and stood up to him. He was very strong, even stronger than thesaiyan elites, but he lost his life as Frieza destroyed planet Vegeta." says Trunks.

"Wait," says Vegeta, "I've heard of this saiyan before. Yes, this is him. I can see the resambalance between him and Kakarot. He was an honorable saiyan."

"He's also kinda cute. But back to the topic!" says supreme kai of time, "I'm sure you want to know more about your father Goku, but now is not the time for this. It turns out that there was another time traveler present during that change in history. We haven't identified him yet, but he has recently gathered the realm of demons to take control of the time nest and they won't stop there."

"Damn." says Gohan, "How long until?"

"I fear we don't know." she says, "We just have to get ready until they come. Which is why I want to introduce you to the time patroller that stopped Demigra along with Goku, Pato.

A man with clothes similar to the ones Trunks wore when he came from the future and a ninja katana on his back walks into the room. The crowd notices his tail moving around.

Goshin gasps as he says "You - you mean he's a…"

"A saiyan, yes. That's me." says Pato, "But besides that, you know about the new threat. I will leave the time nest to train with you, if you can all keep up with me."

"Pato here, has trained with mmost of the Z Fighters, and many other people!" says Supreme Kai of Time to Goshin.

"Haha, you haven't changed a bit since I took you on as my student." says Vegeta, "But enough with the small talk. We must go to Earth to train.

They all go their separate ways to begin training.

The Son family trains in King Kai's planet, Tenshinhan and Chiaotzu train in the solitude of the Earth, Vegeta and Trunks train in the gravity room and Pato lives on the lookout with Piccolo going to the hyperbolic time chamber whenever their bodies can handle it.

A year and a half passes when the supreme kai of time contacts the Z fighters to come to Tokitoki. They arrive there to see the world of time patrollers including the supreme kai of time shaking in fear as a strange figure is sitting on the time pedestal surrounded by debri from Tokitoki and a couple of dead time patrollers. The strange figure lifts it's head up when the Z fighters arrive.

"Finally," says the strange hooded person, "I can take my revenge on you"

"That–that voice!" says Pato

"It's so familiar!" says Trunks

"It–it can't be!" they both say

"That's right." says the strange person as it takes off the hood revealing it's face, "It is I, Towa. Sister of the Demon King Dabura, master scientist and the one that will bring this filthy place down after you destroyed my Mira"

"Yeah, that guy was a tool." says Pato with a confident voice.

"Oh you are DEAD!" she yells.

"Is he always this cocky?" whispers Goshin to Goku.

"Yeah, but I still wouldn't underestimate him." he replies

"Well I'll warn you that we've all pushed ourselves to new heights, and Gohan and I had our potential unleashed by the elder kai." says Pato

"Oh, so you've learned new tricks," says another familiar voice, "How cute."

"M – Mira?!" says Trunks

Mira appears next to Towa and says "Yes. For it is I, master creation of Towa, Mira. And I'll have you know that I too have gotten much stronger".

Mira throws a strange ball of ki into the sky which opens up and thousands of strange beings come out of it. Everyone charges their energy and Goku charges towards Mira when a masked man appears in front of him and uppercuts him. This masked man is wearing saiyan armor and appears to have a tail wrapped around his waist like a belt. The rest of the Z fighters go for the three villains but are easily overpowered by Mira and the masked man. They also notice that the time patrollers of Tokitoki are being attacked by those things that came out of the portal.

"Krillin, Goshin," says Gohan, "get everyone to safety!"

"Alright, c'mon Goshin." says Krillin

The two fly out to do what they are told as piccolo takes off his weighted clothes and goes for the masked man. Piccolo aims a ki blast for his face, but the masked man just dodges it and appears in front of Piccolo. He charges his fist with ki and punches Piccolo in the gut. He then flies up above Piccolo and shoots a ki wave similar to the kamehameha at him.

Gohan just charges his energy in his base for with a white aura and so does Pato. They both go for Mira but mira disappears then appears behind them to knee them both in the back. He then grabs them by the hair and smashes both of their heads together. As he is gonna do it again, Gohan escapes Mira's grasp and kicks him in the face which sends him flying torwards the middle of the battle while a faint kamehameha is heard being performed. Pato appears in front of Mira and elbows him in the back which sends him upwards right in front of Goku who has been charging a kamehameha.

"HAAAAAAAAA!" yells Goku as the kamehameha wave damages Mira.

Mira gets up from it and begins to laugh. The masked man appears behind Goku and grabs him in a lock. He then charges up two ki blasts in his hand, ready to shoot goku. When suddenly Goten flies up and punches Mira in the gut. He then goes behind mira and elbows him in the back as Mira is sent to the ground in a giant crater. Goten goes suuper saiyan and begins to charge a kamehameha but Mira gets up, appears behind Goten and jabs him in the neck which makes him lose consciousness. But as he is about to fall, Mira grabs him by the hair and begins to punch him repeatedly.

"DAAAAAAAD!" screamed Goshin who had returned to fight.

"Oh, so this is your father?" says Mira with a sinister tone.

He signals the masked man. The masked man nods and kicks Goku to a wall then appears behind Goshin forcing him to look at Mira beat up his dad.

The ground begins to shake as small items begin floating in the above the ground.

"I won't l – let you GET AWAY WITH THIS!" yells Goshin. He transforms into a super saiyan 2 for the first time and breaks the masked man's lock. He charges at Mira and punches him in the face many times. He then knees him in the face and jabs him in the throat. He then charges up his fist with ki and performs a dragon fist, which kills him like the way Goku killed king Piccolo.

He then charges at the masked man and grabs him by the hair to start smashing his head against the wall. But as he does that, the mask breaks. Goten puts him down to see who it is. It is a man almost identical to Goku, but with a headband and a scarred cheek.

"F–Frieza" says the man as he faints.

"This is nice and all, but the battle still isn't over!" yells Vegeta, "While you were all having a family reunion I have been holding off Towa's army. And each soldier is as strong as Cell, so I suggest you be careful now.

The supreme kai of time takes the man to the time plaza as the Z fighters prepare to fight. Vegeta has fought against the army quite well, but more keep coming out of the portal.

"Oh, it seems you have once again overpowered my Mira!" says Towa, "I guess it is time for you all die!

She points her staff at Goshin and shoots a ki beam at him. Goshin frozen in fear is somehow not affected by it. But he sees Pato in front of him shaking. Pato falls to his knees and then on his face to reveal a hole in his back.

"PATOO!" yell the Z fighters.

Towa begins to laugh and says "Wow. You let your friend die like that. But at least I finally took my revenge out on him. But now I will rip apart that one, who has killed my Mira." she says as she points at Goshin.

"No." says Goten, "This is my son and I will protect him at all costs."

Goten begins to walk slowly towards Towa. He goes super saiyan as he is walking. Towa in rage shoots a barrage of ki blasts at him, but he deflects them all. Towa begins to shoot even more and Goten deflects them at her army. He then goes super saiyan 2.

"You see, I have been training myself to reach new limits. But now you just pissed me off." He says as he is still walking.

He then stops and smiles at Towa. He begins to yell as the ground starts to shake and crumble. Everything begins shaking. He continues yelling as his aura grows and his hair too grows. He stops to reveal himself as a super saiyan 3.

"Wh–what?!" says Towa in fear.

This is the end for you. He goes up to her and grabs her staff. He then breaks it in half and begins to punch her in the gut. He then axe kicks her to create a crater. Then he shoots a kamehameha at her.

Goten returns to his base form and falls on the ground.

"Finally, it's over." says Piccolo.

They all go to the supreme kai of time's house to see her healing the strange man.

"K–Kakarot." He murmurs in his sleep, "Frieza".

"Goku, this is Bardock," says the supreme kai of time, "Your father."

Once the supreme kai of time finishes healing him, he wakes up in fear.

"Planet Vegeta! F–Frieza!" he yells.

"Woah, calm down." says Trunks.

"Kakarot?" he says as he sees Goku.

"Father." replies Goku.

The two hug. The Z fighters begin to explain to Bardock everything and how Goku beat Frieza, how Gohan beat Cell, how Goku beat Buu, and how Goshin and Pato are the new members of the Z fighters.

"I never thought that my son and his friends and family would do so many of these things". says Bardock.

"So how come you attacked us?" says Krillin in a suspicious voice.

"I remember being sent to the past after my fight with Frieza becoming the first super saiyan, but as I was leaving, I saw 2 strange people. They took me captive and the last thing I remember was that they put a mask on my face." he replies

"So it was the mask that controlled you." says Goshin, "It's a good thing I destroyed it."

They all go to Earth and 3 months later return to the dragon ball pedestal in Tokitoki with all 7 dragon balls.

"State your wish," says the dragon, Shenron, "For I will only grant you one."

"Uh, yes powerful dragon. A friend of ours sacrificed himself to save me." says Goshin, "His name is Pato and I wish for you to bring him back to life."

"So be it" replies Shenron as his eyes glow.

He disappears and the dragon balls go up to the sky. Pato then appears in front of the pedestal.

"G–Goshin!" he says, "What happened?"

They all begin to laugh, and thus ends our first adventure of Dragon Ball Titans.

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