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Biker |✔


trigger warning: this part will contain smut by the end, you will be warned.


The next day Jungkook walked through the halls in anger, he walked inside his classroom avoiding Jin and Jimin who were trying to get him to talk to them.

"Jungkook please listen!" Jin called him for the 3d time, Jungkook turned around and gave him a glare. "Go to your classes before I report you to the principal." Jungkook told the two.


"Seriously! You leave me there! I clearly told both of you that it was a bad idea, but No you had to go and explore it. I was near to getting raped by some dick who I'd love to strangle to death..." Jungkook huffs, students who walked by gave him weird stares.

"And the worst part is that now that mother fucker whose name I don't know wants to date me..." Jungkook threw them both one last glare and stormed inside the classroom.

"You know..... he will be coming for him." Jin looked over to Jimin who sighed. "I know... but Jungkook will probably want to kill him..."


Loud motorbikes were heard outside and a student stormed inside the classroom while the lesson was being held. Everyone looked at the boy who was panting fast.

"Kim Taehyung..." the boy said between the pants. Jungkook frowned looking at the boy. The boy looked straight into Jungkooks eyes, "Kim Taehyung wants to see you, Jungkook."

Jungkook got up and walked towards the windows. "Who?" The teacher asked. Jungkook stopped him and sighed looking at the gang who were standing infront of his school. And Jungkook was more furious when he saw Taehyung holding his metal baseball bat in his hand scaring the students.

"I'll personally take care of this." Jungkook said walking towards the door, "no one, I mean it no one move." He warned his classmates.

Jungkook walked out making his way down to the main hall, he found Jimin and Jin waiting for him, "Jungkook-", "Don't." Jungkook interrupted them and walked out.

"You! Why are you here? Leave. You and your gang are disturbing the students." Jungkook walked towards Taehyung with a glare directed at him.

Taehyung smirked looking at the mad bunny who glared up at him, he put the baseball bat on his shoulders and then rested his hands on it as he walked towards the mad bunny.

He stopped right infront of him and smirked. "So feisty~ makes me wanna bend you down and take you right here right now, infront of everyone." Taehyung stated.

Jungkook was shocked at the statement and took a step back. "I told you, leave. You are causing a scene." He said and Taehyung smirked letting the bat fall on the ground.

Taehyung smirked taking a step forward, standing so close to Jungkook, their chests practically touching, both staring at each other.

The next move shocked Jungkook. Taehyung wrapped his arms around his waist bringing him closer then ever, making Jungkook gulp. And the fact that the whole school was seeing this made him frustrated.

Taehyung leaned in his ear and whispered. "If it wasn't for these people, you'd already be begging me to fuck you raw." Taehyung bit Jungkooks earlobe causing for Jungkooks body to heat up.

"N-No... leave." Jungkook tried to get out of Taehyungs arms but Taehyung only tightened them. Jungkook blushed looking up at him. Taehyung gave him his boxy smile causing for Jungkooks tummy to do flips.

"I think you owe me a date, sexy bunny." Taehyung said, his voice dark, deep yet soft, it sounded heavenly. Jungkook shook his head. "I have school right now." He said.

Taehyung unwrapped his arms around Jungkook and slowly interlocked their hands together. "Then skip.", Jungkook shook his head. "I can't."

Taehyung rolled his eyes pulling Jungkook towards his motorbike. "Get on." He ordered. Jungkook glared at him, "you can't make me."

"You don't want me to do stuff right here, huh?" Taehyung whispered then groped Jungkook butt causing for Jungkook to gasp.

Jungkook had no choice but to obey him, he got on the motorbike and Taehyung smirked getting on with Jungkook between his arms, he turned the engine on and looked at his friends giving them a nod.

He drove off. Jungkook was scared at first. first time on a motorbike, he felt Taehyungs head close to his neck and stiffend. He felt Taehyung placing butterfly kisses on his neck while his eyes were set on the road.

"Please focus." Jungkook whimpered when he felt Taehyung biting his neck. Taehyung smirked focusing on the road again. Jungkook had no idea where Taehyung was taking him but he can't go back either.


Taehyung stopped his motorbike somewhere completely apart from the city. Taehyung got off then took Jungkooks hand helping him get off, which caused for Jungkook to blush.

"Thanks..?" Jungkook whispered. "Where are we?" He asked looking at the unfamiliar place, it looked peaceful here and the small house looked beautiful in this part of the world.

Taehyung interlocked their hands yet again and pulled him towards the house, he knocked on it and the door opened by an old woman whose eyes went wide when she saw Taehyung.

"TaeTae, my little adorable Tae." The woman hugged him, he hugged her back. She let go and looked at the boy behind Taehyung who gave her a small smile. "Who might this be?" She asked smiling.

"Let's get inside first, grandma." Taehyung smiled and she smiled allowing them inside. They sat down, Taehyung sitting close to Jungkook.

"Granny, this is Jungkook, my boyfriend. Remember I told you that you will meet him." Taehyung smiles, Jungkooks smile dropped as he looked at Taehyung in shock. Taehyung smiled at him to play along.

"Omo! I'm soo sooo happy. Finally, Tae will have someone to take care of him." She smiled bringing Jungkook into a warm hug. "I'm happy to know that too, Granny." Jungkook smiled.

"I'll make you some tea, wait." She said getting up. Taehyung nudged Jungkook to help her, "let me help you." Jungkook offered, she smiled at Taehyung. "He is so kind." She whispered at him.

Taehyung smiled, Jungkook was confused by her behavior but followed her to the kitchen.

Granny was the first to come back and sat across from Taehyung. "TaeTae I'm so happy son, I'm so so happy. Finally... I can rest in peace." She smiled with teary eyes.

Taehyung sat on his knees infront of her and wiped her tears. "He is a good boy." Taehyung smiled. "Don't break his heart Taehyungie. He is too cute." Granny scolded and Taehyung nodded. "I won't."

Jungkook walked into the living room holding the tray in his hands and placed the cups of tea on the table. He smiled at the granny who seemed way too happy.

Jungkook was about to sit down when Taehyung pulled him on his lap, Jungkook looked at him in shock, "your grandma is here idiot." He tried to get off of Taehyungs lap, but Taehyung didn't let him.

"Taehyung, should I leave you two alone?" She laughed in happiness. Jungkook was confused by her behavior.

And the rest of the day went by. Jungkook and Taehyung bid their goodbyes to Granny who waved at them in happiness.

Jungkook got on the motorbike and looked at Taehyung who was looking at the sun. Taehyung looked at him and sighed. "Let's watch the sunset." He said. Jungkook looked at the sun then sighed getting off.

Both sat down on the ground and stared at the sun setting down. Jungkook was mesmerized by the beautiful view. Suddenly he felt Taehyung shifting behind him, slowly wrapping his arms around his waist then resting his chin on Jungkooks shoulder.

"Let's stay like this." He whispered, Jungkook only nods.

"What's wrong with your grandma?" Jungkook asked, he felt Taehyung sighing which made him shiver. "She is sick and doesn't have much time.... she wanted to meet my boyfriend before she dies." Taehyung said.

"So this was all a set up?" Jungkook asked, somehow hurt. "You should have told me instead of just taking me like that, she will be heartbroken when she finds out." Jungkook sighed.

He felt rough fingers gently forcing his head to the side and he met Taehyungs caramel brown eyes. "Who said you weren't my real boyfriend... Jeon Jungkook you became mine the moment I laid my eyes on you." Taehyung glared at him.

Jungkook gulped on shock. Taehyungs eyes traveled from his eyes to Jungkooks lips and he licked his own which caused for Jungkook to lick his too.

Taehyung leaned in and in until their lips were inches apart. "May-" Jungkook was cut off by Taehyungs lips which connected with his.

Taehyung started moving his lips causing for Jungkook to melt into the kiss, both of them enjoying this moment. Jungkook slowly turned around wrapping his arms around Taehyungs neck, him straddling Taehyung lap.

Taehyung wrapped his arms around Jungkooks thin waist then traveled his hands to Jungkooks ass groping it causing for Jungkook to let out a moan.

Jungkook broke the kiss both of them panting hard. "I think we need more privacy..." Taehyung whispered, Jungkook blushed looking down, slowly nodding his head.

Trigger warnings: Smut (sex) if you are uncomfortable, please skip the rest of the part.

And that's how both of them ended up in Taehyungs apartment, making out against the wall, their tongues playing with each others.

"You're so sexy... especially when you're angry, makes me want to tame you." Taehyung let out a low growl on Jungkooks ear then bit it, Jungkook moaned lowly. He gripped on Taehyungs hair then exposed his neck for him.

Taehyung licked down to his neck then collarbones sucking on them, claiming his territory. Jungkook moaned loudly now, "T-Taehyung ... p-please...." he moaned.

Taehyung decided to fulfill his wish and gently pushed Jungkook on the bed hovering over him after. Their lips connected into another passionate kiss.

Jungkook gasped when Taehyung ripped his clothes apart, "m-my c-clothes.." he whimpered when Taehyung bit his earlobe. "Don't worry, you can wear mine, baby."

Taehyung traveled open mouthed kisses all over Jungkooks body making Jungkook throw his head back and grip on the soft mattress, his toes curling at the feeling of Taehyungs tongue playing his his body.

Taehyung smirked unbuttoning Jungkooks pants then slowly pulling them down with his boxers, exposing Jungkook juicy legs making him harder then ever.

"So sexy~" Taehyung whispered, Jungkook only bit his lips covering his eyes from the embarrassment. He felt kisses being planted on his hands and slowly uncovered his face only to be kissed by Taehyung. "Way too sexy."

Taehyung slowly unbuckled his belt then took off his shirt exposing his well defined abs, those muscular arms covered in tattoos, he pulled the zipper down and slowly took his pants off.

Jungkooks eyes went wide looking at the size of Taehyungs shaft, if made him swallow the plump on his throat, thinking of how that giant thing was going to even fit him.

Taehyung chuckled looking at Jungkooks reaction and hovered over him, a small playful smile plastered on his face, "Don't worry baby, I'll be gentle." He whispers, Jungkook nodded his head.

Taehyung opened the drawer and pulled out the lube. Then he slowly parted Jungkooks legs and leaned in placing a kiss on his forehead, then his nose, cheek then lastly his lips causing for Jungkook to let out a giggle.

Taehyung smiled ripping the lube with his teeth then poured it on Jungkooks hole making him moan at the sudden coldness. He smiled kissing Jungkook again.

"Are you ready or should we stop?" Taehyung still asked, Jungkook smiled bringing him into another kiss. "Make me yours." Jungkook whispered.

Taehyung smiled kissing him, he positioned his shaft on Jungkooks hole then slowly pushed himself inside him. Jungkook gasped when he felt his walls being ripped apart, he dug his nails on Taehyungs back and lowly moaned.

"Taehyung ~ m-move p-please." Jungkook whispered with tears in his eyes. Taehyung slowly moved in and out making Jungkook throw his head back at the feeling. Taehyung smiled leaning in to connect their lips again into a passionate kiss.

"Taehyung~~ I'm gonna-"

"You can come, baby." Taehyung told him and Jungkook came all over his stomach. Taehyung continued thrusting inside him till be came inside Jungkook.

Taehyung looked at Jungkook who closed his eyes panting hard. He smiled leaning in placing a small peck on his forehead then laid beside him.

"You won't leave me after this right?" Jungkook asked, panic filling his body.

Taehyung chuckled bringing him close wrapping his arms around his waist then gently forced his head up, "I don't have the power to." With that their lips connected into another kiss.

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Tomorrow a motorbike stopped right infront of the Jeon high school, Jungkook took the helmet off and slowly got off the motorbike. He looked at Taehyung now his boyfriend and smiled.

Everyone looked at the two in shock.

"I'll see you after school." Jungkook whispered, blush creeping on his cheeks. Taehyung chuckled wrapping his arms around Jungkooks waist bringing him close then pecked his lips.

"We can always skip." He suggested, but Jungkook glared at him, "No, we're not doing that again." He looked down.

Taehyung smiled biting his lips, "Make daddy proud, baby boy." He whispered then pecked Jungkooks lips, slowly unwrapping his arms around his waist. "I'll pick you up." Taehyung winked at Jungkook who nodded.

"Okay, you need to explain this." Jin and Jimin looked at Jungkook in shock. Jungkook bit his lips walking towards the school. "I can only say thank you Park Jimin and Kim Seokjin." Jungkook said leaving the two alone.

"AHA!...... Wait why?" Jimin was confused.



Arh 😩 I sometimes wish I made books of these, but don't have enough ideas 🤡

Anygays, hope you enjoyed cuz I did LOL

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