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Daisy Chains // Jung Hoseok


"Let's dance in the rain, do cartwheels down hills, eat ice cream and make daisy chains." "I'd rather choke myself." The boy has lost his smile, but a few caring moments and loving touches can really change everything. Short story.

Drama / Romance
A ray of sunshine
Age Rating:

Chapter 1

That smile.

The one that lit up your day, pearly white teeth, rosy lips and crinkled features from the force of the beautiful smile.

How many pictures of this amazing smile overloaded your camera roll?

Well, those 'iCloud backup failure', notifications would be popping up every two minutes, that the constant ding of your phone made your ears burn from the screech.

You would set his face as your lock screen, home screen, on every device. But that would be a bit weird considering he was your best friend, and he kept the best friend roll, where as you were already to deep.

To deep in his eyes.

To deep in his heart.

To deep in his smile.

The highlight of your day was school, that hell hole that you had to attend for 'legal' purposes, but all you considered it as was torture. But when that breathtaking smile would enter your line of sight, forget about the sun and every man made form of light. This boy could light up the world with a single glance.

Jung Hoseok.

The boy who loved everything about life, except he only loved you in friendship ways: had his heart set on someone else, too bad she broke him.

No longer the heart shaped smile.

No longer the happy expressions.

They all turned into anger, sadness.

The world became a blurred image to him, nothing else mattered, grades dropping faster than a pin drop, nearly as fast as the way his features fell every time he remembered the harsh rejection.

"You think you're good enough for me."

"Really Hoseok?"

"Awww, boo hoo, the weird kid is crying."

How could someone destroy this? Everyday became a chore for Hoseok, no longer really caring about anything, not even you could help, you were the first thing tossed into the wind. Forgotten, he isolated himself from the open world.

Everyday he just waited for sleep, the closest thing to death you could hold, whilst still living. You could die in your sleep and never even know that you'd taken your last breath.

All of this was influenced by her.

Sure rejections were hard, but Hoseok felt his first pain, in the heart like a dagger ripping him to shreds.

The rejection consisted of Hoseok being belittled to a crack, making him seem like that annoying crack on the ground that disturbed the rest of the walkway, a nuisance and would later be fixed but would always be weaker than the rest of the path.

Only the next day, to realise the same girl he fell for, had fell for someone else. One of his closest friends to be exact.

Park Jimin.

But Hoseok really couldn't blame him, he never told Jimin of his crush, or how he had already fallen deep, but you loved him more than he loved her.

If he ever rejected you, how would you respond?

Worst than Hoseok?


Yet you were the only one to notice his sudden change in attitude, all thanks to her.

Such a shame a heartless girl ruined such happiness.

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