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TodoBaku (Soulmate AU)


This is Soulmate AU. Everyone has one true love. After being tied for a week, if the two that were bonded know they really do want to be together, a kiss can break the string, but they will still be soulmates forever. I will do one that's with everything in greyscale until they meet their soulmate. I made a TodoBaku one, cause, why not? Anything in Italics during a P.O.V. is the character's thoughts. Enjoy the story! <3

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Chapter 1: Kiss

-Bakugo’s P.O.V. -

Everything at U.A. has been the same for a few weeks now. Schoolwork, students, everything! The League Of Villains haven’t done anything in a while either. Nothing really changed since Deku’s freak accident in getting more quirks. Aizawa still hasn’t shown up to class, I’m just sitting at my desk while everyone else is on the other side of the room talking. There’s one thing I couldn’t help but notice... Icy-Hot keeps looking at me, every time I look back at him he looks away.

'Why does that Half ’n Half bastard keep looking at me like that?'

Soon enough, Iida came in telling us to take our seats like the usual. Everyone did what they were told. Aizawa came in class after that, and class officially started. I looked out the window, the sky’s color was a pinkish-purple fading into light blue.

“Bakugou, pay attention.” Aizawa called from his desk. All I did in response was grunt and look at the chalkboard. I felt like I was being watched... I turned my eyes to see Icy-Hot looking at me, his head still facing the chalkboard. Whatever he’s up to, it’s creepy.

-Todoroki’s P.O.V. -

Class started, but I still couldn’t keep my eyes off of Katsuki. As strange as it is, I’ve developed feelings for the aggressive blonde. I don’t think it’s anything too serious, but it’s a small crush. There’s just... Something I admire about him, I’m not exactly sure how or when this started up. It just... Happened. Endeavor wouldn’t like hearing this out of me, I just keep this to myself either way.

'He’s been quiet, he hasn’t been lashing out at anyone either... I wonder why he’s so aggressive, anyway.'

*Time skip to after class because I have no idea what to put in between here*

- Bakugo’s P.O.V. -

'Finally. Now that class is over, I can get some answers out of that damn Icy-Hot.'

I got up from my seat, grabbed my bag, and when Icy-Hot left the row his desk was in, I grabbed his left wrist and dragged him behind me. I could tell everyone else was watching.

“Bakugo?” He asked in confusion. I didn’t say anything until I dragged him into the nearest restroom.

“Alright, Half ’n Half. I need answers. Why did i keep catching your heterochromic ass staring at me this morning?” I asked angrily.

He kept the same face as always, emotionless and calm. Whatever is going on, I'll find out. He knows I will.

"That's something I want to keep to myself." He said, walking away. I moved in front of him, blocking the restroom entrance.

"No! Tell me why I kept catching you staring at me!" I yelled. I could feel my veins pumping. He sighed and simply answered;

"Do you know who has a crush on you?" He looked at me right in my eyes.

'Who on Earth would have a crush on me? Was that what everyone was talking about this morning?'

"Crush??" I said in confusion. "Yes. Do you know?" He asked raising an eyebrow. "I have no clue." I admitted. "Well," He whispered, leaning in close to my face. "maybe I can give you your answer..." He finished his sentence with a smile I've never seen before. He gotten closer to my face.

And before I knew it....

His lips were pressed against mine. His lips were warm and soft. It wasn't long before he tried sticking his tongue in. I pushed him away and got out of the restroom. I don't know what to do about this.

- Todoroki's P.O.V. -

Bakugo left me in the restroom. At least I got to have him as my first kiss. But if he finds his soulmate, and it's not me... I won't be happy with who I'm destined to be with. I soon left the restroom, making my way to the next class. After the day had passed, I wanted to talk to Bakugo again.

- Bakugo's P.O.V. -

The rest of the day, I've kept my distance from everyone. I can't stop thinking about what happened. It's hard for me to believe Icy-Hot likes ME.

- No one's P.O.V. -

After everyone left the doors of U.A., there was a scream of excitement in the crowd of 1-A students. It was Deku and Ida. Bakugo pushed through the happy crowd to see the two males tied together with a red string.

"We're soulmates!" Deku shouted happily. They started to hug and burst into tears of joy and love. The sight made Bakugo gag. At least the school day was already over. Bakugo left the premises, and felt a hand on his shoulder.

"Bakugo, can we talk?" It was Todoroki. The blonde sighed angrily and said; "Fine, but make it quick. Walk with me." Todoroki started following him without hesitation.

"I wanted to apologize for earlier, I shouldn't have kissed you. All I could have done was say, 'I like you' and left." "Or you could have just kept your eyes off of me." "Yes.... Well, I'm heading home." Todoroki started to walk off.

- Bakugo's P.O.V. -

Icy-Hot started walking away. I was about to pass a crosswalk, but I didn't notice what was speeding on the road. A large truck. I turned to see the massive vehicle, and before I processed what was going on, someone tackled me. I heard the truck's horn as it passed by, and I felt dizzy. I looked to see who saved me, and I was shocked.

"ICY-HOT!?" I screamed.

"Are you okay?" He asked me. His chest and body was on mine. I realized the position we were in and I got out from under him. "I'm fine." I said in anger while dusting myself off. Icy-Hot stood up, and looked at me until I looked at him.

"What?" I said glaring at him. "My family won't be home, want to stay at my place to watch movies?" He said, calmly as always.

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