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His own darkness


the story of sazuke yagi

Action / Drama
Savanna ellsworth
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Chapter 1

He ran across the street his white hair blowing in the wind. He was hoping he wasn’t late for the train. He was so excited! It was the first time he’d been let out in almost 2 years. As he boarded the train he pulled out the phone kuro-kun had given him. He went to the texting app and quickly composed a text to the bar tender.

On way 2 the entrance exam. Can I use some money to buy food? I didn’t have breakfast.

Now that he thought about it he hadn’t had breakfast in a long time…… but he needed energy for this fight. His phone dings

Yes. Only use 10,000 yen.

He still had a hour until the first test. He sees a cafe and darts inside. In front of him is a man and a boy. One with golden hair and the other with green.he positioned himself so he could hear the conversation. The man looks wierd. Maybe on account to a quirk malfunction? You never know.

“Remember. Even with your training your body isn’t used to the amount of power.”

" Yes sir.”

" Midoriya, stop worrying your gonna do great.”

The boy, Midoriya nods, and runs out of the cafe right when he gets his food. The man turns and looks at the boy behind him. His face paling.

“Sazuke?!” He stumbles back.

“How do you know my name!?” Sazuke demands.

“Sazuke yagi?”

The teen nods scared and defensive. The man smiles. A sad smile that shows years of worrying sadness and pain.

“I found you.”

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