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His own darkness

chapter 2

Sazuke stood there stunned. What did this man mean?

“You’re crazy.”

“No. Wait listen!”

“Why should i?”

“Follow me.” The man grabbed his food and practically dragged sazuke out of the cafe.

Once they were in a deserted alleyway the man stood there and then something happened

“Don’t worry nephew! I am here for you!”

" All might??!!”

And then he realized something

" Wait, NEPHEW?!?”

all might looks sad. And he holds out his hands in front of him.

“My real name is toshinori yagi.” The man pulls out a wallet that looks to small in his hands. And pulls out a picture to hand to sazuke. A younger version of himself smiles to the camera on top of all mights shoulders.

“That picture was taken 2 months before it happened..”

Sazuke stopped suddenly not wanting anymore information.

“I-i have t-to go.”


“All might, i-i can’t.”

Sazuke turned away. He had one mission. It wasn’t to be sidetracked. It was to find the new successor of one-for-all.

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