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The Royale Court


Rose finds herself to be the apple of a certain Vampire Prince's eye. The only issue? Rose doesn't believe an utter thing he says. She thinks the man is crazy and since he vowed to never let her leave his side...her only choice is to run.

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My heart beat against my rib cage like a hummingbird. My lungs burned with the need to breathe, how long had I been running?

I rested my head against the brick building I was hiding behind. I peeked out briefly to see if the reason I was sprinting within an inch of my soul was anywhere near by.

The city streets were quiet; all that could be heard were the cars honking and the breeze ruffling the leaves in the trees.

I dared to feel relieved. One moment to catch my breath was all I needed. I'd pickup and go again once I was able to feel my legs.

Never in my life would I have thought I'd be running from a man who loved me. At one point that was all I ever wanted, now the idea shook me to the core. Not in a good way either. I'd rather forfeit my own life then have it taken from me by some psycho who thinks he's a vampire prince.

That lunatic thought by draining me dry and supplying me with his blood, I'd actually become a vampire. This dude had been sniffing too much glue.

One time, the one time I thought I'd met my soulmate he turns out to be a mental patient. Who is now trying to hunt me down because I left without a trace.

It's been going on like this for a week now.

This exhausting game of cat and mouse. I'd hideout at a friend's place, he'd show up the following night. Leaving me to pack my things and bolt.

My only option left was to leave the city and move on to the next one, or maybe even the one after that.

There was one thing I knew for certain: I couldn't stay here any longer.

I took a drink from my water bottle and began to run again.

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