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'83: a fnaf story


Ever wander if William Afton's youngest child, Michael, had a twin sister? '83 is about Michael and Michelle growing up together and staying strong after all the crap they go through (sorry for my terrible grammar mistakes) [warning graphic conten]

Horror / Action
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Chapter 1: The beginning

"No! Big brother! Stop!" Michael screamed as he burst into tears, "Please! You're hurting him!" He choked out, "No!" He shouted at the top of his lungs as the stuffed animal Foxy, which he and his twin sister Michelle held dear along with the other stuffed animal from freddys they had, had its head ripped off by their big brother Jonas.

Jonas took the stuffing out and wore it like a mask, "Haha! Cry baby!" He teased as there father walked into the room.

"Jonas Migele Afton! What the hell do you think you're doing!” William furiously shouted at his side was tiny Michelle clutching his side in tears.

“Hey guys I heard yelling what's going, oh.” Elizabeth said as she walked into the room with the rest of the upset family.

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