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Follow eighteen year old Jaela throughout her Journey of life.

Drama / Romance
Melanin Watson
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Eight More Months... Eight more months and I'll be free of this mess.

She said to herself as she held her little brother and sister close to her while listening in to the commotion going on downstairs between their mother and father.

The bickering and the loud ruckus and glass breaking has become a normal routine for them to hear every Friday. Being that her father can't stray away from a drink too long in order to be the father he used to be ever since the loss of his baby brother, William. And her mother can't stand and take his shit anymore but she can't fix her lips to give him an ultimatum either. She loves him too much to let him go.

Her uncle William was more like a big brother to her being that he was literally only a few years older than her. She and William had always done everything together. They even went to school together for a while.

To her, William was a person made with a heart filled with Gold but to everybody else, he was just that drug dealer who supplies them and totes guns on the streets. Until he dropped out three months before his graduation then he was that stupid drop out drug dealer who supplies them their drugs and totes guns on the street.

She knew what her uncle did when she or her brother and sister wasn't around. She heard the whispers in the hallway as she walked by. She just did her best to try not to let that affect her image of how she saw him.

William was killed during one of those wrong place types of situations. He was at a party making money. He really didn't want to go because the whole thing felt off to him, but he was low on cash and needed the money. So, he went anyway and sold his product.

Long story short, he was robbed on his way back from the party. But William just went through a lot to make that money, he was about to give it away that easily. So, he tussled with the robbers up until one of them pulled a gun out and shot him twice in the chest. Taking all of his hard work and leaving him there on the pavement to bleed out and die all alone.

William's death broke her inside and out just as much as it had done to her father. But over the course of a few months, she's learned to cope with.

Why it's taking him so long to cope with the new reality when he didn't even like him all like that? She wondered.

"I'm so sick of you and your bullshit, Jay!" her mother shouted from downstairs, the location of this argument.

"I'm sick of you and your talking, Aliza!" Jay yelled back. "When are you going to learn to shut your mouth?" You could hear the sound effects all the way up the stairs from his hand going across his face.

Her little brother and sister jumped and that's when she decided it was enough. She used her hands to cover their eyes as she held their faces close to hear as she expeditiously walks them to her room, closing, and locking her door.

They all sat down on the bed. But the ruckus and commotion going on downstairs could still be clearly heard as if they were down there.

"Here," she said as she grabs the TV controller turning it on while joining them on the bed. "You guys want to watch some TV?"

"What do you want to watch?" she clicks on the MTV channel as they're showing the show called "Ridiculousness" and turns the TV all the way up which helps tune out the noise largely.

She tried her best to change their mood but you can see the pain all in their faces. Their expressions gave off different feelings though. Justin's expression was angrier than Jersey's sad and glistening, tearful eyes.

"Jaela?" Jersey said with the pain evident in her soft voice.

Jersey and Jaela shares the same dark complexion. She has dark and curly hair. And mo 's all over her lip. She's usually happy and most optimistic out of the bunch, but lately, she's been all but hopeful.

Jaela looked at Jersey. Jersey took a minute to formulate her words before continuing to say, "Is Dad trying to kill mom?"

Jaela sighed deeply as she looked at nothing but Jersey, "No. Of course not. He loves mom. And he loves you too."

"Well, he has a hell of a way of showing it." Justin spat as Jalea and Jersey both turned their attention towards him.

"What?" He's now only speaking to Jaela. "I'm only speaking the truth. And you know it. That man doesn't love himself right now, so how the hell is he capable of loving anyone else?"

Jaela that at this moment, just was right. Someone who is incapable of loving their selves incorrectly can not love anyone else correctly. She knew her father needed help.

But would he ever listen and actually hear her out. She didn't know. Jay Wilson wasn't the type of person who listens. He's stubborn and does things on his own terms. But unlike Justin who seems to have a huge amount of Hatred for him, she understood his struggles and wanted to help bring him from out of however she could.

"That Man..." Her tone of voice was stern as she pointed towards the door as if that was her father, "Is still your father."

Justin fanned her off. Justin's skin is of caramel complexion and he's tall for his age. He stands at about 5'6 and he's of course not done growing only at 13 years old with him playing ball and drinking all of his calcium.

Obviously, Justin is very stubborn, a trait passed down to him from his father. He doesn't like to listen to anything. It annoys the hell out of Jaela to the point where she wants to choke the stubborn out of him. But of course, she never does. She only imagines her hands around his neck squeezing tightly.

"I'm not trying to hear nothing you saying right now." Justin said shaking his head.

"I know you aren't but you need to." she snapped at him. "He's going through something r-"

"We all are." he said. "He's not the only one that felt pain from uncle Will's death. We all did! We all do! So, that whole going through something mess is just an excuse for his actions. And I can't believe you're really sitting here justifying that bull mess. That shows how alike you two are." He gets up and heads towards the door.

Jaela sighs going after Justin. "Justin Wait!" he slams the door in her face before she can say anything else.

Seconds later, you can hear his bedroom door slam a few doors down.

For the rest of the night, Jaela kept Jersey close to her watching whatever made Jersey feel most comfortable and calm, which was Shimmer and Shine. They watch the show until they both fell asleep.

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