Shape Shifter

Meet the Winchesters

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Shape Shifter

Chapter Two

I turned to look at the kid and yelled, "Does it look like he needs any help genius?" The man had grips of steel and unless I changed back I wasn't going to get out of his grip so what do you think I did? Well, you'd be wrong. I quit fighting him and reached over and laid a lip lock on him that would have put a porn star to shame. I mean hell he was a good looking guy after all.

"Guess not," I heard his son say with a laugh.

By the way, just so you know, even though I've got this special ability to change into a were-cat doesn't mean I'm superwoman or anything like that. I mean, yeah, I have the abilities of the leopard when I'm in the shape of a leopard. But when I'm in my human form I'm just like every other woman and yeah most men were way stronger the I am. It's why I spent so much time learning the martial arts and after over a seventy years of practice I'm pretty good at it. But men were still stronger then women. That's the way God made it that's the way it would always be.

It's a shame really that the man didn't seem in the least bit interested in me as a woman. Of course since he'd just seen me change from a leopard to a woman I understand his hesitancy. It worked anyway. He released his grip on my wrists, grabbed my waist and pushed me away from him. "Hold her," I heard him tell his son just before a couple of very strong arms wrapped around me and pulled me into a reverse bear hug.

"Sweetheart," the kid whispered in my ear. "Since dad's not interested I'd be more then willing to take his place."

I turned my head and looked into the most deliciously hazel eyes I'd ever seen. Mind you I know the kid was younger then me, hell for that matter most every guy on the planet was younger then me, but still I could have gotten lost in those eyes.

"Dean," John told his son seriously. "She's a were-cat."

"Really?" the kid said and gripped me tighter like I was suddenly super strong. "What the hell are we going to do with her?" Dean asked his father. "I didn't bring any silver rounds did you?"

"Excuse me guys but I'm right here if you're going to discuss killing me then at least do it where I can't hear you," I told them. "That's kind of rude you know!"

They looked at each other briefly before Dean said, "We could just tie her to a tree and leave her."

"No we can't chance her getting free and having her on our trail it'd be too dangerous," John said.

"Oh good Lord are you really that dense?" I asked John.

Dean laughed and I kicked him in the shin and began to struggle for him to let me go. John had picked up his glock and was now pointing at me. "Honey," he told me. "I know this won't kill you, but it will hurt like hell so you better just settle down right now."

I rolled my eyes at the man and replied, "Settle down? Are you nuts? Here I am trying to make nice with you two idiots and all you can do is talk about killing me?" I was really getting worked up by then. "If I had known you were going to be this stupid about the whole thing I wouldn't have retracted my claws when I landed on your chest. You see what happens when you try to be civil with a country yokel. Even after he tries to kill you! Never again!"

John was silent for a minute considering my statement then told his son, "Let her go."

"Dad?" Dean asked surprised. "Are you sure?"

"Yes. She's right. She could have killed me earlier," he told his son as he lowered his gun.

"And I was really enjoying this too," Dean smirked at me as he released me. I turned to him my hands on my hips and was about to say something very rude when I saw him take a very long lude look at me. Which, I returned stripping him naked with my eyes. I decided that I didn't care how young he was, he was one well put together piece of male flesh. I took a step closer and stood up on my toes and whispered in his ear, "Have you ever had a real pussy cat?"

He raised that single sexy eyebrow at me and gave me a beguiling smile. And by the way, the eyebrow wasn't the only thing that was raised. John must have noticed it too because he pulled his jacket off and gave it to me for which I was grateful. Not because of the looks his son was giving me, but because I was cold. "Thank you," I told him. "Now, how about we start this conversation over from the beginning?" I extended my hand to John and said, "My name is Maggie… Maggie Sullivan."

John looked at my extended hand for just a second before shaking it and saying, "John Winchester. This is my son Dean."

"Huh," I replied. "Ellen was right; you just never know who you're going to run into on a hunt."

"Ellen?" John asked.

"Yeah," I told him. "She's a friend of mine. Runs a roadhouse up in Wisconsin."

"I know her," he replied.

"Not many hunters don't know her," I told him. "Not the real hunters anyway."

"I've never seen you there," John told me.

"Yeah well, that's because most of the other hunters would not understand my situation."

"What situation is that?" John asked me.

And this man was supposed to be smart? "Hello… were-cat here," I replied sarcastically. "Most hunters think of them as… oh, I don't know, evil."

"Which you aren't," Dean said.

"Well, you're not dead yet are you?" I asked. "No, I'm not evil. I was created by good not evil," I told him.

One thing I should mention is that while all this nice talk was going on John still had the gun in his hand. He lowered the silly thing, but never put it back in its holster. That annoyingly enough, demonstrated to me that he didn't trust me… well not much anyway. Since trust seemed to be an issue I decided it was time to leave before I got a case of lead poisoning so I said, "Well, it was nice meeting you boys but I'm in the middle of a hunt so I'm going to have to split. You boys have fun."

"What are you hunting?" Dean asked suspiciously.

I rolled my eyes at him and replied, "Don't worry, I'm not like other were-cats, the only thing I'd be interested in eating on you is safely zipped up in your pants." Now I know that sounds like I'm some kind of hussy but come on, who wouldn't be interested in that particular pound of flesh.

However, the look John gave me could have turned coal to diamonds so I decided to tone down the innuendos with his son just a bit. "I'm hunting the wendigo that's been killing people in the area. I was following its scent when you cut loose with that branding iron of yours John." John was about to say something but I interrupted him. I wasn't interested in apologies. "Don't worry most hunters take a shot at me when they first meet me in my leopard form. Hell most of them take more then one. I've kinda grown used to it."

"How do you intend to kill it once you find it," John asked. "I don't think you have too many places to hide a weapon when you travel in the form of the leopard."

Oh my God the man just made a joke! I laughed until I realized he was serious and not making a joke. "No I can't carry any weapons in leopard form. First I find it, then I go back to my car, change and return with my weapons and kill it.

"Then how about we save you a trip," John said. "Since we're hunting the same thing and we do have the weapons. You find it and we'll kill it."

"Do you trust me that much?" I asked John eyeing the glock.

"No, not really," he told me. "But if you are traveling with us then you can't double back and try and kill us later."

Hey, at least he was honest about it. "Good enough," I told him then took off his coat and handed it to him. I did notice Dean's eyes leering at my chest again just before I changed back to my leopard form.

"Whoa," Dean said quietly as he watched me change.

"Dean," I hear John say quietly as I sniffed around for the trail again. "Don't let her out of your sight."

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