Shape Shifter


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Shape Shifter

Chapter Four

My head hurt something fierce as I woke trying to figure out where I was and why there was a damn freight train running through my head. For some reason I couldn't fathom I was having a difficult time concentrating. It took me a while to realize I was in my leopard form… and I wasn't alone.

"Damn it! Come on girl, wake up!" someone was shouting and shaking me like I was rag doll. I growled a warning. The shaking increased the pain in my head and if the fool didn't stop I was going to bite him! Luckily he got the gist of what I was implying because he quit shaking me. Then what the hell do you think the idiot did? He pours water all over my head. I mean, that was bound to work right! Shaking was pissing me off so he tries to drown me. I couldn't help thinking the jerk didn't know anything at all about cats!

I deepened my growl and opened my eyes and found myself looking into a pair of hazel eyes and suddenly everything clicked back into place. The Winchesters, the wendigo and that damn tree. I raised my head up and world tilted crazily as I tried to stand. If you've ever been really, really drunk and tried to walk straight on two legs then you can imagine my difficulty attempting to stand on four. I did the only thing I could do. I fell right back down and waited for the world to stop spinning.

"Come on Maggie," Dean said urgently. "The damn thing took dad. We need to get out of here. We need to find my dad. You can follow this thing so you get your pussy ass up and let's get to it!"

I could tell he was worried about his father and he should be. Wendigo's are not fun creatures. If his father wasn't already dead then he was in the things meat locker waiting his for turn to be invited to dinner… as the main course.

Unfortunately until I got my head on straight there wasn't a damn thing I could do about it. I could heal myself by changing, but I had to be able to change and that took a lot of concentration. Changing when I was not in full control of my ability was a really bad idea. I'd tried it once before and the end result was not only horrible to look at, it was painful too.

I worked up the gumption to try again and this time I was able to at least stand on all fours though I admit my head was still hanging pretty low. Of course that may be because someone had exchanged the freight in my head for a jackhammer.

"That's a good girl," Dean told me like I was some kind of puppy. "Which way?" The brainless jackass thought I was sniffing out the scent. Well, he did until I took that first step and crumbled in a furry heap on the ground at his feet. That's when I think he began to understand the problem. "That can't be good," he muttered.

Gee, I guess not I thought as I glared up at him.

"I take it you can't change into your human form for some reason?" he asked. "This sucks because I'm definitely no vet… hell I've never even owned a pet."

I closed my eyes and wilIed away the pain in my skull before trying again. This time with more success though instead of trying to change I decided to try and catch the scent and follow it. Deciding it would be easier to follow John's scent as apposed to the wendigo I walked first to the duffle bag he had dropped when they arrived at the clearing and inhaled deeply ensuring I could follow his scent.

"So does this mean you're ready to try again?" Dean asked me.

By way of reply I began a slow spiraling circle of the clearing until I picked up his scent. I looked back at Dean who nodded at me pulling his flare gun out and ready. I led the way the pace quickening as I regained my strength and my headache drained away. As soon as I felt it was safe for me to do so I stopped and changed to my human form.

"What?" Dean asked surprised at the sudden change.

"We're closing in on them. It won't be long now. I needed to change just for a few minutes."


"I heal when I change. I didn't want to go into this fight hurt."

"Why didn't you change before?"

"I have to be able to concentrate on the change. If I don't… let's just say it's not a pretty picture."

"Oh," Dean replied trying but failing to keep his eyes from roaming over my naked form. "But now you're fine?" he said. "Completely healed?"

"Yes," I told him. "One of the few perks of this curse I was given by Michael."


"Yeah," I replied offhandedly. "He's an angel I pissed off once. It's a long story that we don't have time for right now."

"An Angel?" Dean asked dumbfounded.

"Is there an echo here?" I replied sarcastically. "Come on let's go get your dad," I said just before changing back and heading deeper into the woods.

Shaking off his confusion Dean followed me guarding my back as I once again followed the scent of his father. His father, by the way, like Dean, had a pleasant scent. It was a kind of a mixture of soap, gun oil, and sweat. Not a nasty odorous sweat, but more of a sweet salty sweat.

It didn't take long for me to find the creatures den and we were both surprised when we did find it. "Have you ever found a wendigo in a den like this?" Dean asked me. I shook my head in reply as we looked down the hill towards the old cabin that sat in the small valley below.

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