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BTS/ chaos vminkook


"You know I will always love you " "Bitch you better!" Taehyung longs for someone to be able to tame him, jungkook craves for someone to love and to be loved in return, to distract him from his past and jimin just wants someone to hold and protect him Will they be able to keep their promises? A chaotic mess happens when Korea's Gucci prince falls for the mysterious bad boy, the two havev strong feelings but won't admit it all until a sweet angle changes everything Love kindles, hearts break and secrets are told

Romance / Fantasy
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○Who are your alt group's?○

No matter how badly the Bond
between us might end

Know that I will never forget you or the memories we made. Simply because the good outweighed the bad and I'm grateful to have met someone Like you in this life~


Chatter filled the halls as students walked to their designated destinations, the sound of lockers slamming shut echoed and resonated

"Jungkook?.... Jungkook!" Jackson yelled as he frantically waved his hand in Jungkook's face trying to get his attention

"Huh what?, what did you say " he questioned while Jackson sighed

"dude, you were like totally spacing out, you good? did you even hear me?" Jungkook sighed he had actually been staring at Taehyung who was across the hall, Jungkook couldn't help but be awwed by his beauty and if in another timeline he would have been claimed him as his and treasured the beauty, he would now but Taehyung was too much of a stuck up rich kid. So not quite his type, everyone at his school knew who Kim taehyung was. He was the richest kid in their school, he was good looking and charming, but a total brat.

Jungkook watched as Taehyung pouted at something his friends said and instantly Jungkoks thoughts went to a not so innocent place, he thougbt of all the things he could do to those pouty lips and how they would wrap around him so nicely, Jungkook bit his lips as his eyes raked over Taehyungs body admiring his beautiful curves, he wished he could fulfill his fantasy but atlas a princess such as Kim Taehyung would probably never wanna get down and dirty with someone like him, Jeon Jungkook

"Oh yeah right sorry what were you saying hyung?"

"I said there's a party at my place you coming?" Jungkook smirked
"I don't know your party's kinda suck man," Jungkook said jokingly, laughing when Jackson pushed him into a nearby wall
"Yah! What do you mean I'm am the life of this hell whole you people call school!" Jackson exasperated Jungkook continued laughing at Jackson patting his shoulder

"yeah ok hyung, I'll be there what time" he asked
"mm how bout we all meet at 8:30 yoongi is coming too then we'll wait for more people"
"sure" Jungkook agreed knowing there was no point in saying no as Jackson would find some way to make him go, both Jungkook and Jackson then proceeded to walk to class together entering the room and taking their seats just as the teacher starts talking.


Jimin stares at his drunk dad lying on the couch, shaking his head as he puts a blanket on him while moving the beer bottles out of the way, Jimin was excited to start a new school but he was also scared his sister had switched his schools when she found out about him getting beat up and bullied that's when she told him that she was going to Seoul to find work at first Jimin was scared and sad, she was the only person he could rely and now with her gone he would have no one to talk to or cry on. They still talk once or twice every three weeks because she's always really busy and as she promised she sends money home every month but that money didn't help Jimin With his mental battle.

With a sigh, Jimin gets ready to walk out the door as he thinks about his sister
"Gosh do I miss her"


Tae was on his way to class the only period he had with the Jungkook the boy that keeps him up at night, the one that gives him the dirtiest thoughts the one to give him countless dreams only to wake up and realize it was fake, Taehyung pouted This wouldn't be the first time he has thought of Jungkook this way he was just so cute. Since the beginning of the sophomore year when he first saw him he thought this way but never would he go for a bad boy like him. everyone who was alive and went to their school, heck even the whole city knew who he was he is the one and only Jungkook. one glare from him and you would run away crying. there were rumors that he used to be in a gang but no one knows if they where true then there's

Jackson wang his right-hand man and older brother some say that he has been to jail five times but then again no one knows if it's true or not. And you can't forget Min Yoongi Jungkook's older brother cold to the bone, no one dares look or talk to him every time they walk down the hallway everyone instantly makes way for them every one is scared of them but not Tae oh no, he thought it was hot that Jungkook could make someone cry with just with a look, the scary looks and cold stares he thought it was hot the way Jungkook would act cold, aura just naturally scared people just not him.


Hola! Hope you guys enjoyed this chapter! Let me no what you think



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