The Winged Curse


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The Winged Creature

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The Winged Curse

They stood back to back surrounded by their enemies. They spun slowly arms extended guns in one hand flashlights in the other, both pointing menacingly at the creatures around them. Two guns fifteen rounds each. Make that fourteen one round having already been expended leaving twenty nine rounds between them. Dean hoped it was enough because this was going to get very interesting, very fast.

"Dean," Sam told his brother. "They're just kids."

"Kids?" Dean said rolling his eyes as he looked at the creatures surrounding them. Each of the "Kids" sported short muzzle mouth full of long jagged teeth. Some had their leathery wings extended in an effort to help them walk upright. They were covered in fur that reminded him of that smart assed dog they'd seen on the oldies channel the other night. He hated that damn dog… especially now. Their red eyes glowed with hate or hunger as they slowly drew closer to the pair of hunters claws clacking with each step. To make matters worse the screeching growl coming from several of them was getting on his nerves. "Dude, they're not kids," he replied. "They look like that damn evil dog from that show you were watching the other night."

"Benji?" Sam asked risking a glance over his shoulder at his brother.


"Benji wasn't evil Dean," Sam said. "Did you even pay attention to the movie?"

"Whatever," his brother replied. "These little bitches are either pissed off that we killed mommy, or they're hungry and looking for some puppy chow."

"Yeah," Sam replied. "I don't want to be a chew toy either but that wasn't my point."

"Then what was?"

"We killed one adult."


"Well Dean," Sam explained. "Benji had to have a mate to make babies."

"Oh, shit," Dean said. "That's not good."

Dean looked around the cave the creatures had been using as a den. It was enormous, more of a cavern then a cave. Sunlight shown brightly from the entrance a few hundred yards away but this far into the cave it did nothing to light the way. All it did was create shadows in the darker areas of the cave.

"We need to leave," Sam said earnestly. "Now."

"Well gee Sammy," Dean replied sarcastically. "And I wanted to stay for dinner."

As one they began slowly moving towards the light that guided them to the entrance of the cave. The small creatures moved with them backing away from them as they moved. It was the light that shown brightly from the flashlights that kept them at bay not the threat of the guns. Once they made it to the light shining brightly into the cave from the entrance they would be safer. The creatures did not like the sunlight and wouldn't follow them out of the cave.

They almost made it. They had just stepped into the light when the one of the creatures let loose a high pitched screeching wail that had both brothers reaching to cover their ears. "It's the adult!" Sam yelled over the noise.

"Thanks Sammy," Dean yelled back. "I kinda figured that. Let's go!"

They ran for the entrance Sam's long legs allowing him to out distance his brother in just a few strides. The screeching came again, this time from overhead. Sam glanced up just in time to see the dark shape barreling down on him from above. He dove sideways but was not fast enough and creature slammed into him sending him reeling across the cavern floor.

"Sammy!" Dean yelled sliding to a stop and shooting several times in the direction the creature had flown after attacking his brother.

Sam got to his feet, faced his brother and yelled, "I'm okay, let's get out of here!"

They ran for the entrance and Dean was relieved when he watched his brother exit the cave just a few dozen yards ahead of him. His relief was short lived though when the creature swooped down out of nowhere directly in front of him leaving him no time to react before it was on him. Powerful claws grabbed him by the arms and legs and lifted him from the ground as the creatures' long leathery wings swooped down to lift them higher. The impact knocked the gun and flashlight out of his hands leaving him weaponless in the creatures grasp.

"Dean!" Sam yelled and stormed back into the cave after his brother. He searched high in the cavern looking for the creature but it was gone taking Dean with it.

Dean struggled uselessly in the grip of the creature. And it pulled him in closer to its furry body as it flew higher into the cavern. He heard his brother's yell and tried to reply but his voice was muffled by the fur of the creature. He did notice however, that unless he was mistaken about what the pair of furry lumps his face was pressed into were, this one was the female.

He tried to turn his head to look back towards his brother but all he saw was darkness. They had to be high up in the cavern or even in a secondary cave. His brother's shouts were muffled and distant. He was suddenly pushed away from the creatures' body as he heard it snap its wings fully open and lean its body back. "Oh, Shit," he said realizing what was about to happen.

Dean's back slammed into the ground with jarring force knocking the wind out of him. The creature landed on top of him, lifted its head and screeched. It never let go of Dean's arms and legs and he struggled to suck air into tortured lungs. It felt like hours but he knew it was only seconds before he was able to fill his lungs and catch his breath. He struggled to free himself from the creatures grasp but the steel claws wrapped around his limbs were immovable. "Get off me you bitch!" he yelled at the thing.

Dean glanced around the cave and saw a small opening in the far wall. Light streamed through giving the smaller cave an eerie glow. The creature looked down at Dean its red eyes glowing in the strange light.

"Damn," he said to himself. "This is so not the way I plan on going."

The creature lowered its head and Dean turned his head away expecting to feel the bite of its sharp teeth ripping into his flesh. He struggled harder as he felt its short muzzle run along the side of his neck. Suddenly something warm licked wetly at his throat lapping its way up the side of his neck towards his ear then back down towards his chest. When it reached the top of his shirt the licking stopped and it began sniffing. The creature shifted above him but kept its grip as its muzzle searched lower reaching his belly and nuzzling even lower.

"See now," Dean told it as he struggled futilely to get away. "This just ain't right."

At his words the creature shifted again and lowered itself closer to his body pinning him even harder to the ground. Its muzzle once again nuzzled at his neck working its way up towards his mouth this time. "Oh, I don't think so," Dean said and jerked his head away from the creature but he couldn't move his head far enough and the creature sent its tongue down into his mouth wrapping it around his in a sick imitation of a french kiss. Dean did the only thing he could do. He clamped down hard on the creatures tongue.

It jerked back in surprise and released Dean's hands in the process. He sat up quickly and sent a hook punch into the face of the creature staggering it back more. Its wings unfurled and it lifted off of him. He scrambled away heading towards the light at the other end of the room. The creature screeched and leapt into the air. It swooped down towards him but he rolled out of its way picking up a large stone as he did. He rolled up to his knees and sent the rock sailing with excellent accuracy right at the creatures face.

Before it could attack again he made it out of the cave and into the bright light of the afternoon sun. Getting his bearings he quickly made his way down towards the main caverns entrance spitting several times to get the taste of that crazy bitch of creature out of his mouth.

"Sammy!" he shouted as he neared the entrance. "Sammy!"

Relief surged through him as his brother came running out of the cave. "Dean, thank God," he said. "What the hell happened? Are you okay?"

"You so don't want to know," Dean replied. "I'm fine, let's just shag ass out of here."

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