The Pack

Chapter 2

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One werewolf is a problem and entire pack is much larger issue

Chapter two

Two and a half hours later they entered the small town of Littlefield. Dean pulled into the parking lot of the first motel he came across. As they entered the lobby to check in Dean turned to his brother and said, "I'm starving, what say we go get something to eat after we unload?"

Stepping up to the counter to check them in Sammy looked at Dean and said, "Dean, you're always starving!" Then he turned to look at the little old lady who was patiently waiting for them to finish their conversation and told her, "We'd like a room please."

"Oh my! What happened to you?" She asked.

Sam grimaced, "I'm fine, it was just an accident, but I need to get cleaned up."

"You really should have a doctor look at that." She said.

"Yes ma'am, I will thank you."

"A King or two queens?" she asked.

"Two Queens." Sam told her.

"Smoking or Non-smoking?"

"Non-smoking please." Sam told her. He pulled out his wallet took out a credit card and asked, "Do you take Mastercard?"

She nodded and looked at the name on the card and asked, "Samuel Hardgrove?"

"Yes ma'am."

Her next question caught both brothers by surprise, "Are you Sam and Dean?"

Looking at each other then at the night clerk both brothers answered at the same time, "Yes Ma'am"

"Well, I have a message for you here somewhere, just let me get you checked in first then I'll figure out where I put it."

"Who is the message from?" Dean asked as Sam filled out the paperwork and she ran the credit card.

"Excuse me…. Oh, the message. It's from another guest. I'll put you in the room next to your friend." She looked at Dean for his approval.

"That would be great!" he said with a smile.

She finished checking them in then toddled around looking for the note that had been left for them. "Ah, hah," She said lifting an envelope from under her cup of coffee. "Here it is!" She handed the note to Dean and as they turned to go she said, "You boys enjoy your stay."

"Yes ma'am." Both brothers said in unison.

They went out to the car and leaned on the hood. Dean opened the message and read it. It was short and too the point. Sam looking over at him with a questioning look on his face asked, "Well?"

"It says, Billie Smith, room 126."

"That's all?"

"Yeah, guess if we want more answers we're going to have to go knock on his door."

The boys went first to their room, unloading their bags from the car. Sam cleaned up and changed shirts. He got his first good look at his face. Dean was all right, he was going to have a shiner. At least his headache was gone though. "Dude, you are supposed to be a good driver, how did you end up nearly gutting a deer?"

"Hey, I didn't hit it!"

"Well, next time give me a little warning will you so I can keep my face off the dashboard."

"Whatever man, you ready?"

Dean knocked on the door to the room next to them. He was pleasantly surprised when it was answered by a woman instead of a man. "I'm sorry he told her, we must have the wrong room. We're looking for a Billie Smith."

She laughed then said, "That was fast. You must be Dean." She opened the door further and invited them inside, "I am Billie Smith. Your father doesn't go into to much detail when he asks you for help does he?"

Sam and Dean looked at each other. "Well, I guess there is only so much you can put into a text message." Sam told her. "Besides, Dad doesn't ask for help. He just tells us what to do."

She looked at Sam, "What happened to you? Was your last hunt that bad?"

"No, this didn't happen on a …." Sam stopped and looked at Dean. This woman knew what they did. She knew what they hunted, but Dean wasn't looking at Sam. He had his eyes on Billie and Sam could tell that his mind was definitely not on the job at hand. He was grinning at Billie and Sam knew he was about to turn on the charm.

Dean had not been paying much attention to the conversation between Sam and Billie. He was too busy checking her out. She was hot, smoldering hot. She had long silky black hair that went all the way down to her lower back and her eyes were the purest shade of blue he'd ever seen. She stood about five feet five inches tall, but couldn't have weighed more than a hundred and twenty pounds. She was wearing cut off shorts that showed off her well muscled legs and firm bottom. Her bright red shirt ended just above the waistline showing off her belly each time she moved. He didn't like the bright white bandage on her left forearm, but he did like the tattoo centered at the small of her back that he saw when she turned around. "I'd love to explore that tat," He thought to himself." In fact, the only problem with her appearance that Dean noticed was the wedding ring on her finger. That might put a crimp in his future plans for this woman.

"So John didn't tell you why you're here?" Billie told them.

"No," Dean said giving her one of his most winning smiles. "Why don't you tell us what you need?"

Billie rolled her eyes. "Your dad told me you'd try and hit on me. Keep it in your pants boy, I'm not available."

Sam laughed, "I'm sure it has something to do with the deaths and disappearances in the area. So, why call us?"

"I didn't, I called John, several times in the past he's been a great help. But since he couldn't do it he told me he'd send you. He knew I couldn't do this one on my own."

"Wait," Dean said, "You hunt?"

"For more years then I care to count."

"You spoke with dad? When?" Sam demanded.

"This morning," she told him nodding her head.

"Where is he?" Sam questioned.

"I didn't ask, but he couldn't help in time."

"In time for what?" Dean asked.

"The next full moon."

"So it is a werewolf." Sam said.

"Not exactly," she replied.

"What do you mean, not exactly?" Dean quizzed.

"It's not just one; it's a whole pack, including an alpha male."

"Excuse me?" Dean asked, "An alpha male? What's that?"

"Hasn't your dad taught you anything about werewolves?"

"Yeah, how to kill them," he replied, "a silver bullet to the heart. We've killed a few in the past, but we've never come across a pack of them, they've all been alone."

"That's the way it is most of the time, but every once in a while, you'll find an entire pack."

"What's an alpha male?" Sam asked.

"An alpha male is someone who is born a werewolf. Your dad really left a lot of important information out of your education on werewolves. Okay, time for werewolf 101." Billie quipped as she sat on one of the beds. "You boys take a seat this is going to take a while."

Dean pulled out a chair at the little table and sat down he noticed a 9mm Glock sitting on the table next to a cell phone. Sam sat on the remaining bed.

"Most of what the legends say about werewolves are wrong, or distorted truths."

"There are two types of werewolves. An Alpha Werewolf is one that is born a werewolf, or has been turned through a curse. A Beta Werewolf is one that changed by being bitten by another werewolf. If someone is bitten and saliva from the werewolf enters the victim's bloodstream they change."

"That's just sounds so gross." Dean told her. "Saliva in the bloodstream."

"Yeah, I imagine so, especially if you're the one being bitten." She said. "Anyway, the bite of both alpha and beta can cause a person to change, but the person is connected to the alpha wolf regardless of which bit them."

"An alpha wolf can change whenever it wants. It can also be completely wolf, completely human or the classic werewolf of half human, half wolf. A beta will change automatically at the first full moon after it is bitten and it will stay changed until its death. The person can not hide from the moon to avoid the change because the effects are not caused by sight of the moon. It's caused by the cycle of the moon."

"Once it changes a beta will retain its humanity and intelligence until it tastes human flesh."

"What about the alpha?" Sam asked.

"An alpha werewolf doesn't have any humanity to start with." She said and then continued. "Werewolves will eat any raw meat, however they prefer human flesh and eating it seems to make them more powerful. Once the beta, has eaten the flesh of a human it becomes completely animalistic. The beta is very connected to the cycle of the moon. It can kill at anytime, but it will kill more frequently and more viciously during the full moon."

"Only the alpha can take a mate and breed. It can breed with humans or another alpha werewolf it can't or won't breed with a beta."

"Would it breed with a real wolf?"

"A normal wolf would never allow any werewolf close enough to breed. They attack and kill werewolves. Entire packs have been known to be slaughtered trying to take down one werewolf. They will not tolerate a werewolf in there territory."

"As far as trapping and killing werewolves there are more possibilities then just a silver bullet to the heart."

"Wait, you trap these nasties?" Dean asked. "How?"

"I use Wolfsbane. It's a plant, also called, Aconitum Vulpara. It's very difficult to get because it only grows in high elevation and it's fatal if swallowed by human or animals. But werewolves have a natural immunity to its poison."

"If werewolves are immune, what good it is?" Sam asked.

"Werewolves are attracted by the scent of the plant, just like cats are to catnip. The beta finds the wolfsbane irresistible, the alpha enjoys the scent, but can resist its lure more readily then the beta. The biggest problem is that the plant is poisonous to humans. You have to use gloves when handling it, especially when it's wet."

"Of course you already know both types of werewolf are allergic to silver. Any weapon made of silver will injure a werewolf. A Beta will die quicker from the silver poisoning, much quicker than an Alpha. To kill the alpha you have to pierce its heart or brain with silver. Bullets are best, but any silver weapon will work."

"If a beta wolf dies it won't kill the alpha. But if an Alpha wolf is killed all the betas connected to it will die. And I'm sure you already know that when a werewolf dies, it will always revert back to human form."

Billie stopped for a minute then she looked at Dean and told him. "The glock on the table is loaded with silver bullets."

"Are you expecting a werewolf to come in the room?" Dean asked picking up the clock and checking the magazine.

Billie sighed and replied, "There is one more thing. Once a person changes, they can not change back, the only choice it to kill them. But it's possible to stop the change before it takes place. We have to kill the alpha it's connected to before the change." She stopped and looked at her arm.

"You've been bitten." Sam said quietly.

"Yes." She replied looking at Dean not Sam. She waited to see what his reaction would be. A part of her wanted him to use the gun now and end all this, but she knew he wouldn't, couldn't do it. He was, after all, his father's son.

"And if we can't kill the alpha you want us to kill you." Dean said.

Billie nodded, "Before I change."

"That's not going to happen because we are going to send that damn mutt to hell long before the full moon!" Dean exclaimed shaking his head.

"That works for me." Billie said. "I'm sure not interested in the alternative, but we only have three days to kill this thing. After that, you'll have another werewolf to hunt."

"Then what are we waiting for?" Dean said standing and twirling the gun on his finger. "Let's go find this bitch and waste it."

She shook her head. "We wait until morning. I'm tired and I hurt," She said. "I wouldn't be at the best of my game. Besides, you need to get up to speed on what I know."

She reached over and picked up a binder off the nightstand and handed it to Sam, "This is everything I've got so far on this hunt. It includes my hunt journal and all my notes. Maps of body locations, names and address of the victims both the missing and the dead. I have narrowed down the location of the den. Try and get familiar with it we'll need to start looking in the morning."

Sam started leafing through it as she talked. "You keep excellent notes."

"I've been doing this a long time Sammy, I don't usually make mistakes."

"Then how did it happen? How did you get yourself bitten?" Dean asked.

Billie sighed. "A friend and I set a trap using the wolfsbane to draw out the werewolf. We thought it was just one and didn't realize it was a pack until it was too late." She told him.

"What about your friend?" Sam asked.

She looked at him shook her head sadly. "The trap worked, too well. Had we realized we were up against a pack we would have been more prepared. This pack is huge; I've never come across one this size. The alpha must be very old to be able to hold so many to him."

"How many?" Dean asked.

"I'm not sure, but we attracted six of them to the trap." She explained, "We managed to take out three of them before one of them got him, then I got bit. I took out another before I was able to get away."

"Six?" Dean said.

She nodded. "Today has been a bad day for me, a really bad day."

"I'm sorry about your friend, but you went up against six werewolves at one time and you're still alive. I wouldn't exactly count that as a bad day." Dean told her, then turned to Sam, "Come on Sam lets go."

Before they left Dean turned to Billie and said, "Don't worry, we are going to fix this. Meet us at the diner across the street at six in the morning. We'll eat and decide what to do next."

She watched as Dean closed the door, then Billie went to the phone and dialed a number.

"They're here." She said then listened to the voice on the other end of the line. "Yeah, I know. How are you holding up?" The person on the other end spoke again and she replied, "Okay, But I still think we should tell them. I don't like lying to them. They need to know." She sighed as she listened to the reply. "Fine, call me if you need me."

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