The Pack

Chapter 3

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One werewolf is a problem and entire pack is much larger issue

Chapter three

Sam and Dean went to the diner after they left Billie. They took a booth at the back and Sam opened the binder and continued looking through it. "Billie really does keep good notes," he told Dean. "She's spoken with all the survivors and noted what they said. She has spoken with the coroner and the police. She even has copies of all the police and coroners' reports."

The waitress came over to take their order. She was a pretty young blonde with tight blue jeans and a canary yellow top that sunk so low her chest was nearly falling out of it. Her name tag proclaimed her name to be "Daisy". She took one look at Sam's face and exclaimed, "You poor fellow. What happened?"

Sam scowled, "A car accident," he told her.

Dean gave her a beguiling smile and said, "Yeah, it's a good thing I was there to pull him out or it might have been a lot worse. The car caught on fire. I was just barely able to get him out before it exploded." Dean saw Sam shaking his head at the story.

She turned to Dean, "You went into a burning car to save him!"

"Hey, you got to do what you got to do." Dean told her, "Sam here was stuck, I had to get him out or he was going to be roasting in that car."

Sam quit paying attention to the conversation. He'd heard enough of Dean's stories and lines. He had the waitress eating out of his hand in just a few minutes, by the time they left Dean would have her phone number or a place to meet her later after her shift.

He continued looking over the information in the binder. This woman was thorough. She had the location of the den down to an area of roughly five square miles of undeveloped brush and woodland. Finding the den would not be to big a problem, in fact, they should be able to do that tomorrow. After looking over the area map carefully Sam had a few ideas on where to check. One area in particular was standing out for him. Not because of anything on the map though, it was just a feeling and he had learned over the past several months to trust these feelings when he got them.

"Sammy!" Dean said grabbing his arm and shaking it. "Where are you?"

"What?" Sam asked.

"I've been trying to get your attention here. Since you wouldn't answer, I ordered you a burger and fries," he told Sam. "What have you found out from that thing?"

There was a beer sitting in front of Sam that he hadn't even notice being delivered. He picked it up and took a drink. "Okay, so Billie has done most of the leg work for us and I can tell you the two most likely places we are going to find the den from her research and maps."

"Then this should be an easy gig." Dean said watching the blonde waitress walk by swiveling her hips. "Because I'm thinking we could use a few days off afterwards."

Sam watched Dean watch the waitress. "You get her number?"

Dean grinned and held up a napkin, "Of course. You doubted me?"

Sam rolled his eyes at his brother but didn't comment on the issue. Instead he continued with the problem at hand. "The big problem isn't going to be the den. I think, no matter how many of them there are we can handle that."

"So what is the problem?"

"I don't think the Alpha male will be holed up in the den with the others. If he can shift to human form anytime he wants, I'd be willing to bet he lives among the people here."

"Why would you say that?"

"Billie has notes in here on deaths and disappearances going back over twenty years. I don't know for sure, but I doubt he'd stay in the form of the werewolf the entire time. That's got to mean he lives here right?"

"Okay, but, how are we going to find him? I mean, I don't think putting an ad in the local paper requesting all werewolves to come meet us is going to work real well."

"I don't know, I'm still going through this and maybe Billie will have some ideas."

Their meal arrived and Sam set the binder aside. "Dean, Billie may be able to tell us something that will help us find dad." He said.

"She said she didn't know where he is, besides, we have to help Billie first. We can't just leave her."

"I know. I wasn't saying we should leave."

"Sam we're going to find dad."

"I know Dean, but she spoke with him just this morning."

"Sam she said he couldn't get here before the full moon. He can't be too close."

Sam sighed, "What I don't get is how she got him on the phone. We've been trying for months."

Dean laughed, "If she was calling me, I'd sure answer the phone!"

"Dean, come on man, she's like ten years older then you," Sam said.

"You know what they say about older women." Dean said with a smile, "They know just how to treat a man."

Sam just shook his head. Dean would never change.

They finished their meal and left the diner, "Hey, Sam, it's still pretty early, how about we go have a couple of drinks. We passed a bar on the way here. I might even be able to rustle up a game of pool. You know, earn us a bit of cash."

"You go Dean, I'm going to finish going over Billie's notes and see if I can come up with anything on the Alpha… And Dean, try not to get into any fights this time."

"Don't worry, Sammy, I couldn't look as bad as you do right now if I tried really hard."

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