The Pack

Chapter 4

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One werewolf is a problem and entire pack is much larger issue

Chapter four

The next morning Sam and Dean sat in the same diner eating breakfast. They were waiting for Billie to join them. "She's late Dean."

"Thank you Sherlock," Dean replied glancing at his watch. "We'll give her another thirty minutes. After that we head out to one of those places you have marked on the map. We'll waste as many of those bitches as we can and hey, if we're lucky maybe we'll get the alpha."

"When have we ever been that lucky?" Sam asked.

"Yeah, I know," Dean said before taking a sip of his steaming hot coffee.

"You were out late last night, how'd you do?"

Dean smirked, "I did fantastic! Daisy got off at eleven and we went to her place. I got to tell you, she is some kind of contortionist. Do you know she can put her legs up by her…"

"Dean!" Sam interrupted, "Thanks, but I so do not need to know what you did with that girl! I was talking about the bar. We're getting short on cash, any luck at the table?"

Dean pulled out a wad of bills and tossed it to his brother, "Sammy, I'm surprised at you, are you doubting my game now?"

"No, just checking." Sam said as he looked out the window of the diner to the motel across the street. He could see Billie's room from where he sat and had been watching to see if she came out of the room. He was surprised to see her drive up in a forest green extended cab pickup truck. As she got out of the truck and headed across the street to the diner he told his brother, "She's here."

Dean looked up and watched her walk into the diner. He decided he really didn't care how old she was, she was hot, his eyes were burning she was so hot.

"Sorry I'm late," she said with a smile, "I had an errand to run."

The waitress walked up and she ordered, "Just coffee please, black."

"Okay, I've been thinking, we need to find the den and wipe out the pack, but I don't think the alpha will be at the den unless we are very, very lucky."

"Yeah, we thought that too," Dean said. "Sammy's nailed the location down to the most likely two places."

Sam brought out the map and pointed out the two places he thought would be best to check out first. "Here and here," he said pointing to a spot close to the lake, and one a just a few miles from town.

Billie checked the locations and then said, "Okay, I get the place out on the lake. It's secluded and close to the water. But this area here is only a few miles from town, it seems too close. That's one of the reasons I haven't bothered to search it. Why would think we should look there?"

Sam sighed. A "how do I explain this one" look crossing his face. "I just…."

Dean came to his rescue, "Look, when Sam says we should check something out, we check it out. He is very rarely wrong." Dean thought about it a second, "In fact, he's never wrong about something like this. We check it out and we check it out first since its closer."

Billie looked at the brothers. Their minds were made up. They were obviously used to working as a team. And knowing John, she was willing to bet these two make a very formidable team. John was good at teaching tactics, so she didn't doubt about their abilities in the fight. But John was right, in a fight, Sam would be the weak link. She'd need to be sure and protect him. John would be pissed off if something happened to Sam. In fact, if either of his boys was hurt, there'd be hell to pay. "All right then, if you boys are done eating, let's get go it done. We're running out of time."

Sam paid the check while Dean followed Billie outside. "Why don't you ride with us," Dean told her.

"Works for me, it's been some time since I've seen that beauty you ride around it." She replied, "It looks like you keep her in good shape. I was disappointed when John got the new truck. I thought he'd gotten rid of her."

"Nope, just passed her to me, I take good care of her." Dean said with pride.

Billie stopped at her truck long enough to pull a duffle bag out of the back seat opened it up, checked the contents, then tossed it into the back seat of the Impala and slid in after it. Dean got in the drivers seat and started the car. As soon as Sam joined them Dean pulled out of the parking lot.

"So how'd you meet Dad?" Dean asked Billie.

She laughed, "About fifteen years ago we literally bumped into each other on a hunt down in east Texas. I damn near shot him when he came out of the bushes at a dead run. He was looking over his shoulder and shooting at a werewolf that was chasing him. He ran smack into me. The damn werewolf took a swipe at your dad. He was so busy trying to protect me that he forgot to protect himself. Damn thing knocked him out cold. I was able to kill it before it did any major damage though. I got your dad back to the hotel and patched him up. You should have seen the look on his face when he woke up in my room." She was smiling at the memory. "Since then we've hunted together once or twice a year."

Sam and Dean looked at each other. This was something completely new to them. "I remember that trip to Texas it was in, Kilgore, wasn't it."

"Yeah," she replied.

"Dad was late, he said he'd be back before morning, but it was almost ten when he came in. I was worried something had gotten him, but he seemed fine when he got back."

"He was for the most part. I stitched his arm up, twenty one stitches across his Special Forces tattoo. As far as hitting his head on the tree, well I've come to the conclusion that a knock on the noggin is good for John once in a while."

Sam and Dean both about choked on that statement.

"We haven't seen dad in more then six months." Sam told her.

"I know," she replied quietly. "I don't like it. He shouldn't be alone. Not now, but he's never been one to listen to reason."

"Why, what's happening?"

"He's after something, something big and whatever it is, it knows he's after it. It's come close to getting him once already. That's why he doesn't want you with him. He's afraid you'll get hurt."

"What is it, is it the thing that killed mom?" Dean asked.

"I don't know," she said fiercely. "But, no matter what he says, you keep looking for him until you find him. He needs you, both of you; he's just too damn stubborn to realize it."

Sam thought about it. In all years their dad had been hunting he'd never seen the man scared. He was not afraid of anything. If this thing had him on the run it was bad. He looked at his brother, but Dean shook his head. Sam knew his brother didn't want to talk about it, not now.

They drove the rest of the way in silence.

Sam had the map spread out on the hood of the car. They were at the end of a long dirt road that really seemed more like a pair of ruts in the ground then a road. Billie and Dean were rechecking weapons and loading up. "Okay, were here," Sam said pointing at a spot on the map catching their attention. "I was thinking we need to check this area here. It looks like it's should be a quick easy hike." He opened the laptop and continued, "last night I downloaded this."

"What is it?" Billie asked.

Sam grinned at her, "A Google satellite photo of the area. It's old, but it shows some kind of building in this area here. From the looks of it I'd say an old barn or maybe something bigger."

"An old, unused building in the middle of the forest. Yep, it gets my vote." Dean said.

Sam closed the laptop and put it in the car. He folded the map and put it in his back pocket, and started loading up his weapons.

Dean thought Sam went a bit light on the weapons, but he didn't say anything, he just tossed him another .45 loaded with silver bullets. Sam pocketed it without a word.

As they worked, Dean watched Billie. She quickly and efficiently checked her weapons. He watched her put four handguns in various places on her person. Then she loaded a long knife into an ankle holster. A shotgun went next in a rig at the center of her back, grip up for easy access. He liked the way she worked but, he wanted to see if she could hold her own in the fight. He didn't really doubt her; if his dad was willing to work with her then he'd give her a shot.

Sam took out the compass and headed into the trees Billie and his brother right behind him guarding his back.

Fifteen minutes later they were looking at an old rundown building. It was bigger then they originally thought. Roughly the size of a small supermarket, it was two floors with lots of windows.

Sam turned to Dean, "They're here," he said quietly.

"This is going to be fun," Dean said nodding his head. Sammy's vibes must be tossing him a hint, because Dean didn't see anything.

They all knew werewolves preferred to hunt at night, but they sure didn't sleep all day. There would be no sneaking up on them either. Werewolf's had an excellent sense of smell. If they were in that building the werewolves already knew the three hunters were outside.

"Now let's see if anyone's home," Billie said as she reached into her jacket and pulled out a sealed plastic bag. She took out her knife and cut a slice in the bag, then tossed it out in front of them as far as she could.

Sam looked at her curiously, "Wolfsbane?" he asked.

She nodded, "If there are any werewolves in there, it won't take long for them to come out. I'd rather fight them out here then inside."

From somewhere deep inside the building a lone eerie howl began. Within moments several "voices" had taken up the call.

"Looks like you were right Sam," Billie told him.

"I told you," Dean said, "He's always right."

Sam smiled at that. It was nice to know his brother thought that way, but Sam knew better. He'd been wrong in the past and it had gotten someone he loved killed. He never wanted to make a mistake like that again.

"Here they come," Dean said raising his gun.

Sam looked to were his brother was aiming; three werewolves were coming from around the back of the building. Making their way towards the bag Billie had tossed out. They had their noses up and were sniffing the air. Movement from the front of the building caught his attention. Two more were making their way down the front steps from the old porch that lined the front of the building. Sam pointed at the ones coming from the porch.

"Wait," Billie told him, "Let them get closer."

"Closer!" Dean almost shouted, "Are you nuts? Do you know how fast those damn things can move?" He shook his head, "Oh yeah, this is going to be a blast!"

"Uh, Dean, there's a couple more coming up from under the porch over to the left," Sam said. "We may have been a bit optimistic in our assessment of the size of this pack."

"I've got them," Billie said.

"Optimistic in our assessment," Dean muttered, he decided he wasn't going to wait any longer. He pulled the trigger shooting the closest one in the head. It dropped to the ground without making a sound and changed back to its human form. Sam and Billie pulled the trigger on their guns and dropped one each with their first shots, but now the others were alerted to the danger.

"This is going to be a real mess to clean up, you know that don't you!" he shouted at Billie.

"It always is," she said as she took down her second. "Here they come."

The hunters formed a loose circle as the werewolves converged on them. Dean and Billie had each pulled a second gun and were using both hands to shoot. Between the three of them they'd taken down eight more of the creatures when Sam yelled, "DEAN!" And took off at dead run back down the trail they'd come from.

Dean turned to see what was wrong and nearly got gored by a werewolf that used the distraction to get in close. Billie shoved Dean out of the way just in time. Then with her gun nearly touching the werewolf's temple she pulled the trigger. Blood and brains came raining down on Dean as he rolled out of the way of the falling animal.

Sam had been handling his end of the affair nicely until his gaze strayed to the trail they'd just come from. A young boy, around twelve or thirteen years old was running down the trail as fast as his legs would carry him. Behind him, gaining with each stride was a werewolf. It was too far away to chance a shot with the kid between him and the werewolf, so with a shout to his brother to let him know he was moving he ran to meet them and place himself between the boy and the werewolf.

Dean was up almost as quickly as he'd fallen, instantly he saw the problem and knew what his brother had planned. He watched as his brother caught up to the boy, pushed child behind him, took careful aim at the werewolf bearing down on them and shot it. Then, to his horror, the boy Sam was trying to protect changed into a werewolf. It was smaller then the rest, but it was quick. It tore into his brothers back with a paw before Sam even realized what was happening.

"SAMMY!" Dean yelled running to his brother's aid. Sam fell to the ground as Dean shot the child/werewolf several times in the back yelling, "Hey you son of bitch! Come pick on someone your own size!" It turned its attention to Dean and with an unearthly growl it took one mighty leap in Dean's direction and took him to the ground landing on the hunters' chest his arms pinned beneath its body.

Winded from the impact Dean lost his hold on both guns. The young werewolf, its muzzle close to Deans' face growled fiercely at the hunter its eyes blazing. "Ugh, dog breath!" Dean said as he caught his breath and struggled to get out from under the creature, "Get off me you ugly mutt!" he yelled at it. The beast put one large paw on his chest to hold him down and lifted the other for what Dean was sure was going to be a killing blow.

Billie saw what was happening to the brothers, but Deans' retreat had left her guarding their backs and suddenly there were werewolves coming out of the woodwork. She was shooting as fast as she could. As one gun emptied she dropped it and reached for another. Soon she was down to the shotgun and her knife. The werewolves were now too close for the shotgun so she threw her now empty pistol into the face of the closest werewolf and pulled out the knife. She was getting tired and didn't know how much longer she could keep this up. Then, without warning, something changed. She felt a swell of strength and with unnatural speed she started tearing into the remaining werewolves with her knife.

Sam was unsure exactly what had happened. One minute he was shooting the werewolf in front of him and the next he was on the ground an agonizing pain across his back. Painfully he rolled over and climbed to his feet, turning to see what had hit him. What he saw made him forget all about his pain.

Dean was pinned to the ground by one of the werewolves. Its muzzle inches from his face. Sam ran to his brother, pulling the gun Dean had given him from his pocket. He couldn't take any chances; this had to be a clean shot. Dean said something and the werewolf pulled back from his face and it lifted its paw to strike. Sam pulled the trigger twice both shots hitting the creature in the head. As it fell Sam was horrified to see it change into the child he had been trying to protect. Sam fell to his knees a very hollow feeling in his stomach. He was shaken to the core. He had just killed a child.

Dean rolled out from under the dead werewolf and stood up. He looked around for Sam and saw him on his knees a few feet away. He was pale and breathing raggedly, but he was alive. Dean swung around to Billie just in time to see her take her last shot and throw the gun in the face of the closest werewolf to her. Then she reached for her knife and something changed. She fought with such power and speed Dean was almost mesmerized by her actions. Then remembering that he still had a gun in his hands he used it to take out the last two werewolves facing Billie.

As the two werewolves facing her fell Billie whirled around quickly, knife ready. There was one more still out there, she could hear it growling. She faced the brothers and was surprised and shocked when Dean stepped in front of his brother and with wide disbelieving eyes lifted his gun and pointed it directly at her. The growling stopped and she realized that she had been the one making the terrible noise.

When Billie turned to Dean he was shocked and at the change in her. She was growling, the sound coming from deep within her throat. But it was her eyes that he couldn't look away from. They had changed, from a beautiful pale blue to a horrible yellow grey color. Instead of dots the irises in her eyes were horizontal slits. He stepped in front of Sam to protect him and raised the gun.

"Dean, what the hell, put down the gun." Billie said booting the knife and raising her hands.

Dean was shaking his head, "Billie," he said, "I'm sorry..."

"No, wait, it's not too late. I'm still on your side." She replied.

Before Dean could reply he heard Sam speak softly from behind him. "Dean…I… I killed him. He's was just a kid."

Dean looked at his brother. Sam was not even looking at him or at Billie. His eyes were fixed firmly on the child lying several feet from him. His breathing was ragged and tears were streaming quietly down his face. Dean looked at Billie for another second, unsure what to do. But his brothers' harsh breathing made the decision easier. "Oh, shit, Sammy." He said and abruptly put away the gun.

He went to his brother and knelt in front of him cutting off his view of the body. "Sammy, look at me." Dean told him quietly. When Sam didn't do it, Dean grabbed his shoulders and forced his compliance. "SAMMY!" Dean said fiercely. "LOOK AT ME!"

Sam raised his eyes to his brothers', "I killed him Dean he was just a kid. I don't understand. I thought he was…" The haunted expression in Sam's eyes almost broke Dean.

"Sammy, he was a werewolf, not just a kid. I saw him change, I saw him attack you. Hell, you saw him attacking me. He WAS a werewolf." Dean exclaimed.

"Sam, he was an alpha male. He was born from a werewolf, he was young, but he was still a werewolf. You had no choice," said a quiet voice beside Dean.

Dean motioned to Billie to get rid of the body. Get it out of Sam's sight. She nodded and without saying a word picked up the child and took it to the building.

"Sammy please, don't do this to yourself." Dean said "You had to kill it. It was going to kill me. I thought I was about to die. You saved me." Sam gave the slightest of nods. Dean sighed in relief. "I'm sorry Sam, I tried to kill it. I wish you didn't have to be the one to do it."

"You're sure?" Sam asked quietly. His breaths coming a bit easier and some of the paleness was leaving his face. "It was a werewolf?"

"I'm sure and I have the bruises to prove it," Dean told him. Then remembering the damn thing had hurt Sam too he said. "But you, little brother, are going to feel it a lot more then me."

Wincing from a sharp pain that choose that moment to remind him of his injury Sam replied, "I think I already do." Sam looked at Dean and for the first time noticed the blood on his face and chest. "Dean what about you, are you okay?"

"Um, yeah, you're the one that got gored by the big ugly. Not me."

"Dean, you're covered in blood." Sam told him.

Dean reached up and wiped his face with the back of his hand. He was surprised when It came away bloody, until he recalled where it came from. "It's not mine. Can you stand?" Dean said standing an offering him a hand up.

"Yeah," Sam stood on shaky legs then he and Dean turned toward the building. "Oh God, Dean,"

The space in front of the building looked like a battlefield. Hell, Dean thought, it was a battlefield. Bodies were strewn everywhere. "How many were in this damn den?" Dean asked not expecting an answer.

"I counted sixteen, plus the alpha." Billie said coming up beside them. "I've never come across a pack of this size before, but I've never found a mated pair before either."

"A mated pair. Are you sure?" Sam asked.

"It has to be. That alpha male was too young to be on its own. Its parents have to be around somewhere."

"Great," Dean said. "I'll tell you one thing. I bet they are going to be pretty pissed off when they find out what happened to junior and his pets."

"We should finish up quick and get the hell out of dodge." Billie said.

"Billie, that one I killed, was it the one." Sam asked. "Was it yours?"

"No Sam, it wasn't." She said looking him in the eye for the first time since he killed it.

Sam was shocked to see the change in her eyes. "Don't worry," he told her. "We still have time. It's not too late."

She smiled at him. "Thank you Sam."

After Dean applied a field dressing to Sam' wounds, he and Billie moved the remaining bodies into the building. Dean was afraid the heavy lifting would make Sam's injuries worse so he would not allow him to help. Instead, Sam kept watch while they did the work. He also, collected all the shell casings he could find. No sense in leaving any more evidence then they had too. When this was discovered all hell was going to break loose. While searching the area he came across a fallen sign that said Littlefield Hunting Lodge. "Well," he said to himself, "we sure did some hunting here."

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