The Pack

Chapter 7

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One werewolf is a problem and entire pack is much larger issue

Chapter seven

Billie didn't wake the brothers the next morning, she let them sleep in. While they slept she pulled all the boys weapons from there bag, cleaned and reloaded them. When she was done she did the same with her own. This was something she enjoyed doing. It always had a calming effect on her, and at the moment she needed something to calm her.

Last night when she saw the condition Dean and Sam were in when they came back she had very nearly called John and told him to get his ass over here and take care of his boys. Sam had totally surprised her as she watched the gentle way he had cared for his brother. The concern and care he used as he gently wiped the blood from Deans face speaking to him the whole time. Then he cleaned the wound and stitched it. Billie had checked the sutures; a doctor couldn't have done a better job. She doubted there would even be a scar. Sam had seemed determined to make sure that didn't happen.

It was nearly eleven when Dean stirred; as soon as he did his brother woke too. "What time is it," he asked.

"Almost eleven," Billie replied.

"Damn it, why didn't you wake us up?" he said angrily. "We have work to do."

"You needed the sleep. How's your head?"


"Sam, you feeling better? How's your back?" she asked.


"Since you are both in perfect shape," she said stiffly her yellow eyes blazing, "I'll go across the street and find us something to eat while you boys get cleaned up and dressed. Then we can get this show on the road."

After she left Sam looked at Dean and asked, "Did I miss something? What's with her?"

"I have no idea."

"Women." Both boys said at the same time.

After packing the car with their gear, they had driven in silence to their destination near the lake. With their weapons loaded they began the short walk down towards the water. The place seemed just as deserted as the area around the hunting lodge.

"Now what?" Dean asked. "I don't see anything that could be even remotely considered a den.

"Doesn't matter," his brother replied, "remember we're not here to find them. We're here so they can find us. We're the bait."

"Yeah, see that's where I'm having a problem with this whole plan of yours Sam. I'd make excellent bait if we were hunting two legged dear at a bikini contest. But, I'm not sure I like the idea of being set up as kibbles and bit for these mongrels."

"Don't worry, they'd spit you out after the first bite."

"Is it possible for you two to keep your mind on the job?" Billie growled at them.

The brothers looked at Billie. "We upsetting you somehow?" Dean asked with a smile. "Or are you about to wolf out on us?"

She growled her eyes turning a deeper shade of yellow grey.

"Wolf out?" Sam asked taking a cautious step away from her.

Dean shrugged at his brother, "Her term, not mine."

Dean touched Billie's arm and looked into her eyes, "You need to calm down, when they get here we're we'll need your help. You can't wolf out on us."

"They're already here," she said shoving Dean as hard as she could to the side when she saw three wolves rush out of the woods a few yards from them. The largest wolf sailed past between her and the now reeling Dean. She raised her gun and fired at the wolf leaping at Sam striking it in the shoulder. The wolf faltered but didn't stop; instead it morphed into a full grown werewolf. She knew she'd missed its heart but before she could shoot again something slammed into her from behind knocking her across the clearing. When she tried to regain her feet she was picked up and slammed into a tree where she collapsed into unconsciousness.

Dean tumbled away from Billie and hit the ground rolling. He let his momentum carry him back up onto one knee gun up and ready. He saw Billie shoot the wolf that was attacking Sam leaving herself wide open to the attack of a huge werewolf that was leaping for her. He took a shot at it but it was moving to fast. He missed and it slammed into her. He didn't get time for a second shot. A third wolf came out of nowhere and sank it's fangs into his gun arm. A searing pain shot through his arm as the wolf shook it knocking the gun from his hand. "You BITCH!" he screamed at it and punched it as hard as he could in the face with his free hand. The animal let go and he scrambled away from it, stood and reached for another gun.

Sam turned just in time to see a wolf leaping at him. He heard a shot and saw the creature jerk, then morph. With no time for aiming he stepped to the side and shot from the hip. He pulled the trigger twice in quick succession hoping for a lucky hit. The werewolf went down, but it didn't stay there. It rose to its feet with a growl, but this time Sam took more careful aim and shot it in the head. He turned to the werewolf attacking Billie, but before he could pull the trigger a shot rang out and he saw it drop to the ground dead. Billie was slumped in front of the tree not moving, but Sam didn't have time to check on her. He was attacked by a pair of smaller but vicious werewolves.

Dean didn't have time to get the gun before it was on him again, this time in werewolf form. With a howl it lashed out, raking its claws across his chest and hurling him several yards away. Dean crashed back to the ground. "This shits getting old fast," he grumbled pulling a gun from inside his jacket. This time, he didn't miss. One shot between the eyes put the werewolf down, but the fight wasn't over yet. Sam was in trouble. Two werewolves had him backed into a tree. His gun was out and pointed at the larger of the two, but he wouldn't take the shot. Dean did, and he didn't miss. Another shot rang out and the second creature fell lifeless in front of his brother.

"Sammy!" Dean shouted. "You okay?"

Sam turned and looked at his brother. "Fine," he said. "How about you?"

"Ready for a vacation," he said wrapping a bandana around his bleeding arm. "How about you Billie?" he asked turning. He saw Billie sprawled motionless on the ground. "Damn,"

Hurrying to her side Dean carefully rolled her onto her back and checking for a pulse.

"Is she..." Sam asked.

"She's alive." Dean told him. "Billie, come on open your eyes honey."

She groaned.

"Come on Billie." Sam said. "Wake up."

Both brothers were startled when Billie suddenly jerked up into a sitting position and drew her knife. She looked around wildly for a few seconds before focusing her eyes on Dean. "Did we get um?" She asked.

"Wasted them all," Dean said with a grin. Billie's eyes were back to the beautiful blue they were when they had first met.

"Good," she replied sagging slightly, "because I hurt."

"I know how you feel." Dean said with a pain filled grin.

"Come on," Sam said helping her to feet. "We need to get both of you to a hospital."

"I'll be fine," Dean told him.

"No arguments this time Dean. You're going." Sam demanded.

"We need to clean this up."

"I'll come back later and take care of it. You two are beat to hell."

Dean looked at his brother and knew no amount of arguing was going to change Sam's mind this time. "Fine," he agreed, "but when you're done playing mother hen and cleaning up this mess you can find us a place to take a vacation!"

Sam looked around at the aftermath of the fight. Something wasn't right about the fight, but he couldn't put his finger on it.

Dean started towards the car, but realized that Sam wasn't following. "Hey Sammy, you coming?" he asked.

"It's Sam," his brother replied absently nodding his head. The werewolves were all dead he was sure of that. Billie groaned quietly reminding Sam that they needed to get her to the hospital. He would have to figure what was bothering him later.

They were nearly at the car when it clicked. "Dean, I need to go back and look around. Something's not right."

"What do you mean?"

"I mean who killed the werewolf that went after Billie?"

"She did."

Sam shook his head, "No, she was already down."

Billie looked up at Sam and started to say something, "Sam, I don't feel…" She didn't get to finish because her eyes rolled up into her head and she passed out cold. Going back would have to wait. Billie needed a doctor and so did Dean.

Dean was stretched out on his bunk in the motel, his arm in a cast and several stitches on his chest. Billie had been admitted to the hospital they wanted to keep her overnight for observation. They'd wanted to admit Dean too but he had refused.

They had told the doctors a bear had attacked them and they seemed to believe the story. They had all heard about the recent mauling and thought Dean and Billie had been very lucky. They just didn't know how lucky. Sam was right, someone else was there today and whoever it was had saved both Billie and Sam.

The door opened and Sam walked in. "Are you awake?" he asked.

Dean sat up on his bunk mumbling something about noisy brothers. The morphine they'd given him for the pain was starting to wear off and he wasn't sleepy, just had the beginnings of some serious pain and itching from his torn up arm. "That was quick."

"We were right, someone else was there. By the time I got back it was already cleaned up. Whoever did it was good too, real good. He didn't leave any signs. I couldn't even figure out what had happened to the bodies. And there's this." He said tossing Dean a newspaper.

Dean read the headline. Hunting Lodge Burned to the Ground, Several Corpses discovered in ashes.

Littlefield fire department worked for six hours to contain the blaze that started yesterday afternoon around 4 p.m. Arson is suspected due to the bodies found in the ashes. Police are looking for the owners of the building, a Mr. and Mrs. Gleason, hoping they can shed some light on this grisly discovery. It is believe that one or more of the bodies may be those of persons reported missing in the past several years. The owner was unavailable for comment.

"I think we need to talk to Billie." Dean told his brother.

"To late, she's gone."

"What do you mean gone?"

"I mean I stopped at the hospital on the way back. She isn't there. She left and her truck isn't here. She's gone Dean."

Dean picked up his phone and dialed her number. "She's not answering."

Dean was in the passenger seat. He'd been dozing on and off since they'd left Littlefield over two hours ago. They were headed east this time to Atlantic City for a few weeks of rest and relaxation. They needed time to let their injuries heal before they took off on their next job. Dean was in pretty bad shape. His fractured arm would be a liability until it healed, even if he wouldn't admit it. Sam knew Dean was hurting because he was actually taking the medicine the doctor had prescribed. Sam understood. He was pretty sore himself.

Deciding it was time for more Tylenol Sam reached back into the duffle on the back seat. He didn't find the bottle immediately and glanced back at the bag. Something white caught his eye and he reached in and pulled out an envelope. Written on the outside in a very familiar handwriting was "Dean and Sam".

Sam pulled the car over to the side of the road and turned off the radio, "Dean wake up."

Dean sat up straighter in the seat. "What you need me to drive already?"

"No." Sam said handing the envelope to his brother.

"Where'd you get this?"

"The duffle bag. That looks like Dad's handwriting."

Dean opened the letter and held it between them so Sam could read it too.


Good job. You saved us both. Take care of each other. I'll contact you when it's safe. Don't stay in anyplace too long. Remember we're all in danger. Don't blame Billie I couldn't let her tell you and don't bother looking. We're already gone. Good luck boys.


At the bottom of the page written in a more elegant script was a note from Billie.

Thank you and remember what I said. Stubborn as hell.


"It was Dad." Sam said. "He was there the whole time."


"But dad's been hiding from us this whole time why call us now just to leave without seeing us?"

"He was hurt and it had to have been bad. He was with Billie when she got bit."

"He couldn't have been hurt that bad. It was him, he saved us and cleaned up the mess."

"He healed, just like Billie's arm healed. He'd been bitten too."

"We go back?" Sam asked.

"We go back." Dean confirmed.

Sam put the car in gear and turned it around. Vacation would have to wait, they had work to do. This was the closest they'd come yet to finding him. They weren't going to let him get away that easily, but both of them suspected they wouldn't find anything. Their dad was a master at this game.

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