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Second Chance


This is a fan fiction on the South Korean boy band, BTS, that has seven members including V, or Kim Taehyung, which is what this FF about.Y/N is you’re name and you are the main character going through tough times that people don’t understand.Heartbreak,sorrow,pain,guilt,and more comes up as you try to rediscover whats best for you in your relationship and gather yourself back up again as Y/N.

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Chapter 1

Second Chance

It was getting really late, past midnight and he still didn’t show up.Argh why is he so difficult to understand,he says he would be here, than changes plans the next.But I love him enough not to leave him because sometimes he is charismatic and loving.Oh right,I forgot to tell you,ha,well,I’m y/n and I’m currently in a complicated relationship with,yeah,Kim Taehyung.We started dating after he asked me out but after a couple weeks, he started taking me out of pity and calling me things as well as arriving late to our dorm.I thought nothing of it because I loved him so much.But tonight’s different I guess and—-


I picked up my phone quickly and answered...


???:”Oh uh hey y/n I’m gonna stay at Jimins place because well traffics bad and-“

Y/N:”Wait,Taehyung,But I thought you said”

V:”Can you let me finish,I’m not coming home and that’s it, and it’s because”

???:”Hey V who is that,never mind, hang up and come on room 4 is open so you know ba-

V:”I need to go Y/N, I’ll see you tomorrow”



Hung up huh.I took a deep breathe and threw a picture of us together at the wall,making it shatter.I calmed myself down a bit after and just started thinking of who he was with, cause it surely wasn’t a guy.Grr sometimes you make me feel so confused and frustrated Taehyung.I slowly processed what he said as I knew he meant he wouldn’t come and drifted off to sleep.

-Next Day


I arose from my bed as I knew I was in for a long day at school,second year and still being bullied.These girls won’t leave me alone for dating Taehyung yet tae doesn’t do anything and flirts with them!Whatever.I did my daily routine and put on a nice hollister sweatshirt with ripped jeans and checkered vans.I put my hair in a messy French braid and headed off to school cause I was running late.

-Few Minutes

I made it just in time for first bell and straight to class

???:”Hey Y/N over here”

Y/N:”Oh hey Tambry”

Tambry is my best friend since like preschool and we do everything together.

Tambry:”Y/N, I don’t wanna alarm you but I saw V the other night going to the club with his hyungs”

Y/N:”Wait,.n-no I uh,he called saying he stayed at Jimins.I think you saw someone else”

Tambry:”Y/N,you cant keep doing this to yourself, you have to talk to him and rearrange your relationship okay?”

Y/N:”Your right Tambry,I’ll talk to him after school, but let’s focus, I’m glad the popular girls aren’t here today, they probably skip school cause today’s Tuesday so mall time for them”

Tambry:”Yeah but at least your not disturbed and plus you like Tuesdays just because they aren’t here to ruin you”

Y/N”Your right, ye, you know I’m not complaining, I’m glad their gone”

Tambry:”That’s it,okay lets actually focus now”

Y/N:”Oh right”

Few minuted passes by and the day went actually good,normal like every Tuesdays.I saw V in lunch and tried to talk to him but got ignored instead which I’m not surprised but I still got a peck in the cheek from him cause he does that once a week for some reason but that’s my favorite part!.

I stayed after school a bit to catch up on work I needed to hand in tomorrow.It took awhile but I finally finished around 3:20 which was perfect time because Taehyung said we could go to the mall at 3:50 so I quickly needed to get ready.I dashed out the school doors and headed for my car when suddenly I heard strange noises, who could be here at this time in school?

???:”Babe.I love you,with all my heart,bae”

???:”You know, we could continue this in my place”

???:”I like the outdoors,nice..wait,you sure your girlfriend won’t notice,no ones here right?

???:”Oh please,no one is here and plus,my “girlfriend” is just dumb and ugly.I don’t love her,I just asked her out from a bet”

I slowly walked to the corridor where I heard the noises and slowly peeked my head through only to find the most heartbreaking thing I ever saw and it would follow me everywhere...


Both of them suddenly jumped as Tae looked at me with worried eyes.

I was even more shocked by who he was kissing....


Tambry looked me in the eyes with lust and selfish.

V:”Y/N...I, it’s not,I just...”

Tambry:”Look Y/N, I just, I’m so sorry, I didn’t want you to,I just, I was...”

Y/N:”You were what TAMBRY!How could you,after everything that I told you,after I came to your house,crying and worried about Taehyung,and you were seeing him this WHOLE TIME.And you..”

I turned to Tae as he felt nervous and grief in his eyes.

Y/N:”I trusted you all my life,I loved you so much,and all you did was push me away!You never loved me,you wanted to get with her!What did I ever do to you to deserve this,is this what you are!I guess I was just in a toxic relationship without knowing who I could trust huh..”

At this point I was so mad at them and just let my tears fall.

Y/N:”Well,I guess I was the only one having this fairytale”

I slowly stepped back and slowly turned around,leaving what I saw, a vision in the past,I walked away,wiping what was left of my tears.Until....

He grabbed my wrist, pulling me back and making me turn in surprise..

Y/N:”Let go,I don’t want this Taehyung”

V:”Please,let me talk,let me explain,...I...”

Y/N:”Let go,leave me be,I don’t need your stupid explanation because...I’m done”

I pulled my wrist farther and soon,he let go as I trudged to my car,feeling anger and betrayal,and with that, I drove away...not turning back,it was now a deceiving memory.I got home late cause traffic was being a pain but soon got home to make food and go straight to bed,crying as I fell asleep...

-The Next Morning

I woke up 5 minutes earlier than my alarm so I decided to change and watch TV before it was actually time to use the restroom and do my daily routine.I cooked myself eggs because I just was feeling so damn out of it.I didn’t even realize I was holding the pot heating on the stove for too long and yep.

Y/N:”SSS,ow, argh,gah!”

I quickly took my hand off the stove and shook my hand, hoping to make it feel better which was dumb of me.Great...just my day.Guh!I got a roller bandage from my drawer and put it on slowly,trying not to sting myself.


Eventually I succeeded but gave up on making eggs and took a plum instead.I made it to school in time with time to spare.I went to my locker and took books out and in,getting ready for first class until...they showed up.

Girl 1:”Taehyung,Tambry”

Girl 2:”You guys are so cute”

Girl 3:”Couple goals”

Ugh,there they are,”the new trendy couple”,Tambry and Tae.I looked at them, how they held each other and smiled at one another,but I knew in Tae’s eyes that, he was feeling regret what he did,or did he?Whatever.Why should I care huh?At this point I was thinking deep that I didn’t even know a tear drop fell so I quickly wiped that as I got my books and ran to class,not wanting to see them but...



???:”are you o-“

I looked up to see who it was so I could apologize until...



V:”Are you oka-“

Y/N:”I’m fine.Leave.”

I picked up my books,making my hand painfully hurt and V noticed

V:”What happen-“

Y/N:”Tae stop...Can’t you just be happy with her,why are you even talking to me,tend to her for all I care cause honestly as I told you..I was done...”

I said annoyed and angry,I just walked off into the girls bathroom,didn’t even care I skipped first period.

Y/N:”Please stay strong....you can’t love someone who has been lying to you for who knows how long”

I took a deep breathe until I was taken aback when someone *bang*

Y/N:*groans* ah,grr,what the hell!?”

???:”Looks like this little one needs a lesson to stay where she belongs”



Tambry:”I saw you staring at him,I know you like him you brat”

Y/N:”T-what are you...”

I felt a fierce punch coming from one of her friends..


Tambry:”Oh shut up!You know he LOVES me and HATES you,so why don’t you leave us be,I never liked you in the first place,such a dirty,rotten,ugly rat.

Her friends laughed and slapped me so rough, thinking that was enough to put me in my place and left,I started crying from the pain,it hurt so bad, they left a bruise on my stomach and my hand started aching from the pain.


I sobbed and decided to leave for the rest of the day.Not wanting to go back and stay home forever...

The day flew by as I tried sneaking out of the school campus,that way I could go to my dorm,which I hated but it was the only place I could go,since I had no one and I was far from my parents.

Minutes flew by but I made it past campus and went outside to where the dorms were until I heard last bell rang.The problem was that our dorm was like 5-6 blocks away since we wanted to be near the city,and our dorms are scattered near the city since well,the school doesn’t have enough room, but still owned by the school.It started raining so I got drenched.It was the afternoon,but since we live here in Boston,it’s basically about night,it’s what it looks like.People were pushing since the sidewalks were a bit small so sometimes here and there I fell, making me get tiny bruises and cuts.Until someone pushed me like he was in a hurry,making me fall and land on my face until...


I landed on someone,thanking I didn’t land on my face but as I looked up...


V:I-What happened and why are you out here”

I tried not to cry as he picked me up and sat me on the bench,covered by trees so I wouldn’t get wet.


V:”It’s ok,jeez Y/N,what happened, you did a number on yourself”

Y/N:”I-I’m f-fine”

V:”No your not,stop lying,just please let me take you home”

He hugged me,trying to keep me warm,I missed his touch,but it’s been stolen by her...I just wanted to treasure this moment,of what I’ll ever have of him,but that doesn’t mean I hated him a lot.I returned the hung in coldness.

Taehyungs POV

I felt her touch,I missed her badly.....but I couldn’t leave Tambry,I loved her.I don’t know who I love,but I know I messed up and now it hurts seeing her all bruised and bloody.I hugged her and was astounded by how she hugged me back.


She just cried of pain while I stroked her hair

V:”Please Y/N....don’t cry”

Y/N:”It-hurts...the pain I have been baring,you and Tambry....it all hurts...”

I didn’t know what to say...

V:”Let me take you back to our dorm”

Y/N:”I’m fine,I can walk”

She got up slowly,couldn’t bear to balance,then...


I quickly ran to her,catching her as she fainted.She must’ve been to deep into the rain.

V:”C’mon Y/N,we are going back to our dorm...”

I carried her to my car and buckled her in while I got in to and drove back to our dorm.As I was driving,I stopped at a red light and looked at Y/N carefully,her hair,her soft eyes,her features......her lips......

I snapped out of it and left,being confused on what I wanted.

5 Minutes———

I finally made it back and carried Y/N to our dorm and placed her down in her bed.I covered her up and sat next to her.

V:”I’m...sorry..for everything,I loved you,but now the only thing I didn’t want to do...was hurt you.

I said letting a tear escape me,and then I couldn’t help but kiss her forehead goodnight.I slowly backed away and realized what I did,what’s wrong with me.I wiped my tear

and tucked myself into my bed and drifted off to bed.


I woke up super sick...wait...

Y/N:”What the heck?”

Why am I in my dorm, but doesn’t that mean....I looked over and yep,he was sleeping on his bed,fast asleep.How he looked so cute and admirable.But now I can no longer feel his safeness,how he held me.....never letting me go....keeping me safe.....always

I snapped out of it and just went into my closet to change,I changed into this

I covered up my bruises pretty well and didn’t plan going to school so I wanted to go to the cafe instead,that was my favorite place,I also wanted to go shopping so I grabbed my purse but dropped my phone,making Tae wake up.

V:”hmmm,where are you going babe”

Y/N:”B-babe?Ah no,I-I uh am going out”

V:”Noooooo.stay,please I don’t wanna be alone”

Y/N:”Tae,we aren’t dating anymore,which means you don’t have the right to call me those names or plead for me”

V:”Come on...Y/N.....”

Y/N:”V...stop I have to go”

As I walked past his bed,he ......grabbed my wrist.

Y/N:”T-Tae,Let go”


Then he pulled me closer to him and all of a sudden I was on top of him


V:”Shhhhh.....don’t worry,just for a little,then you can go”

He pulled me closer to him,making our breathes and faces closer than ever,he leaned a bit and......pecked my lips...

Y/N:”No,stop I can’t”

I tried getting out of his grasp but he just pulled me to his side and put his head on my shoulder


Then I gave in and slept beside him while he pulled my waist,hugging me tight,making me feel like the only girl he loved.But I couldn’t develop feelings for him after what he did,I needed to trust him.I then fell asleep in his grasp

Taehyungs POV

I slowly woke up as I saw Y/N next to me..why?Then my eyes widened as I saw what I was doing,head on her shoulder..


Then I saw my arms,oh shoot,I was hugging her, but why,what?

V:”Ba-I mean Y/N...wake up”

She just rolled and her face was facing me....please don’t do it..I couldn’t...I pecked her soft pink rigid lips.Why,why,why....I loved her,I missed her.No....


I woke up to the sound of heavy foot steps,

Y/N:”Huh?” I said half asleep

I slowly opened my eyes only to find my most liked ex...

V:”Hey,your awake”

Y/N:”Gah!Why are you in my bed,and how did I-“

V:”Shhh,it’s fine,your okay,I helped you with your cuts and bruises while your asleep,your gonna feel a bit soar but otherwise,you’ll be fine,please rest”

Y/N:”You-ah,never mind,thanks though”

I tried getting out of bed,but why is he being so sweet to me?

V:”No Y/N,you have to stay in bed,I can see you covered them up pretty well but,I could see them very closely,where were you going”

Y/N:”I wanted to go to the cafe,and go shopping but I guess I need to stay here” I sighed...

V:”Y/N.......can we talk?”

My heart was aching as he said that,I forgot he loved someone else.

Y/N:”No.....I can’t do this right now,just,keep your distance,I forgot you had a girlfriend you love”

I said annoyed as I got up from bed and was ready to leave until...he grabbed my wrist

V:”I just wanna talk,that’s all please”

Y/N:”Please,I wanna leave Taehyung”

I pulled out of his grasp until he pulled my hand,pulling it to hard making me topple over him.


He pulled me closer to him,feeling his breathe,his scent,his eyes

Please Y/N don’t,don’t give in,please,please

He then pulled me towards his lips,are lips inches away


Y/N:”I don’t think I can do this Tae-“

I turned my head until all of a sudden he pulled me close,making my head turn to him......our lips......touching

I was shocked as he kept his lips close to mine,hugging me.I tried pulling away,not giving in,but he just wouldn’t let me go.I couldn’t hold in,I teared up,making him open his eyes as he felt my tears on him.

V:”Y/N...I’m so sorry,I didn’t mean to-“

Y/N:”Why are you like this,why do you play with me,am I just to entertain you?I can’t kiss you because not only are you in a relationship,but I can never trust you,you cheat on me one time and kiss me the next?”

V:”No,no, Y/N it’s not like that,I’ve lost the one that I didn’t know I cared for most,please give me another chance,Y/N”

Y/N:”Be with Tambry,she is the one you deserve right,I can’t trust you,I can’t be with you,why do this to the one you say you love?”

I was hurting and let out tears,letting it all out

He hugged me tightly and I hugged him back...he kissed my forehead and tried not to cry as well.

Y/N:”I loved you,why did I deserve this”


I got up and ran out the door,not knowing where I’d would be.I was so caught up in everything and didn’t care,I knew I wasn’t important to him,I knew he was playing me,that’s what I was...........A Bet.......

I didn’t realize I made it to the streets but I kept going,crying painfully from him and the pain...and realized I was walking in the streets...



Everything was dark..I couldn’t see anything..everything was blank,My eyes couldn’t hold on,hearing voices......then......Out Cold...

Taehyung’s POV

I ran after Y/N after what I did,I needed to apologize after what happened,I have to give her time,I need to let her know.But that’s when it hit.


I ran quickly after her because I saw a car,speeding and honking,and Y/N didn’t listen or wait..then *Bang*.......


I went down the streets,on the road,looking at her lifeless body.

V:”Please,anyone...someone please call an ambulance...SOMEONE!” I yelled while holding Y/N in my arms

I cried and cried,I couldn’t bare to see her like this.

The ambulance came and she was taken to the ER.I followed and went in the ambulance,crying and remembering how much I hurt her,I didn’t even think about her feelings one bit,I just ignored it and wanted her.

It sped up but we made it and took her out,making me wait outside so I couldn’t see her...

Seconds flew by to minutes,and minutes flew by to hours...I put my hand in my hair,hoping that she’s okay...but then I realized.

V:”I can’t do this to her,if she wants to be left alone,than that’s what she wants,but I won’t ever treat her like she is worthless....ever”.

Hours passed until the doctor came out and I quickly went to him.

V:”Doctor,please tell me she’s okay,please”

Doctor:”Are you one of her relatives?”

V:”I uh-her parents are in Korea,I’m-I-I’m her boy-*takes deep breathe*Im her boyfriend”

Doctor:”Oh,well I guess your the only one here to tend to her,well right now she is good from recovery and will be fine in a few weeks”

V:”Really?Oh my god,thank you,thank you,thank you!”

Doctor:”But...she suffered a very deal in her brain lobe that hit her memory,so she can not remember what has happened in the past 2 years.She will remember her family,but won’t remember moving here,or starting school here...but that’ll only last for like a day after she wakes up because she hit more her arm and leg instead of her brain really hard,so she will remember pieces,piece by piece and soon will remember everything”

My heart broke as he said that,she won’t remember me,or her friends,or anything about this place but there is a chance I could recover her memories.

V:”Can-Can I see her?”

Doctor:”Yes you may,but just don’t be surprised she can’t remember you.

V:”Yes,thank you doc.”

He nodded as I ran to her room,worried if she is okay.

I made it to her room and felt a breathe of relief that the monitor was up and running her heart.I pulled up a chair and sat next to her,holding her hand...

V:”You know I will always love you,please forgive me,we will start over,and I will be much more productive”

I said as I leaned in and kissed her,sharing my feelings and most memorable moments with her,but they were gone now due to her crash.I knew she would be in a coma for who knows how long,but I will support her in any way.

10 Days Later


I slowly opened my eyes,not knowing what was going on as I saw a strange person sleeping on the couch.

Y/N:”He-Hello!Who are you”

I said worried,I didn’t wanna see him due to the fact I didn’t know him.He quickly woke up and that flustered me,and I covered myself in my blanket.

V:”Y-Y/N?” He said...

Y/N:”Who are you,please don’t hurt me”

V:”No,no,Y/N listen...I’m Taehyung”


I began knowing that name,but that name hurt me for some reason?why?

Y/N:”Do you mean something to me?”

V:”Y/N,I was your boyfriend,but things changed and Tambry-“

I realized I knew something about “Tambry” and that made me mad.Why?It hurt what he was saying to me,why can’t I remember?

V:”And I screwed up,not wanting to-or mean to but I-“

Then it hit me,deep...he was the one that screwed me up,she was the one that hurt me in the bathroom,why!

Y/N:”Tae,you broke me,I feel hurt,I feel betrayed”

I cried and realized what I remembered of him...lier,Tambry,Ex,cheated,.....the bet....

Y/N:”Tae,p-please leave me be”

V:”But Y/N I-Never mind,you need your space and I know you must hate me,and that’s what I realized,that I can’t hurt you anymore,so I won’t bother you anymore,just please take care,please.” He said as he looked at me with sad eyes,then quickly kissed my forehead and caressed my cheek,letting a tear drop,I guess this was goodbye.He left making me feel hurt and alone,

Y/N:”I-I’ll miss you” I whispered

2 Years Later...

It has been two years since the accident and I moved with my parents to Korea to recover but moved back a week ago,because I missed everything about Boston.Im studying at Boctoy Bury University,where I’ll be staying for the next 4 years.But the only problem is,.....he is here to.

Taehyung,my ex from awhile ago joined the same college as me,not knowing I joined,he already has been there for a year.Ive changed a lot and that’s possibly why he didn’t recognize me.I was filling out papers and going to meetings about the school and every time I would see him,but he wouldn’t recognize me.Today was the first day I actually attend University,which I am prepared.

I layed my clothes down and was having a tantrum of what should I wear and what makeup to put but finally settled down for this.

Like usual,my routine didn’t change and still ate a fruit to school,I took the bus to school since it’s better than driving my car and quicker cause this school had their own road just for people attending the university,so avoiding traffic!I made it there within 6 minutes and the school campus was soooo big!I went inside to check out and I already saw some kids that were new and some that were here for like 2 years.

Y/N:”WOW,this place is so big!”

Administrator:”Hi,welcome to Boctoy Bury University,you must be Y/N”

Y/N:”Uh yea, my first day but I’ve been coming to the meetings and tours so I know my way around,it’s just I didn’t pay attention to the wide space”

Administrator:”Wonderful,so here is your schedule,and here is your textbooks for all your classes since your gonna need them,and you have notebooks and other school essentials right?”

Y/N:”Yes,thank you very much”

Administrator:”No problem,class starts in 8 minutes so go to your locker,it’s on the top of your schedule,there is your code and how you open it okay!”

Y/N:”Yes,again,thank you so much!”

Administrator:”No problem.”

I walked to my locker,488,upstairs and put my things away and took a glimpse at my schedule and got out whatever I needed for that class...L.A class first huh.I was filled with excitement and couldn’t wait until...


The bell rang,so I had to run to E.L.A class and phew, I made it and saw many people already seated,how did they get here so fast?I saw the teacher up there and ready to go until he saw me and greeted me with a smile.

Taehyung’s POV

I was in class with my hyungs,Jin,Jimin,J-hope,and RM,Jungkook went to another University to study in Korea,Seoul of Arts but will be back next year.I sat in my seat and waited for the professor for her instructions.Until I saw a strange girl walk in the class

V:”Hey,Jin,who is that?” I said as I pointed to the girl

Jin:”Oh she’s knew here,people don’t know her name but I hope I have a chance” he said hysterically but didn’t mean it because he has a girlfriend.That made me remember......Y/N.Last time I saw her was 2 years ago,she might be in Korea,or still here but who knows where.How could I forget about her,she was the only girl making me feel,special.

Professor:”Class,I would like you guys to settle down........good,okay today we have a new student going to be joining our class,please introduce yourself”

Y/N:”Hi everyone,I’m from Korea but moved here to Boston and joined this University,my name is Lee Y/N,I hope we can all get along”

Y/N?!What no that isn’t her,she doesn’t look like she used to,why is she here,why?Did she forget me,cmon Tae,you said you would leave her alone.

Professor:”Well Y/N,nice to meet you,um,you can sit besides,hmmmm,oh Taehyung,yea,there’s a seat open near him,Taehyung please raise your hand so she knows where to sit please”

I slowly raised my hand and sighed,why her,why now,she hates me already.


I dreaded hearing my professor,did she say,Tae.No,no,no I didn’t even know he was in this class.He raised his hands and I slowly went up the stairs and to the row he was in,claiming the worst seat I could have ever been in.I took out my books and ignored him.Hoping that he wouldn’t start a conversation.Class began and I was mostly paying attention but Tae kept looking at me and I smirked and he noticed so he turned away,blushing.Im in control now and I’ve changed,I’m not gullible nor dumb anymore,I’m independent.Half an hour passed and the class ended,I quickly packed up and was leaving until he...pulled me aside while everyone left.

V:”I’ve missed you,love”

Y/N:”You really are desperate aren’t you,I thought you said you’d leave me alone”

V:”I’ve kept that promise,didn’t say for how long though”

Y/N:”Still doesn’t give you the right to call me love”

V:”You know I’ve moved on,I like teasing you”

Y/N:”Sure you did.”

I left after he said those words,did he really?No.right.I know I have,did I?So many thoughts were in my head.

As I was walking to my next class,I saw a flyer hanging............

Typos they made,wait what!May 14!Thats in 2 days!Well....I guess I deserve some freedom so.....I’ll make sure to be there.Thats when I saw Tae walking past me and noticed I was looking at the flyer and taking a picture of it so I could remember.

V:”Prom huh”

Y/N:”Yea,I don’t get out much but this will be fun”

V:”I’m planning it,you wanna help me later tomorrow after school?”

Y/N:”As if I would”

V:”It’ll be fun and plus,you’ll get free tickets to there instead of paying”

Y/N:”*Sighs*I hate you.Fiiiinnnnneeee,I’m glad I changed myself,otherwise I would have left you here whining”


Y/N:”Yeah,it’s true,and plus you’ve moved on”

I left and went to second class,which was Math,Uggghhhh.

After School

I left school and was going to my car until I remembered the past,how I hated it and wish I’d broken up with him earlier.As I was getting in,I saw V with....a girl....kissing.

Y/N:”Still a player,like always.” I whispered as I left

Taehyung’s POV

V:”Jennie,what are you doing?”

Jennie:”I like you Tae,since the first year,I loved you for so long”

V:”I-I’m sorry Jennie,but I never thought of you like that,you are like a sister to me I-“

She suddenly pulled me close to her and..kissed me.I was astounded and didn’t respond and at the corner of my eye,I saw Y/N looking at us.Frick.I pushed her away and told her that I didn’t like her nor will I ever.

Jennie:”It’s because of Y/N it’s it,FORGET HER,she DOESNT love you,not after what you did!”

Jennie slapped me before leaving while I just processed what I heard.......

V:”I’ve changed,but she’s right” I muttered while I left

The Next Day


I woke up to the sound of my stupid alarm but got up and did my daily routine,wearing this...

I ate some cereal and grabbed my bag and left for the bus.After hours and hours of classes,finally ended,I ignored Tae the whole time which he found strange but I still needed to go to the gym to prepare for the prom tomorrow.It was a Saturday tomorrow so No School!!!

I saw Tae sitting on the floor waiting for me,stood up as he saw me coming through the gym doors.

V:”Hey Y/N,are you rea-“

Y/N:”Lets just hurry”

I went up to the decorations box and grabbed a ladder to start decorating the top since that was the hardest part.I climbed on and started decorating and it looked really well.

V:”Be careful!” He yelled

Y/N:”I got it!” I yelled back

It was going well for the last 5 minutes until...

Y/N:”Uh,T-Tae,I’m losing”

The ladder was falling,making me stumble and




V:”Y/N...I got you”

I was shivering and so scared...I could’ve died...I was so emotional and started tearing.

V:”Shhhh,your okay”

He put me down and hugged me while I hugged him back,and he wiped my tears with his thumb,feeling bad and worse now that he saw me crying.

V:”Please don’t cry,I’ll do the decorations on top,you just stay and do the bottom”

Y/N:”O-okay” I said while I still hugged him,feeling traumatized but let go and started working on arranging the tables and decorating the walls.

Y/N:”You okay up there V?”

V:”Yea,almost done,how’s it going down there”


He smiled and was about finished so he climbed down and was astounded and amazed when he saw my decoration.

V:”Wow Y/N you did a great job.I love the chairs and nice bows”

Y/N:”I just needed to put on the lights and balloons but otherwise,we finished”

He leaned for a high five and I accepted,our hands touched,it felt....different.

The Day After

School began and I went straight to class because my alarm sounded but I didn’t wake up.School went fine,I got passing grades from my test and me and V were closer but just friends because when I saw him with that girl,I couldn’t be his girlfriend,but rather stay friend.


Y/N:”Hi V,what’s up”

V:”Thanks to your support and helping me study after we decorated,I got a passing grade!”


V:”Hey are you coming to the dance?”


V:”Very much so,well I’m planning on it”


V:”Who you going with”

Y/N:”I-um that’s not your business okay,sorry, I just,never mind,you should go with that girl,she seems nice”

I pointed to the girl I saw him with

V:”No it wasn’t-“

Y/N:”No,lets forget that,I have to go,I’ll see you later”


I went home and just laid in bed waiting until prom started so I decided to take a shower and pick an outfit.

It took awhile but picking a dress almost took an hour which was perfect because the dance began.....WHAT 10minutes ago!Its only 5-ohhh it’s 7!Jeez I need to hurry and get ready...I wore a two piece,did my hair and makeup,then headed to my car.

It took me awhile because of stupid traffic so I had to wait what seemed HOURS.But at least when I left me house(bottom picture) it was nice.

But I officially made it and I was jaw dropped by how designed and beautiful the party was...

I loved the Winter design and it’s my favorite season.Everyone was looking at me,especially guys which made me VERY uncomfortable.

???:”Y/N?Is that really you”

I turned to see my far away friend back from Korea!


Jisoo:”OMG,It’s been sooo long,how are you,what’s your new hobbies,are you a dancer?”

Y/N:”My dance career is over and my hobbies are my hobbies,and fine thank you”

Jisoo:”Lets sit down”

Y/N:”Yea sure”

I walked as guys were looking and admiring me from head to toe,jeez what’s wrong with these guys?

Taehyung’s POV

I was talking with Jin until his jaw dropped..?

V:”Jin?whats wrong?”


I turned to where he was looking and was jaw dropped when I saw....Y/N!?

She looked so,angelic and stunning!I did get sort of disturbed and angry because the other guys were admiring her.

Jin:”Look,just ask her,she’ll be yours”

V:”I can’t..she hates me,but I broke up with Tambry”

Jin:”Welp,other than that,they can look all they want”

I rolled my eyes as I walked over to Y/N to greet her.

V:”Hi Y/N,I’m glad you came,everyone loves your decoration!”

Y/N:”Thanks,your decorations are just as good”

She got up to hug me and I gladly accepted,her scent....


I saw V walk up and I was impressed by his style...

Still the same..nice.He greeted me and

we talked until...she came.

Jennie:”Hey guys.Babe can we dance,I’m bored,you said you would”


V:”What n-“

Y/N:”It’s fine Tae,you could dance with her or your girlfriend, I don’t mind”

Jennie gladly took Tae away and stroked off dancing with him while I was left hurt,like always,I thought we were you know...closer.

Jisoo:”Are you okay Y/N?”

Y/N:”Huh?Oh yeah I’m fine”

???:”Hey pretty girl,I see no one has asked you but,do you wanna dance?”

Y/N:”Huh oh no,I’m o-“

Jisoo:”What this girl was saying is that she would like to dance”

I glared at Jisoo as she gave me a thumbs up.He pulled me aside and to the dance floor.

???:”So,beautiful,what’s your name?”

Y/N:”I should be asking you that question?”

I looked up at him and examined his features,who is this guy?

???:”Min Zack,and you?”


Zack:”Pretty name”

He then held my waist as we moved to the song,feeling uncomfortable.Then I saw V,he was dancing with....Jennie.She was the one that Jisoo told me about and she saw her with V the same day I saw her.I felt jealous but...well...their cute together,that’s what the others say.I laid my head on his shoulder,feeling well,I’m not sure,but I didn’t mean to lay my head on him.

Taehyung’s POV

While I was dancing with Jennie,I told her to stop.

Jennie:”Let me rephrase that for you,you either dance with me or I tell Y/N that you don’t love her,to leave you alone,that your MY boyfriend,and show her this photo of us kissing from when I brought you to the corridor”


Before I said anything,she dragged me and put my hands on her waist while she just put her hands on my neck.She danced to the song while I just accepted it.But that’s when I saw Y/N?With......Zack?Why?He was my old best friend last year until he stole my crush Liza,wait aren’t they dating now,so what’s he doing with Y/N?I saw her putting her head on his shoulder,making me irritated so I pulled Jennie closer to me.Then Zack started whispering something to her while pulling her closer,their lips inches away.I got mad until...


He pulled me closer to him while whispering..

Zack:”You know,we don’t have to stay here”

Y/N:”Sorry,but there’s no chance I’m leaving this place with you”

That’s when he pulled me to close,making our lips inches away until..he kissed me.I was in shock which meant I couldn’t do anything and I just froze.I pulled away and slapped him.

Y/N:”What the hell!!!Why did you do that,I barely met you!”

Zack:”Oh cmon,it’s just a ki-“

Y/N:”It’s more than that,you invaded me and just did that without knowing me or with my permission!”

I left him there while I went searching for V because I needed to talk to him.But....he was kissing....Jennie.W-Why?I thought he didn’t-No,he loves her right?Why would I think he liked me still,he moved on as he said.I was teary but wiped it away.He saw me after he kissed her.No.I ran into the hall,trying to process everything.I couldn’t breathe,I needed a brake,why did it hurt,why?

Taehyung’s POV

I didn’t know what I was doing,I just hated Zack,he was kissing Y/N.I gripped on Jennie but that’s when...she kissed me.No,no.I was stunned and froze until I pulled away.But that’s when I saw Y/N.She was looking at us.

V:”No Y/N...”

Jennie then grabbed my arm while Y/N ran to the hall.

Jennie:”Leave her,she hates you”

V:”Leave,I don’t love you Jennie,get that through your head!”

I pulled out of her grasp and ran towards the hall.


I stopped and sobbed on the floor,I wish I could just disappear.

Y/N:”Why does my life have to be so complicated,WHY!”

Y/N,”I-I thought I would be better and forget him,but I-I guess I got hurt again in the making of it.

Y/N:”Nothing makes me feel happy”

With that,I ran up the stairs and up to the schools rooftop.

It was cold and chilly but I didn’t care,this was the last time breathing it,seeing it,feel it.I stood on the edge of the rooftop,admiring the view.

Y/N:”Crazy things can happen right,everyone has their ups and downs,but that doesn’t signify that everything will get better” I said

I closed my eyes,feeling the air hit me,and took a breathe of fresh air.

Y/N:”I love you.....Kim Taehyung”

With just that,I leaned over and tipped myself,making me lose balance and..fall.


A pair of hands jolted and grabbed my waist,making me plummet back and safely onto the roof.I didn’t have the strength to open my eyes due to the fear I had of dying.Everything was overwhelming and then,everything was blur.............

I slowly opened my eyes to see I was still here on the rooftop,why?

???:”Y/N!What were you thinking,Why did you do that,Why,were you just gonna leave me,ANSWER!”

I knew that voice,he was angry,but it sounded that he was crying...

Y/N:”Ki-Kim Taehyung”


I looked up at him,he was crying...


Y/N:”You don’t know how much pain you brought me,how much I suffered,and how my life has been these past 2 years.Why should I live?Why should I suffer more?Why be here with no one?No support?No one who vows to love,care,and make me feel special?”

He was silent and I was crying by then...

Y/N:”You think I wasn’t hurt?Why should I be happy when all I’ve felt was pain.V,you were my first love,you were the one who I deeply loved,but that all changed after I saw you with Tambry,that all changed when I saw you with Jennie,that all changed when you told me that you moved on.So tell me,why should I still live”

V:”Be-because I still love you”

Was I hearing things right?But why?How can I trust him.

V:”Y/N ever since you left me 2 years ago and went to Korea,I never stopped thinking about you,I never stopped loving you,When you came back I thought this was my last chance,I thought you were still mad at me,I thought you would never love me again,I broke up with Tambry because she wasn’t you.I never loved Jennie,she’s like my sister.But she loved me and would kiss me,but I never felt anything for her,I just pushed her away.” he said while sobbing.

V:”I love you and forever will.”

Y/N:”H-how will I trust you.V I don’t want to get hurt ever again by anyone.How will I trust you,what you did left a scar within me*cries*,do you really think it’s easy for me to heal,or to lose my feelings for someone who I’ve been with for 3 years!”

V:”What I did was unforgivable yes,but that doesn’t mean I’ve changed,I still and will always love you,I’d never forget someone who used to care,heal,be kind,help,and love me as much as you”


I didn’t know what to say,everything was overwhelming and I didn’t know if he did really change.

Y/N:”I just don’t wanna risk getting hurt ever”

V:”I promise you will NEVER, feel pitied,denied,useless,or unloved because I’m that person that will never let you go again Lee Y/N.Ive changed and never forgotten our love,which is why I got angry at you for wanting to jump off.I didn’t want you to leave me,I would be incomplete without you”

He started crying even more while I sobbed and realized he has changed.

Y/N:”You really do love me Kim Taehyung.”

V:”I’ve always have”

Then he hugged me extremely tight while I hugged him back as we cried on each others shoulders.

Y/N:”P-Please don’t brake my heart,don’t tear me apart”


He broke the hug and looked deep into my eyes.

V:”You mean everything to me”

I chuckled while he leaned closer and.....kissed me.

I was stunned at first but after responded and we shared a passionate kiss.He broke the kiss and caressed my cheek.

V:”I never should have hurt you,how I was stupid,why would I let tears form in your eyes”

I chuckled by his words while he just looked at me.

V:”I was an idiot back than”

Y/N:”Everything is in the past,what someone does in the past,doesn’t define you now,it only defines how you were.Your actions and feelings are what define you right now,the present,and hopefully the future”

V:”I love you Lee Y/N”

Y/N:”I-I love you too Kim Taehyung”

He pulled me in for another kiss and I gladly accepted.How I missed this,how I missed him,his scent,his touch,his warmth,he kept me safe,he will love me forever and for eternity.Finally,with that second chance,I found hope,care,love,and.........................................................

My true soulmate.

The End💕

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