Spontaneous Combustion

Chapter 10

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Spontaneous Combustion

Chapter ten

They were able to drive the car almost to the entrance of the cave. Sam was leaning on the car while Dean dug through the trunk loading up with anything he thought they might need.

"So did you find anything about the sigil that's being left on the girls?" Sam asked.

"Not yet, I'm still working on it," he replied closing the trunk.

"You're still working on it? We don't have much time. We need to know which exorcism is going to work on this thing and to know that we need to know what kind of demon we're dealing with."

"Hey, I said I'm working on it. I should know something by this afternoon."

A slow grin spread across Sam's face as he realized what Dean had done. "You called Bobby." He said.

"No. I didn't." Dean told him with a smirk.

Sam, a confused look on his face, asked, "Then who did you call?" Sam knew his brother well. Dean was good at research, but if there was an easier way Dean would find it."

"No one," his brother replied. "Let's go Sam."

The entrance to the cave was smaller then the cave itself. Both brothers had to duck to enter, but once they were inside the cave opened up into a small cavern. At the back of the cavern their flashlights revealed a large tunnel leading deeper into the mountain. The tunnel sloped sharply leading them down into the depths of cavern.

Dean led the way further into the tunnel flashlight pointing the way. Sam was scanning the walls of the tunnels and the ground with his light hoping for some sign that they were going in the right direction. They'd been descending steadily for about thirty minutes when Sam's flashlight hit something on the ground that reflected back catching his attention.

"Dean," he said stopping to see what caused the reflection.

Dean turned to his brother, "Yeah?"

Sam picked up the thing that had attracted his attention. It was a carabineer. He showed it to his brother.

"Wow," Dean said sarcastically when he saw what was in Sam's hand. "What a treasure!"

"How'd it get here?" Sam asked shining his flashlight back to where he'd picked it up from. He moved the light up the wall of the tunnel and stopped as it revealed an opening high in the wall of the tunnel.

"Burrows or his girl must have dropped it." Dean said. He dropped the bag he was carrying shining his light up into the hole. "Looks like we're going up, give me a boost Sam let's see what's up there."

Sam clamped his hands together and leaned back on the wall. Dean put his foot into his brother's hand allowing Sam to lift him up to the entrance. Pulling himself the rest of the way into the hole he turned around and reached down to help his brother up. Once up the brothers examined the small cavern they'd discovered. "Looks like we're in the right place," Dean said unnecessarily.

The walls of the cave were covered with ancient symbols. Some of which Sam recognized, some he didn't. But what attracted the brothers' attention was at the center of the cavern. The floor of the cavern was cracked a large gaping hole at its center. Stepping closer Dean moved his light into the crevice revealing a large gap in the solid rock floor of the mountain.

"Looks like someone caged up the crispy critter." Dean said.

"Yeah," Sam replied, "A long, long time ago. I recognize some of these symbols. They're ancient, from Zoroastrian times."

"The earthquake must have cracked its prison."

"I don't get it?" Sam said.

"It was an earthquake Sam. They can be kind of powerful."

"No, that's not what I meant. How did it get here? It shouldn't be here. I'd understand if we found this… tomb in say Persia, but not here in the states."

"Somehow I doubt we'll ever know. But hey, when we die and go to heaven we can ask God. Maybe he'll tell us."

"You think you're going to heaven?" Sam looked at his brother and asked.

"Damn straight I am." Dean replied, "I have more then a few questions for the man upstairs and he's gonna answer them or I'm going to kick his ass."

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